Why Christians Own Planet X

| August 3, 2019

Why Christians Own Planet XLike the proverbial china shop sign says, “If you break it, you buy it.”  Well, when it comes to the topic of Planet X, Christians broke it and bought it in 2017, and they paid full retail.  Unfortunately, the political consequences will be substantial for both Christians and non-Christians alike.

There is a converging political storm in the near future when public awareness about Planet X rebounds due to numerous observations and/or a catastrophic event with significant loss of life.

At issue here is the Globalist hatred of organized Christianity, especially when evangelicals and conservative Christians organize as they certainly will during the Planet X flyby. What causes this fear is that a mobilized Christianity presents a huge counterforce for Globalist ambitions to depopulate humanity by means of Agenda 21 and other such plans.

Therefore to prevent an interdenominational Christian awareness event, Globalist are using Progressive Christians sympathetic to their narratives to plant talking points for future propaganda efforts.

The goal is to create disharmony and division so as to neuter any chance of a unified Christian response to the coming Planet X flyby and thereby prevent a global awakening all Christian faiths worldwide.

Christians Against Christian Nationalism

Enter the newest progressive propaganda operation.  Christians Against Christian Nationalism.

Their website was created in May 2019, and the site owner information is masked.  Furthermore, the website does not offer any information about who funds it.  A huge progressive tactic red flag and of course, for a shadowy group that just emerged onto the scene, they seem to have incredible access to the MSM.  Golly gee, I wonder why?

MSN News, July 29, 2019
Christian group warns against rise of ‘Christian nationalism’

A group formed by Christian leaders is warning against the rise of “Christian nationalism,” saying the merging of Christian and American identities poses a threat to U.S. democracy and religious communities.

“As Christians, we are bound to Christ, not by citizenship, but by faith,” Christians Against Christian Nationalism’s statement reads.

“Whether we worship at a church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, America has no second-class faiths. All are equal under the U.S. Constitution.”

The statement is endorsed by at least 17 Christian leaders from various churches and organizations, according to the group’s website.

The leaders say “Christian nationalism” seeks to bind Christianity and American citizenship in a way that “provides cover for white supremacy and racial subjugation.”

“Christian nationalism demands Christianity be privileged by the State and implies that to be a good American, one must be Christian,” the group said in its statement.

The group’s credo includes a list of beliefs centered around the Constitution’s religious equality and calls on Christians to “reject this damaging political ideology.”

Among the groups endorses is the Rev. Michael B. Curry, the bishop who presided over the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“The violence, intimidation and distortion of scripture associated with ‘Christian nationalism’ does not reflect the person and teachings of Jesus Christ,” Curry said.

MSN is a deep state fake news outlet and what they fail to say in their articles often has more truth than what they do say.

For example, in the article above, it is about politics, and yet, there is absolutely no mention of the political leanings of the two dozen leaders or so and countless people who just wanted to offer their signature in agreement with the Christians Against Christian Nationalism position.

However, that glaring deficiency was addressed by the World Religion News, and it is the first word in the title of the article.

World Religion News, August 2, 2019
Progressive Christians Taking a Standing Against Christian Nationalism

America has plenty of Christian nationalism and white supremacy attitudes running around in 2019. However, there’s an increasing number of progressive Christians which exist.

These Christians regret how their faith is being perverted by white evangelicals to further their agendas. Recently, a joint statement was released by many prominent liberal figures in the Christian community denouncing the idea that to be American; a person needs to be Christian

Christian nationalism refers to the act of tying American and Christian identities together. This goes against both the American constitution as well as the Christian faith. Christian nationalism has said that if a person wants to be a good American, they must be Christian. Christian nationalism is even demanding that Christians be privileged by the State. Christian nationalism is known for sometimes being used as a cover for racial subjugation as well as white supremacy ideas.

Delete every occurrence of the word Christian and its variants and what do you have a classic identity politics progressive attack.  Enough already.

We Are a Good Nation

Speaking as a non-Christian, I find this argument by Christians Against Christian Nationalism to be is inconsistent with history because, during WWII, our nation fought and prevailed in two theaters of war.

In that war, men and women of all faiths fought alongside each other with equal resolve and sacrifice, but the largest statistical share of battlefield deaths was born by the Christian war fighters who fought and died for God and country.

In this age of identity politics, I find it interesting to note that during the Cold War, said what they meant.  It was the Soviet people who needed to use code phrases and memes to convey a hint of their meaning.  But times have changed, and Americans now the ones communicating in code phrases and memes.  Yet, there is a constant, and it is found in the courage of those who serve.

Granted, our nation has a history of all the same social ills of other nations, but no other nation in the history of the world has ever worked as hard or has lost as much blood and treasure as our nation has, to overcome these awful social ills.  Consequently, warts and all, America is still a wonderful living example of tolerance and change.

With this in mind, we’re ready to discuss two very important issues.  How Christians bought Planet X, and what to do about it.

How Christians Bought Planet X

The first rule of prophecy is:  Always be mindful of it, but never live in expectation of it.  The Blood Moon Tetrads prophecy is a case study in expectations and how they are covertly manipulated as described in the following chronology, based on Google Trends.

The dataset is for the period January 1, 2004, to August 2, 2019.  The keywords for this comparison are “Nibiru,” “Planet X,” and “Planet 9.”  Click here to generate this Google Trends report for yourself.

Google Trends Dataset 1/2004 to 8/2019

Please study the above illustration to acquaint yourself with the color coding and associated trend lines.

To establish a statistical baseline for peak activity, we will use the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012.

As we’ve pointed out many times on this website, December 21, 2012, was a harbinger date.  This is how true prophecy works.  A harbinger tells you that you are on the event timeline.  Then comes the event and hopefully, you’ve prepared for it.

The key point about December 21, 2012, is that it was a harbinger based on a rare celestial alignment because, in January 2013, the number of earthquakes of all magnitudes and observed fireballs has been on a huge upward trend that just keeps breaking new records.

This brings us to October 8, 2013, and the book, Four Blood Moons: Something is About to Change by John Hagee.

Four Blood Moons - Google Trends

The uptick in August of that year would be consistent with publisher advance marketing, and Hagee’s book presents an interesting Christine prophecy as summarized below:

Wikipedia, June 9, 2019
Blood moon prophecy

John HageeThe blood moon prophecies are a series of prophecies in the Bible preached by Christian preachers John Hagee and Mark Biltz, which state that a tetrad (a series of four consecutive lunar eclipses—coinciding on Jewish holidays—with six full moons in between, and no intervening partial lunar eclipses) which began with the April 2014 lunar eclipse is the beginning of the end times as described in the Bible in the Book of Joel, Acts 2:20, and Revelation 6:12. The tetrad ended with the lunar eclipse on September 27–28, 2015.

Like the Mayan Calendar prophecy, the Blood moon prophecy was also based on unique celestial alignments.  Even though the tetrad ended without a disaster, Hagee’s book, to his credit, is still relatively popular.


In 2014, Robert Reiland, author of Jesus and the Third Temple: The Complete Guide to the Ancient History and Secret Rituals of the Red Heifer Ceremony, contributed an article to Yowusa.com on the matter.

YOWUSA.COM, 05-February-2014
Science of the Blood Moon Tetrad Theory

Presently, a major buzz is connecting “Blood Moon Prophecy” with prophecies of the End of Days – eschatology.

The leading voice of this trend is Pastor John Hagee and his book: “Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change.”

Likewise, there is a heavy effort to debunk Hagee and his Blood Moon Tetrad Theory.

A principal counter-argument of debunkers is that a Tetrad (four consecutive blood moons) is a viewing event – not a causality. In other words, a Tetrad cannot cause a cataclysm.

After Hagee published his book, there was a natural lift on the topic of Planet X, a purely organic occurrence. Then along came CalTech’s Planet 9 disinformation campaign.  Or Planet 9 From Outer Space as this author likes to call it.

Planet 9 and Caltech

As we reported on this site, the whole Planet 9 nonsense started after Mike Brown at Caltech and the deep state totally humiliated astronomers in Chile who observed what they speculated could be a cold brown dwarf star.  The result was a terrible smear job on these honest astronomers led by Caltech, and the poor fellows had to retract their papers to save their careers.

Caltech 9th Planet - Google Trends

To fill the spin left over from the smear job, Mike Brown, a.k.a. Pluto Killer announced Planet 9, and for an object that has never been observed, it does seem to be the official narrative now.

Two key points to remember here are:

  • Planet 9 was part of a rapid-response disinformation campaign that generated more interest than John Hagee’s book, Four Blood Moons.
  • Traffic for Planet 9 was artificially stimulated by the same people who engineered the smear and shut down effort on honest astronomers.

Also, note how this shift to Planet 9 has affected Internet traffic for the Planet X and Nibiru keywords.  This is by intention because search engines now fill Planet X requests with a large amount of Planet 9 disinformation.

The September 2017 Spike

Now let’s move forward to September 2017 and the most amazing spike in Planet X and Nibiru web traffic.

David Meade - Google Trends

In September 2017, more people around the world searched the Internet for news about Nibiru and Planet X than ever before in the history of the Internet to the present.  What brought this spike on can be attributed to three things and in the following order:

  1. Hagee Traffic: Published on October 8, 2013, Hagee’s book generated a steady flow of natural traffic for the topic.
  2. Meade Traffic: Published on June 24, 2016, David Meade’s book Planet X – The 2017 Arrival was also a natural traffic generator.  Meade’s book was very successful, and his traffic helped to amplify the initial interest created by Hagee.
  3. Propaganda Push: Hagee and Meade were honest authors, but nothing they did collectively could in any way account for the September 2017 propaganda push.

If you’re wondering how a propaganda push works in this context, the first thing you need to understand is that the authors, Hagee and Meade had nothing to do with it.  They were covertly aided by the globalists in the Crown.

How do I know? The dead giveaway was this October 2017 article on an English tabloid:

Daily Star UK, October 2, 2017
Nibiru doomsayer FINALLY breaks silence on why Planet X failed to show up

Doomsayers feared the world was about to end after David Meade said the planet Nibiru was heading towards Earth and would become visible on September 23, 2017.

David Meade

The huge alien world – also known as Planet X – is prophesied to wipe out life on Earth by crashing into or just missing us.

The Christian researcher said a seven-year period of chaos on Earth would then start this month on or around October 21.

Some believers claim Planet X has appeared – and photos and video supposedly showing the mysterious heavenly body have emerged.

But the planet is yet to be officially confirmed – leading some doubters to question Mr Meade’s prophesy.

The author has now broken his silence to explain why it didn’t conclusively appear on September 23 – and when it will.

Mr Meade made his prediction by matching Bible verses about the end of the world with the movement of stars and planets.

Jupiter, the moon and the constellation Virgo apparently aligned as the New Testament book of Revelation says they will before the apocalypse on September 23, he said.

But Mr Meade has now said it is very difficult to work out exact dates from the book of Revelation because it is complex and doesn’t describe a clear timeline of events.

However, Mr Meade did repeat his claim that the seven-year period of “Tribulation” – which will include war, disease and natural disasters – will start towards the end of October.

He said: “I pinpointed October as the beginning, absolutely.

“I said October would contain serious events. I said September is the ‘sign month’ and October is the action month – and I still believe that.

“But what I’m saying is, if I’m four weeks off or six weeks off, don’t worry about it, because it’s all going to begin this autumn.”

Mr Meade has also said the Rapture – when Christians will be taken into heaven to avoid the Tribulation – will also happen around October.

Folks, I’ve been publishing on Planet X since 2002, and the only way you get this kind of news coverage is when the elites make it happen.  Will they call you and say that you’re the genius of the century.  No, because you’re already in lockstep with a narrative they want to control and so they just do it and what do you know, you think you’re brilliant and on a mission from God.

The Data Pile

When the Globalists saw the budding interest in the Christian community for Planet X and Nibiru information, they responded with the following goals in mind:

  1. Promote Non-Events: An expectation-driven non-event is the easiest way to suppress interest in a topic like Planet X. When it doesn’t happen, folks walk away and most never look back.
  2. Redirect Interest: After the non-event, use disappointment to cover your tracks as you demonetize and suppress legitimate voices in favor of your spin.
  3. Harvest the Traffic Metadata: The only thing that is deleted on the Internet these days is your privacy, and our government has a vast pool of raw data for all Planet X and Nibiru tetrad web traffic.

This third goal is thorny for Christians because of the September 2017 data pile spike.  Are you a nasty and you want to find Christians in the pile?  Easy, just data mine it, and voila, hello lions. That is if this data mining has not already happened, which it likely has.

Ergo, the real concern about the data pile is not how to get rid of it.  Don’t hold your breath on that one.  Rather, the real concern is who owns the data pile, and that person will be whoever occupies the Oval Office.  Right now it is Trump, and for God and country Christians, this is a good thing.  If the Progressives retake the Oval Office, they’ll reinstitute their Plan A.  Not good.

In the meantime, I offer my advice solely as a researcher.  If you are offended by the identity politics of Christians Against Christian Nationalism, stand up and be heard.

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