Wisdom of the Elohim

This 12-part series offers the channeled readings of Rebecca Jernigan and the commentary of Marshall Masters.  It features beautiful scenes of the Monterrey Bay area of Northern California, videographed by Marshall Masters. His aim was twofold: First, to make the Wisdom of the Elohim widely accessible and second to give future generations a glimpse into a stunning landscape that will vanish during the coming pole shift.

Wisdom of the Elohim Episode Summaries

  1. Our Prophetic Dreams: Prophetic dreams are very personal things.
  2. We are The Elohim: We are who we are, just as you are who you are.
  3. Survival Awareness:   See beyond the horizon and sense dangers.
  4. Preparedness and Intuition: Our best defense is preparedness
  5. Knowledge and Meaning: Preparedness awaits knowledge.
  6. Responsibility and Courage: Courage is the most important human emotion.
  7. Integrity and Self-Love: Growing through enlightenment is self-love.
  8. Fear and Love: Love is the most powerful force in the universe
  9. Detachment and Loss: There is no end, just new beginnings
  10. Duality and the Sexes: The only hope for humanity is to survive together.
  11. The Gift of Choice: Choice is the most precious right of sentience.
  12. Beyond: The reality of what lies beyond is a destiny of choice.


2012 Wisdom of The Elohim Transcript + Audio CDs

2012 Wisdom of The Elohim Transcript + Audio CDsWhen planning ahead for difficult times we each go through a similar process. One that begins with awareness and which then leads us to knowledge. At some point, we eventually we realize that the need for material preparations is prudent, but then what comes next? The most important phase of all. Spiritual preparation. The kind that strengthens you with a purposeful sense-of-self to help endure the difficult times ahead, with hope, humanity and compassion.

This transcript of the 12-part series by Marshall Masters offers secular insights into the concerns most most often voiced by those experiencing troubling dreams and visions of the future.  Buy at Yowinc.co