Why We Are the Last to Know — Planet X Researcher John DiNardo

| October 1, 2012

Show #148
Marshall Masters

Why We Are the Last to Know — Planet X Researcher John DiNardoAt this point, December 21, 2012, will arrive in less than three months. At that time, it will be a simple proposition.

Gonna happen – ain’t gonna happen – you is prepared – you ain’t prepared.

So, are you at peace with that? Host Marshall Masters is.

He sees this period as a transition time of great indecision and doubt. Especially for those new to the topic of Planet X.

John DiNardo, a Planet X / Nibiru researcher and awareness advocate, sees his final mission as one of reaching out to these undecided many and works in service to this mission daily.

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In this interview, he offers in-depth answers to the common questions asked by every newbie. Also, Marshall will report his findings on a cell phone two suns observations and explain why cell phones can see things more expensive cameras will likely miss.

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