Wormwood 2028

| July 13, 2020

Wormwood 2028Last Wednesday, I received an email from a colleague and an old friend, Richard St-Laurent, with a link to a SOHO video posted by Planet X News on July 5, 2020.  He said that it corroborates our reporting on the South Pole Telescope disclosure videos in 2008.

We’ve spent many years studying satellite images, we could see how they are sponged, and we lost interest in them.  That changed.

When I looked at this video, my first impression was, this is a significant image. An actual first of its kind sighting, how in the heck did this image get past the minders?

There are two possibilities.  Someone was asleep at the switch.  Not likely.

The other, something has changed.  It could be a gentle disclosure before this is visible worldwide, and if so, by whom?

As this is a first of its kind sighting, I will vet this SOHO observation with three key questions:

  • Have There Been Similar Sightings?
  • What Makes This Sighting Unique?
  • What is Wormwood and Why 2028?

I’m going to give you a harbinger sign and an understanding of the event.

Planet X News SOHO

The Planet X New channel on YouTube posted Planet X News Live Stream Report July 8, 2020.  It features a July 5, 2020 image by the SOHO solar observatory.

Below is a screen capture I took of that video, which we will use for our analysis.

SOHO July 2020 - Nemesis and Satellites

As with all the observation images and captures I post on this I site, I always check for any indication of image manipulation and found none.   Anyone who says it is a Photoshop hoax is working both sides of the street.

Going beyond the claptrap,  there are amazing things to learn about this image, and you will, but for now, the first question is, has anyone ever seen something similar?

NibiruShock2012 SPT Disclosure Videos

Yowusa.com first broke the story on the South Pole Telescope in 2006.  Why? Because if you have an object rising up from the Southern skies and which can only be observed in infrared, the South Pole Telescope (SPT) installed at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica.  The YouTube playlist below features all the relevant videos.


At the heart of this story are two whistleblowers, who posted their Planet X SPT disclosure videos on Youtube.com in 2008, as NibiruShock2012 and DNIr4808n.  Yowusa.com pursued this story until we published our findings in 2010.

The following comparison slides show a cropped version of the SOHO July 5, 2020 image from above and the NibiruShock2012 images reported in January and February 2008.

SOHO July 2020 vs. NibiruShock2012 (Jan-2008)

SOHO July 2020 vs. NibiruShock2012 (Feb-2008)

My old friend Richard St-Laurent is right.  The SOHO image captured on July 5, 2020, corroborates our reporting on the South Pole Telescope disclosure videos in 2008.

July 2020, SOHO Images Nemesis Crosses the Ecliptic

When you understand why this is a first-of-a-kind image, there is no cause to celebrate.

SOHO Image Analysis

When I looked at this image for the first time, I saw that this image captured a fantastic moment.  What you see below is Nemesis after it has just completed its transit of the ecliptic, and on July 5, 2020, it is once again in our Northern skies for the first time in thousands of years.

SOHO July 2020 - Nemesis Transits the Ecliptic

This image was captured by SOHO which is in a very stable L1 Halo Orbit, which puts it on the ecliptic at a distance of approximately four Lunar distances (LD or ⊕) from Earth (also called Earth-Moon distance.)

In layman’s terms, the camera is pointed directly at the center of the sun, at a point on the sun’s equator.  In the image above, the horizontal line is the ecliptic, the plane of our solar system.  As you can see, Nemesis has just completed the transit and has been illuminated by a massive solar storm.

Study the direction of the plasma from the sun toward Nemesis and its satellites.  This SOHO image clearly shows a violent electrical interaction between the two suns in our solar system and confirms the Electric Universe Theory.

Planet X and Wormwood

In September 2017, more people went on to the Internet to research planet X than all of the previous history of the Internet, and they were all Christians. This sent a wave of panic through the globalists because when it comes to Planet X, Christians set aside their differences and come together.

This is largely a Christian topic now, and so we have a beginning date for this analysis, July 5, 2020, but where is the omega to this alpha?  2028 and it will be the year of “the Wormwood alignment” as I call it.

What is Wormwood? It is not a planet; it is an asteroid. A minor satellite of Nemesis, as shown in the imagery above.  Therefore, where will this alignment occurs in space is the question, and the final answer will be when.

Fabienne’s Dream

After I received Richard St-Laurent’s email, I began getting similar emails from wonderful people who follow my work, all saying the same thing.   When that happens, I take notice.

That day I was in an online conference with a delightful couple in Alabama, and Fabienne was compelled to share with me a prophetic dream she had in 1992 or 1993.

As a regular part of what I do as a researcher, I interviewed her at length and quickly determined that her experience was genuine.  She followed up the next day with this written account of her dream.

Fabienne N. in AL 1992/3
Interviewed by M. Masters, July 9, 2020

Coming back to my dream, here is a short summary:

It was about 1992/3 that it happened.  I still lived in beautiful Lucerne at the time high on a mountain overlooking Lake of Lucerne.

In my dream I saw this very big planet, majestic and beautiful in daylight.  It presented itself in stripes of lavender and pink, orange and corn yellow.  There was nothing frightening about it, absolutely nothing; indeed it was spiritually powerful and elevating.  I was so much taken by the beauty and grandeur of it that I simply stared at it. It was only yesterday that I remember that I saw on the horizon line down below, from here on Earth where I was, snowcapped mountains. They appeared in comparison to be small. Surrounding the planet was a wind.

What was revealed to Fabienne in her prophetic dream is a benign, prophetic harbinger sign, a final warning to seek shelter before the dark times come.

Fabienne’s dream account

I say this because, over the years, I have come to appreciate synchronicity and the importance of divine appointments.

Furthermore, I do believe this to be the case here, as Richard and Fabienne, connected with me separately, yet together, shaped a much larger mosaic.

The Wormwood Alignment

If we return to our previous slide, we have Nemesis at the starting point, July 5, 2020, when it completes its transit of the ecliptic.  Now, let’s project that forward in time to where the Earth, Nemesis, and our Sun will be when the Wormwood alignment occurs.

2028 - Nemesis Transits Earth's Orbit

The reason why the colors are so bright and attractive is that Nemesis is being lit by our sun, and what she is seeing is the daylight side full-on.  In deep space, it is dark and unappealing.

In her vision, Fabienne is looking over snowcapped mountains, which indicates a steep viewing angle.  Therefore, she is looking in the direction of Earth’s orbit around the sun, and Nemesis is crossing high over our orbit around the sun.

Given that Nemesis will pass above us, does this mean that Earth can dodge the bullet?  No, because in 2028, our planet will fly into a celestial buzz saw.

The Nemesis Cloud

Folks, we see the beauty of Nemesis as Fabienne did in her prophetic dream, never forget, this magnificent sight will be at the center of The Nemesis Could. A concept we first introduced in June 2017.

Yowusa.com, June 28, 2017
Signs No. 15 – The Nemesis Cloud

The Nemesis Cloud could be a vast debris field surrounding the Planet X system; a formless field of rock, ice, etc. pushed ahead of and dragged behind it. Unlike the asteroid belts and the Oort Cloud of our own system, this debris captured by the gravitational fields of the Nemesis brown dwarf will have a less defined organization. Rather, the Nemesis Cloud will have varying degrees of density throughout it.

Nemesis Cloud

What makes the Nemesis Cloud especially dangerous for Earth is the debris field that is dragged behind the system. As the system crosses the sun’s ecliptic on its southbound trajectory to aphelion (its further distance from our sun), a significant portion of this loosely organized field of debris will be captured by the combined gravitational fields of our sun and inner planets. The consequence will be a brutal pounding for Earth throughout the transit of the Planet X system through the core of our own system.

As depicted in the image above, the Nemesis Cloud is oblong, and its densest region is horizontally aligned with the Nemesis equator.   Therefore it would be easy to assume that when it crosses the sky well overhead, that we’ll also pass under its cloud.

No.  We hit it head-on.

Bluebonnet and Turrialba

In late December 2012, I was contacted by an American expatriate living at the base of the Turrialba Volcano.  In December 2012, he began observing an object in the local webcam feed from a webcam at the rim.

He tried to determine if it was a cataloged object, and it was not, so near the end of the year, he contacted me.  I subsequently determined it to be a natural object, and we launched a full study.

Yowusa.com, February 11, 2013
Object of Interest As Seen From the Turrialba Volcano

In late December of last year Marshall Masters of Yowusa.com was contacted by a site supporter regarding an unidentified object near the sun. These images are from the Volcan high altitude volcano surveillance camera feed in Costa Rica.

Located on the Eastern rim of the Turrialba volcano at nearly 11,000 ft the Volcan imagery is so compelling that it prompted Marshall to assemble a research team from the Planet X Town hall.

The team monitored the Volcan feed throughout January 2013, on a daily basis. In the process, hundreds of images were downloaded along with hours of feed capture video. This video presents the findings of this effort, along with several motion and still studies.

I dubbed this object “Bluebonnet,” and it later proved to the Planet Nibiru, the outermost major planet of the Planet X system.

During our observations, we determined that Nemesis was well below the ecliptic and out of sight at that time.

As for observing Bluebonnet, the volcano webcam was the perfect tool and in a perfect place.  Consequently, we could view Bluebonnet for approximately 10 to 15 minutes just before sunset, which is consistent with objects that are near the sun.  You can only observe them just after sunrise or just before sunset.

Eventually, our coverage of Bluebonnet drew dark attention and was crushed by the Obama administration in June 2014 following a minor eruption event at the volcano.  Our government used the event as a pretext to replace the excellent university webcam with a low-quality camera, pointed at the ground with a degraded image.

Their apparent goal of our government was to suppress our reporting, and they did. However, we were able to observe the movements of Planet X long enough to

However, it was the slow, natural, left-to-right corkscrew movement we observed that revealed how the Planet X system faces our sun.

Nemesis Orbit Around Sol

The North Pole of Nemesis always faces our sun, and its cloud and satellites are on a near-perpendicular orientation to the ecliptic of our solar system.

Simply stated, this means that in 2028, Earth slams head-on into “The Buzz Saw” as I call it.

The Buzz Saw

Hear me well.  When Fabienne’s dream is seen worldwide, at that point, you will have a few months at best to go to ground.  Pray, you see it from the safety of a Win-Win survival community.

As it happens, Bluebonnet turned out to be a BOGO (Buy one get one free.)  Not only did we determine the Planet X system alignment with our sun, but it also gave us a starting point of December 2012 for the Wormwood countdown.

The Wormwood Countdown to 2028

Before I explain the process, let me give you a fair assessment.  Based on the evidence presented below, I decided to use take a day off to consider a date.

Those of you, who have followed me over the years, know I tend to avoid dates, and when I began assembling all the data, I began to see the significance of SOHO observation imagery.

We began following SOHO early on, and over time we could see teams of minders were sponging the feed.  They were very good at it and left just enough crumbs behind to distract conspiracy theorists.  Consequently, we shifted our focus to eyewitness reports.

Then again, I asked myself the question, “How in the heck did this image get past the minders?”

Then it came to me.  The sponging we observed occurred during the Obama administration.  Now we have a new administration.

As Trump is draining the swamp.  I would like to believe a Patriot stepped up and put this out, and here is why.

With the Globalists, 95% of humanity will perish in an engineered near extinction-level event for humankind.   Those who survive will easily be controlled as slaves for countless generations to come.

With President Trump and the Patriots, we have a chance to fight for our lives and our freedom.

With this in mind, I see this SOHO image disclosure as the work of a Patriot White Hat within the system.  One that is now more accommodating to such efforts.  My gut instinct told me that this is a real disclosure.  It also sounded out 2028, time-and-again.

I was a consultant in the Silicon Valley for many years, and one thing I learned was to trust gut instinct, most especially with the first numbers to come to mind.  After the projects were completed, those gut instinct numbers were always within 90% of actual.

With this in mind, here is how I got to my gut-instinct call for 2028.

Kepler’s Second Law

Now Nemesis is in our Northern skies and rapidly building speed as arcs towards perihelion, its closest point to our sun.

The Wormwood alignment is where Nemesis will reach its highest orbital velocity point.  When it does, it will arc down towards the ecliptic with twice the velocity as today.

The Whip amusement park ride serves as a perfect example of what is going to happen to the Planet X system.

Whip Ride Example

This ride has been an American classic for generations and if one imagines the round ends of the ride as the two stars in our binary star system.  Nemesis being much smaller orbits Sol, and when it whips around the sun, it experiences that same sudden acceleration.

With this in mind, let’s apply this whip movement to our Wormwood alignment.

Wormwood Alignment and Kepler's Second Law

As you study this alignment, consider Fabienne’s dream account.  “In my dream I saw this very big planet, majestic and beautiful in daylight.  It presented itself in stripes of lavender and pink, orange and corn yellow. “

When you see that, it will be in 2028, and Wormwood will be perhaps a few months off.  How did I come to this date?  For this, we return to our Bluebonnet observations at Turrialba.   The expatriate who reported this observation to us dig so in December 2012.  For the sake of comparison, let’s put that at 8 years.

During those eight years, it was always moving up towards the ecliptic.  For the sake of argument, let’s say Nemesis has traveled roughly one-third of the way from December 2012 to the 2028 Wormwood Alignment.

Given this, simple math says that Nemesis will reach the Wormwood Alignment point in 16 years; however, Kepler’s Second Law tells us otherwise.  That the orbital speed of Nemesis varies as it goes around Sol, and the perihelion transit is where Kepler puts the pedal to the metal.

The whip acceleration will more than double Nemesis’s velocity and thereby halves the time from 16 years to 8 years, hence, 2028.

Here is my gut call.

Wormwood 2028 - Marshall Masters 7/2020


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