Why Sound of Freedom is a Viral Path to Victory

| July 10, 2023

Why Sound of Freedom is a Viral Path to VictoryThis weekend, I viewed the new film Sound of Freedom (2023) at a local theater.   After all, there is tremendous chatter about this film — a great place to sample all that is on TikTok.

My focus with this article is to discuss this film as a viral phenomenon that will smash through the suppression of our government and the pedophiles who own and control it.

To you wonderful readers who’ve followed me through the years and to those visiting my site for the first time, here is my one-word artistic review of the film.  Perfect!

This article focuses on how this brilliant film has become a critical tool in ushering the beginning of the end for elite crimes against humanity.

We keep hearing the “enjoy the show” mantra while the White Hat anti-gravity goalposts keep floating further out of reach.  Like it or lump it, it’s the march of war.

Still the same.  Are you interested in doing something noble and powerful today that will echo throughout history?   If so, make a difference TODAY by getting your viral on – oorah!

Global Impact

The Sound of Freedom is based on a true international rescue story.   Actor/Producer Jim Caviezel (The Passion of the Christ) plays Tim Ballard, a government agent morally tasked by a victim’s request.

With family support, Ballad endures hardships and significant risks to become an international vigilante, saving hundreds of children from sex traffickers.


As I will explain further, these are complex, tough times, and free tickets are readily available for those in need, so please see the film.

For those looking for a meaningful way to help humanity defeat these murderous monsters after you see the film, please join me in supporting the viral propagation of this critical film via a brilliant pay-it-forward program.

Pay It Forward

During the credit role at the film’s end, Jim Caviezel delivers a powerful personal message.  It was added to the film by Angel Studios just before its release.

He is asking people to help support the viral propagation of the film with a pay-it-forward program offered at angel.com/freedom.   From this page, you can:

  • Purchase tickets for others as gifts.
  • Purchase tickets for others anonymously.
  • Claim a free ticket donated anonymously.

The suggested purchase is $105 for seven tickets which are pooled anonymously.    This default option was my first choice, and I hope you will join me by helping to share the film with seven others or whatever works for you.

Also, spread the word after you see the film and pay it forward.   Tell everyone you know about what it meant for you to see this film and why you are encouraging them to see it, and be sure to tell them about claiming a free ticket.  Do this, and you will make a difference.  But why?

How Something This Simple Makes a Difference

We often hear how this movie is compared to the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin, which was initially published as a newspaper series in 1851 and then published as a book in 1852.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to get into granular details while giving an interview but the mention of it to my curiosity.

I want to give you two years to consider.

  • 1852: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • 2023: Sound of Freedom

Now add these population numbers as follows:

  • 1850 Global Population: 1.263 billion
  • 2023 Global Population: 8.043 billion

Now that we have a good comparison, let’s see how Uncle Tom’s Cabin actually was.  Note the BOLD below.

Essential Civil War Curriculum
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1852)

Uncle Tom’s CabinUncle Tom’s Cabin widened the chasm between the North and the South, greatly strengthened Northern abolitionism, and weakened British sympathy for the Southern cause.

Within a year, over 300,000 copies had been sold in America and some 1.5 million in Great Britain, and the novel had been translated into fifteen European languages.

“Uncle Tom has probably ten readers to every purchaser,” The Literary World declared in 1852.

The unprecedented popularity of Uncle Tom’s Cabin came above all from its powerful appeal to the emotions.

As Henry James noted in his autobiographical A Small Boy and Others, Stowe’s novel “had above all the extraordinary fortune of finding itself, for an immense number of people, much less a book than a state of vision, of feeling and of consciousness in which they didn’t sit and read and appraise and pass the time, but walked and talked and laughed and cried.”

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was eventually published internationally in fifteen European languages.  The global population was 1.263 billion at the time, and over 15 million people read the book.

There are approximately 45 million enslaved people worldwide, and the American government is the largest purveyor of slaves in the world.  The result is that three times as many humans are enslaved today as those who read Uncle Tom’s Cabin in 1852.

With that, let’s focus on the Sound of Freedom pay-it-forward program.  As of July 9, 2023, the numbers for this program are impressive:

  • Ticket Sales Forecast: 2,000,000
  • Actual Ticket Sales: 3,133,697
  • Percent of Goal: 157%

Folks, the numbers are clear.  Sound of Freedom is a 21st Century Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and its spread has only begun.

Please, see the film and decide if the pay-it-forward program offered at angel.com/freedom works for you.  If you do, you will have the deep satisfaction of knowing exactly what your participation buys and the satisfaction of spreading the word about a noble film.

Then again, some rail against this film and its makers with personal smears and gratuitous attacks, so you need to get ahead of all that.

The Naysayers

The film is moving and disturbing, but what annoyed me was how the theater owners tried to suppress it when I viewed it last night.  It was a small cinema in a rural farming town, and our showing played opposite Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

I went with a good friend, and the first thing we noticed as we walked back to the auditorium was that all of the films by Universal and Disney had promotional artwork everywhere.  For Sound of Freedom, it was a simple black-and-white piece of laser print taped over the door.  Cheap and cheesy.

After finding our seats, I noticed the auditorium was uncomfortably warm and muggy, so I went to the ticket office and asked them to turn the AC on, which they eventually did.

After the film began, there was a lot of quiet dialogue in the initial scenes, and I found it difficult to hear clearly because of an unusually low sound level.  Typically, it’s always the reverse that the sound is too loud, so this was exceptional.

Once again, I went back up front to complain, and while they did turn up the volume, the theater staff were obviously annoyed by the request.  I supposed it was because I stood there looking at them until they did something.

After seeing the problem would be resolved, I made a quick stop at the auditorium, where they were showing Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.   That’s when everything made perfect sense.

The auditorium for Sound of Freedom was a hot box with poor sound.  Frankly, it was the smallest and most inconvenient auditorium in the cinema complex.

Conversely, the auditorium for Indiana Jones was twice as large, and the AC and sound were perfect.

The problem was you could count the number of moviegoers on one hand because everyone else was sitting in that miserable hot box with poor sound.

Nonetheless, no matter how hard the theater owners tried to drive people away from Sound of Freedom to Indiana Jones, their petty antics failed.  I’ll remember how petty and shamefully these theater owners behaved, as will others who frequent that theater.

All this proves one thing.  Even when people are punished for watching this movie, it is so compelling they put it up.   This movie will become a classic.

Unfortunately, nasty cheap shots are happening out there, as explained in this review video.

EXPOSE the PEDOS end of the CABAL, July 9, 2023

I find what this man says to be timely and instructive for two reasons.  First, what is happening with this film is that it is forcing people to pick a lane openly.  It is then that their personal attacks and smears show you they are not who they pretend to be.  When confronted by them and their adherents, exercise forbearance but stand your ground.


There is only one true measure of victory for humanity.   The complete eradication of slavery worldwide, and so we must be honest.  Ending this global curse will be a grueling 100-year war.

We must accept that reality, but there is one very useful caveat.  Years are like fat.  You can trim them, and that’s the whole point of this pay-it-forward program because here is the big picture.

The White Hats underestimated the depth and reach of the Black Hats; hence, although the White Hats do have the initiative, the Deep State remains operational though severely strained.

Here are the five things I see:

  1. To date, DS control has survived the theft of an election.
  2. To date, DS control has survived a plandemic holocaust.
  3. Current Status: The DS is holding on to power by its fingernails.
  4. Next comes the coup de grâce death blow to the evil being done to innocents.
  5. God’s judgment upon these monsters shall be heard through children’s voices, and it will be final.

How soon do we get there?   Ultimate victory will take one hundred years, but with the Sound of Freedom giving us a viral path to victory, that will change because this movie is God’s afterburner to victory.  Enjoy the ride.

Go see the movie and then check out the pay-it-forward program at angel.com/freedom, and never forget God’s children are not for sale.

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