Michael Decon and Marshall Masters – Winning Is Not Important – Not Losing Is

| July 20, 2023

Michael Decon ShowTo my readers, I did this interview with Michael for both our audiences because it is time for a frank look at White Hate messaging.

Huge things are happening these days, and for Normies, it’s creating an uncomfortable outside-the-bubble feeling, and the bubbles are getting thinner with each news cycle.

Consequently, those who have long been in the fight are beginning to hear a new sound that pops like a steamroller rolling over a million sheets of bubble wrap.

Yet, Americans are living like mushrooms in the dark, and eating Black Hat DS manure, thanks to the lockstep narratives the media continually pumps out.  The goal is to provoke a fear-based response, and it’s wearing thin.

However, the White Hats are not batting a thousand on the right, either.  They appear more interested in not provoking anything that would interfere with their covert operations than anything else.

White Hat Messaging

Consequently, people are seeing what is wrong but asking what is the real goal here.  Not just for MAGA.  Not just for America, but for all the people of the world?

In this interview, I weigh in on why I believe White Message is weak for Patriots and why they are soft-pedaling the scope of the war.

Essentially, their method is to tepidly toss out tiny sausage samples like a cheerful Costco sample lady.  That’s wearing thin too.

In this interview, Michael and I toss the nearly useless samples aside and take a big honking bite out of the entire WW III battle for humanity sausage.  Come, listen, enjoy, and do be sure to get some.

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