WSO Special Guest – Marshall Masters, July 9, 2016

| July 10, 2016

Wormwood System ObservationsFor many years I’ve spoken about the power of synchronicity — that special way the universe just makes things come together, a way that transcends trivial or coincidental explanations. You might think about an old friend for the first time in years, and the next thing you know your telephone rings. Guess who it is!

Or, for example, while I was writing my new book, “Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide,” I would need to consult an expert on a particular topic, and that expert would suddenly appear out of nowhere and share their expertise.

For Steve Olson, the Wormwood System Observations group, myself, and the Your Own World USA group, the term synchronicity explains what is happening between our groups, but only to a certain extent. To really capture what is happening the term “divine appointment” is more suitable.

WSO Special Guest – Marshall Masters July 9, 2016

Join WSO as we talk with Marshall Masters about his new book “Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide”. My listeners have been clamoring for more info on prepping, and Marshall has the ticket:

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This 400+ page leadership guide with 140+ color illustrations features a first-of-its-kind approach to surviving the coming Planet X tribulation, the days of darkness, the pole shift, and beyond. Written for faith-based leaders and those in awareness, it presents a non-violent strategy for enlightened continuity and comfort in survival communities of 100 or more people.

Are you a spiritual leader feeling the call to move your flock to safety? Are you feeling bewildered and overwhelmed? This uplifting and entertaining guide is written to give you, the reader, confidence and hope through effective leadership techniques and strategies designed for an extended tribulation.  Read more…

With synchronicity we’re driving the process as co-creators through subconscious processes and universal spiritual laws.  However, with a divine appointment God is driving the process directly, and we have chosen to intentionally work in a mission context with God to achieve His plan. This subtle difference is easy to miss, especially when your spiritual radar is switched off. Not so with Steve and I, and those who work with us.

We’re all seeing the blips on the radar. They are big, and they are multiplying almost faster than we can keep up. We all feel the pressure of the same mission from God — to save lives during the coming tribulation through peaceful, non-violent means, and through establishing practical, spiritual communities. Best of all, our working together feels natural, purposeful, and mutually rewarding. We can feel we are all on the same team, along with Creator.

Our mutual goal and mission is to create many centers of hope where, together in community, we can survive the tribulation events. There will be many survivors whose lives become so difficult that they may even envy the dead. We desire to establish places where abandoned children, widows, orphans, and all who could otherwise be lost, can find nourishment for both the body and the soul. Participants in these centers will feel a rising hope for the creation of an enlightened, spiritual civilization on the clean slate that will follow the tribulation.

This is why this divine appointment interview is so crucial. It is an inclusive starting point for us to be in service to others, where tolerance for different views secures the foundation we are building upon. This is the way is has to be, because this is the way God wants it to be.  I hope you will enjoy listening to this interview as much as Steve and I enjoyed recording it. Welcome to a positive way forward toward humanity’s “Star Trek” future.

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