Who will Save America?

| February 24, 2023

American PatriotAmerica has been a beacon of hope to a large part of the world. It has symbolized independence, liberty, and freedom, especially for those countries where the curtain of darkness and oppression dominates the souls of men. These are the places where freedom of speech, religion, and the right to bear arms do not exist.

In this time of economic uncertainty and turmoil, we, the individual citizens of America, need to reverse the current downward plunge toward slavery that the ill-intentioned, ignorant, or controlled opposition pretend is not there.

As the months and years pass, I see more and more of our freedoms under attack. We have been far too complacent in this regard, but an awakening is occurring. The question is, will enough people awaken quickly enough and take the necessary action to effect the immediate changes needed?

Individuals and groups need to band together with the common goal of freedom to prevent our country’s total destruction. The one thing that makes America different is the unique bond that has held our country together.

That bond I refer to is our very own U.S. Constitution, the foundation of our freedom, which is being ripped apart piece by piece and tossed aside, degraded in its meaning, desecrated in its importance.

I was taught in school that the Constitution was the Supreme Law of the land.  Our freedom is in jeopardy, and our American heritage is also under attack. The powers that be are immense, hard at work, and want us to admit defeat.

The Constitution, created by our Founding Fathers, those brave & vigilant men who drafted it as a safeguard and preventive measure to maintain our basic freedoms, are being destroyed.

It will be destroyed entirely unless we, the American people, the torch-bearers of freedom for the rest of the world, take effective action. The document was written to clarify the limitations of government to avoid the very things happening today, rule by the few and suppression of the many.

One of the main reasons this is happening is that too few of us actually know what the Constitution says, nor do we understand its meaning.  How can one know if what is supposed to be the supreme law of the land is being violated or is under attack if he doesn’t even understand what those laws are in the first place?  The founders had a literacy level that greatly exceeded that of today, and they drafted the Constitution with exact and careful wording.

Knowing the definitions of the terms, they used during their creation is necessary.  We must ensure our children know and understand the Constitution as well so they, too, can continue to carry the torch of freedom and prevent its further destruction.  At present, our public school system places little importance on the subject. Could this have been an intentional omission?

Not enough pressure is being brought to bear that we return our country to its basic policy to put ourselves back on course. Those few of us who do know what protections we are supposed to have under the Constitution need to speak out and refuse to allow our freedoms to be destroyed.

When the powers offer instead treaties designed to circumvent our Constitution, we should recognize this as a red flag, a treasonous act!

Alarms should be blaring when our Congress is bypassed and decision-making is handed over to outside groups with little oversight! We need to hold those in our legislature and government accountable for their oaths to uphold and protect the Constitution. This is not only a professional duty but a moral one as well.

As a people, the American people have more power than we realize, but we must use it, work together, and be willing to take action. Apathy will never open the gates to freedom and has no place in the ring of victory.

We need to re-educate ourselves on the basic freedoms as laid out in the Constitution and what the limitations of our government are so that when oppressors who do not have our best interests at heart try to take our freedoms away, we can know an attack is occurring, and take action to defeat it.

Freedom is something that must be continuously fought for, lest it is taken away. I know that the John Birch Society has been actively educating the public on a campaign to get our country back on the Constitution. They are well organized, have been fighting for our freedoms for years, and have some excellent educational materials to offer both in hard copy and online.  Their New American magazine addresses vital and current issues.

They are strictly an educational organization worthy of support and are up to date on the current attacks in the constitutional arena. Another group, Hillsdale College, also offers free courses on the Constitution. Other freedom-loving and ethical groups are also working to resolve the problems as laid out above.

We need to seek out these groups and support them like never before. As Thomas Jefferson once stated, “A nation, as a society, forms a moral person, and every member of it is personally responsible for his society.” –Thomas Jefferson to George Hammond, 1792.

The true Spirit of America is its magnificent ideal of freedom, and America will be no more if this is gone. What happens to the rest of the world if we allow our country to die?

We are the ones who must take responsibility for our country and help put it back on the path to recovery. The greatness of the people makes a country great, and the voice of freedom and prosperity speaks silently through the actions of the people themselves.

Action is the keyword. Having the erroneous idea that “someone else will take care of it” is negligent, irresponsible, and a dangerous viewpoint indeed.

Freedom isn’t free, and the time to fight back is when one can still fight. If you love this country, please look at who you may know that can create some good, positive, and needed effects and get their agreement to help turn things around while pitching in yourself. Historically, like-minded, focused individuals and groups working together are more effective than individuals working separately by themselves. There’s power in numbers!

A Congressman hearing from one or two people on any issue can too easily conclude that it is unimportant, but if he hears from fifty or a hundred, he might lend an ear. By each of us putting more time and attention on those causes and groups we know are worthwhile that are getting results, I believe we could once again have a country that would be that beacon of hope our world so desperately needs.

We are the torch-bearers of freedom, but the flames are being extinguished.  A good captain never lets his ship sink, for he knows it’s his responsibility. Where are all the captains? I say we grab hold of the helm and turn this sinking ship around!

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