Yowusa Is Out of Twitter + ATN.live Interview on 19-May-23

| May 13, 2023

Yowusa Is Out of TwitterDear Yowusa.com Supporters:

I recently created a Twitter account for Yowusa.com and promoted it on our site.  This is because I began seeing new hope in Twitter 2.0, which motivated me to participate.

That short-lived hope was dashed after Musk announced that Linda Yaccarino of the WEF is now Twitter’s New CEO.

Over the years, I created a few Twitter accounts but was never active until recently, and now my Spidey sense is on fire.  Therefore, please note  @yowusa has been deactivated along with two other Twitter accounts.

Can Musk Go Woke, Without Going Broke?
Friday 19-May-2023 with Shepard Ambellas on atn.live

The concern is that Musk has always been controlled opposition or is now compromised.  Why?  He picked a top WEF executive to be Twitter’s new CEO. He was issued a subpoena in the JPMorgan Epstein suit and he submits to Turkey’s demand to end free speech.  Now that we know he’s not a hero, what is he?

A Dark Horse

Musk, one of the wealthiest and most intelligent guys on the planet, just expended a fortune in goodwill for a World Economic Forum (WEF) dark horse, creating a new long-term concern for freedom-loving people.

Linda Yaccarino has been the WEF’s executive chair since January 2019 and serves as the chairperson of the WEF’s Taskforce on the Future of Work.

She would undoubtedly be Klaus Schwab’s first choice for Twitter CEO as she was instrumental in promoting the fake news COVID-19 vaccination campaign to jab millions of  Americans.

We are assured that Linda Yaccarino is a wise choice and was even appointed in 2018 to serve by Trump in Council on Sports Fitness and Nutrition.  However, when it comes to endorsing DS ringers, Trump has a chequered past.  Case in point, Mitch McConnell.

As for Musk he is all about peace, love, and free speech to bring everyone into his X.com empire.  Once accomplished, X.com can easily turn against Patriots with even more brutality than before.  We know the game.  All it takes is a simple change in the terms of service (TOS) to save democracy.

Why the fuss?  People are justifiably upset because Elon is now in a perfect position to hand over the world’s most powerful global communication system and social media platform to Klaus Schwab and the WEF.

Is this a conspiracy panic?   Consider this.  Musk said when asked why he was developing AI, “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

This is Musk’s worldview, and the concern that he has done the same with Twitter has raised the specter of a WEF bait-and-switch scam.

To Participate or Not to Participate

Given this turn of events and Musk’s stated play along to go along mentality, the presumption that Musk is working with the Patriots has become a bridge too far.

Linda Yaccarino has been groomed for this role with fake Conservative credentials, as we have often seen with DS moles and impostors.  This leaves us wondering about her actual role in all this.  Is it to convince us that there are good Nazis?

So where do we go with this?

Do we rant about political concerns and play along to see how things go as Musk builds an information backbone for the Globalist New World Order?  Or do we refuse to participate?

In the final analysis, our decision came down to peace of mind.  We’re like our readers.  We’re sick of being betrayed by ruling elites who assure us they only act in our best interests.  Like you, time and again, we’ve been there, seen it, done it, and always got the short end of the stick.  It sucks.

What’s left on our end of the stick?  The right to exercise the only power the little people have.  The right not to participate.  It is the most potent right in the world, and if 8 billion people did it together, these monsters and their awful schemes would melt away like tears in the rain.

Could that work? Ask companies like Gillette and Anheuser-Busch.  They went woke, and now they’re paying for it because the tide is turning, and they didn’t see it coming.

This is because, in the past, boycotts never worked.  Inevitably, people would leave in a huff and then return after the dust settles.  That’s changing now because this is no longer about consumer dissatisfaction.  It is about survival.

After years of misery and betrayal, people are now coming to understand that the ability of these ruling elites to murder us, cheat us, and abuse us depends on our financial support.

Consequently, we’re learning that when we give our money to elites and their woke corporations, what they give us in return for our hard-earned dollars is death, despair, and destruction.

For this reason, Yowusa chooses not to participate.  We choose to stand with you are readers and supporters who, like us, no longer participate, no matter the incentive.

Folks, I’ve always been able to live without Twitter, and I’m going back to what works.  Goodbye, Twitter.

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