When Will We See Planet X?

| March 23, 2019
When Will We See Planet X?Those who have followed my Planet X research over the years know that I have never made a definite “when” prediction up till now.  With this article, I will give you a simple, direct answer to the question,” When will we see Planet X?” Having made a naked eye, corroborated personal observation of Planet X on September 9, 2018, I can unequivocally say that I’ve seen Planet X with my own eyes. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to take a picture, so the best I can say is that my observation is a ‘compelling eyewitness account.’ That and a dollar will buy you a cold cup of coffee; because in the final analysis, it comes down to what those who have yet to see Planet X with their own eyes choose to believe or not believe. This is a tough situation if you’re not doing your own homework.  This guy that says this, and that gal that says that, and so it goes etc., etc., etc.  As you sort all of that out, what is the eventual sum total of all these you gotta believe me click-bait observation reports and their shoot-from-the-hip analysis?  Pure, unadulterated, and useless pap. Ergo, when answering the question, “When will we see Planet X?” How are you to know the difference between the answer you’ll get in this article and the pap we see spread across social media platforms by reckless opportunists and paid disinformationalsts? Dear reader, this is a damn good question, and it presents a real problem. So let’s work together to find an answer that resonates with you.  Or, in other words, let’s work the problem together in terms of both science and observations.  Therefore, when I answer the question, “When will we see Planet X?” you’ll have an answer that is understandable and offers a much-needed clarity. Will that clarity wipe away any doubts about whether or not Planet X is real and approaching the core of our solar system if you’ve yet to see Planet X with your own eyes?  For most, no amount of science will do. However, for those of you who go for the science first, observations become an after-the-fact corroboration, and this is how we at Yowusa.com came to the truth of the matter in 2008. Therefore, the goal of this article is not to get you to believe anything.  It is to give you a straight answer to the question, “When will we see Planet X?” that offers clarity.  For only through clarity will you be able to decide when or if you are going to prepare for the coming tribulation.

Planet X Science Quick Summary

Those new to the topic of Planet X are often given a skewed notion that this is a conspiracy topic invented by Nancy Leider of Zetatalk in 1995.  It is not. The search for Planet X began after the mathematical discovery of Neptune by  John Couch Adams of Britain and Urbain Jean Joseph Leverrier of France.  They used mathematics based on pertubations in the orbit of Uranus which was the first planet to be discovered with a telescope in 1781.  Using the calculations of Johann Gottfried Galle the Planet Neptune was first observed in 1846.  From that point forward, the game was underway. To learn more about the history of Planet X, watch our video, Planet X 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How.
  For those of us who have seen Planet X, as I did on September 9, 2018, with a verified, naked eye observation, there is no doubt about it.  Planet X is here, and it is well inside the core of our solar system.  The relevant question then becomes what will happen in the coming months and years? Did I wait until my naked-eye observation in 2018 to conclude that Planet X is real and that it is here? No, because I follow the science and two developments in 2006 through 2008 led us to the smoking guns.  Therefore, personally seeing Planet X in 2018 was a belated corroboration that was about as welcome a sight as a large bowl of itching powder in a hemorrhoid clinic.

South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America’s New Planet X Tracker2006 – SPT Observatory

Yowusa.com broke the story on the South Pole Telescope titled South Pole Telescope (SPT) — America’s New Planet X Tracker. The observatory was deployed to clandestinely track Planet X. In fact, it is the perfect instrument for the job and it is located in the most inhospitable climate in the world even though the exact same science (as is publically stated) could be done for a fraction of the cost in South America.

2008 – SPT Disclosure Videos

The Only Three Authentic SPT Disclosure Videos of 2008 After the SPT became operational, two whistleblowers were able to sneak out images of the Planet X system in 2008.  They posted their videos on YouTube as NibiruShock2012  and DNIr4808n respectively. Both sources were brutally suppressed and smeared almost immediately but reliable sources gave us a heads up on their posts and we downloaded their videos before they could be suppressed.   To learn more, read our article, The Only Three Authentic SPT Disclosure Videos of 2008.

2008 – Ulysses Probe

The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / NibiruIn 2007,  Yowusa.com co-founder, Dutch Physicist Jacco van Der Worp began tracking reports from NASA about the Ulysses Probe.  The probe was designed for a polar orbit around the sun and Jacco theorized that if a massive incoming body were perturbing the sun, it would be apparent.  In 2008, the Ulysses findings were published and that is exactly what happened. In our article The ESA-NASA Ulysses Probe and Planet X / Nibiru, we explained how NASA’s published findings show a clear solar interaction between the sun and an approaching but unobserved massive object in the Southern skies approaching the core of our system along a steeply inclined, comet-like elliptical orbit.
While the SPT disclosure videos were extremely compelling, especially given the heavy-handed suppression that ensued, were these videos the smoking gun for us.  No. The smoking gun proof we sought came after we saw NASA’s Ulysses findings.  That is when we knew there was no question about the existence of Planet X and that it is currently inbound.  The Ulysses Probe findings fit the definition of the term ‘Planet X’ which was coined by American Astronomer Percival Lowell.  Simply put, the term ‘Planet X’ refers to an unobserved object that is known to exist by how it interacts with known and observed objects. That being said, let’s move from the realm of science to that of observation.

2013 and 2014 – Turrialba / Bluebonnet

As we have often noted in our Signs articles, the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012 was a successful harbinger event which was based upon an observable celestial alignment.  Harbingers are a benign way to learn that you’re on the timeline of a catastrophic event.   Hollywood was keen on ignoring that. Then in January 2013 in the wake of an anti-climatic judgment day promised by the media, I get an email from an ex-pat living in Turrialba, Costa Rica in the foothills of the Turrialba volcano. An excellent destination for vulcanologists and whitewater rafters.  He tells me that the university has a webcam at the top of the volcano so that everyone can monitor the volcano in real time. Then he tells me about this object that keeps showing up in the webcam feed near sunset each day. It was interesting; so we started an investigation and began tracking a blueish object of interest near the sun’s lower right quadrant.  It would come up for about 15 minutes each day, and I named it after the beautiful Bluebonnet flowers in Texas.
Yowusa.com, 26-February-2013 Object of Interest As Seen From the Turrialba Volcano Update #1 – Call for Irazú Volcano Observers Turrialba Volcano Feb 2013In this update we are making a public appeal to the people of Costa Rica and tourists bound for for those parts to help our effort by making a daytime excursion to the Irazú Volcano. It is possible that, by viewing the pre-sunset hours of 3 PM to 5:30 PM towards the West, Bluebonnet may be visible. The is the object that we’ve been tracking with the Turrialba Volcan feed. Irazú and Turrialba are both in the same region of the country and at 11,260 ft, Irazú is actually a few hundred feet higher than Turrialba. More importantly, it is open to the public.
To help you get an idea of a size, I’ve taken a picture of the solar transit of the Planet Venus in 2012 and scaled it to size using the Turrialba feed graphic above. Bluebonnet (Planet X) 2013 People said Bluebonnet was Venus, a lens flare, or a sun dog and we debunked all that.  Perhaps we did too good a job. We tracked Bluebonnet through 2013 and into 2014, until the volcano erupted and the university camera was destroyed.

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  Good golly, wouldn’t you know it; the US Government gave them a replacement webcam.  However, it was extremely poor quality and it was  pointed it at the ground. When we called them on that, they corrected the field of view.  Then they placed a fine mesh over the lens, and we were denied our poor man’s observatory.  It’s life.  Keep going.

2015 – Eclipse as Seen From Arctic Circle

The reason why Turrialba was a wonderful poor man’s observatory was a handful of very unique features.  A superb viewing sky, an elevation of nearly 11,000 ft, an HD camera (first university camera) and a perfect Westerly view. In other words, it was a rare and challenging viewing location to access. Then, there was the March 20, 2015, complete solar eclipse.  An eclipse video from Svalbard, Norway of the eclipse yielded paydirt.  A rare observation from an equally rare and challenging viewing location to access.
Yowusa.com, March 23, 2015 Planet X System 2015 Eclipse Glimpse March 20, 2015 PX Observation During EclipseFriday March 20, 2015 was a day many around the world had awaited with great anticipation. It would mark the spring equinox with a complete solar eclipse and that night, be followed by a rare Supermoon. Viewing the complete eclipse was only possible for those located above the arctic circle. The location was in Svalbard, Norway, in the general area where the Doomsday Seed Vault is located. Sensor Analysis ABC News 2015 Eclipse Video In reviewing the ABC News video of the eclipse, an object begins to appear at the 1 o’clock position relative to the Sun. A screen shot at the end of that video shows the object. It is important to note that this video was obviously shot with a professional, or prosumer video camera.
You may wonder if there is a dramatic difference between the size of Bluebonnet in 2013 and the object of interest captured in the 2015, as in, are we closing quickly with it.  Keep in mind that observations from ground and at-altitude are subject to atmospheric effects which can make an object of interest appear larger than it actually is.  A simple way to think about it is the warning on your side view mirrors, “objects in (the) mirror are closer than they appear.” Following the December 21, 2012 Mayan harbinger date, rare observations were made to the end of 2015 and from different locations.  This was the general nature of observations until 2016.

2016 – First AM Ground and At-Altitude Observations

From December 21, 2012, through February 28, 2016, quality observations were more a case of exotic locations and dedicated research. But then in the first half of 2016, things started looking up.  We were now making quality ground early AM observations, and we began seeing the first quality at-altitude observations from commercial airline passengers.

2016 – AM Ground Observation

What you must always remember about viewing an object of interest near and behind the sun is that when you are trying to make an observation from the ground, your viewing times will be limited to sunrise and sunset. In April 2016, early sunrise observations from webcams in Sao Vincente, Brazil, were most revealing.
Yowusa.com, April 16, 2016 Helion in the Planet X System Observed in Brazil On April 13, 2016, the Skywatch Media News Youtube channel posted a video titled, “Nibiru Second Sun Confirmed Sighting- Captured on Timelapse Video Webcam.”  The Skywatch producer believes the low-resolution web cam images are of Nemesis, the brown dwarf star (and Sol’s smaller twin) at the heart of the Planet X system. Original Skywatch Video Skywatch Media News presents a desktop capture of the webcam live feed from Sao Vincente, Brazil.  The camera is at sea level and pointed due East.  The images are well annotated for the benefit of the viewers. “A live time lapse video recorded from a Brazilian webcam in Late March-Early April 2016, has  captured some extraordinary images of the second  sun, aka Planet X-Nibiru.”
  “As shown in the approximately 25 minute time lapse sequence, watch when the Sun rises over Sao Vincente, Brazil as a second sun also rises behind and  over the hilltop to the far right casting a bright red reflection over the open waters. As the Sun moves further above the horizon, the celestial entity begins to  dissipate from view while briefly casting a faint shadow upon the water.”
The striking aspect of the Sao Vincente sunrise observations was the reflection of the object of interest on the water.  These are important things to look for and the first things that trolls and disinformationalsts will attack.

2016 – At-Altitude Observation

It is important to note that with the release of the iPhone 6 and competitive models in 2015, smartphones were becoming more useful for personal observations.  We prefer videos or a series of stills for analysis. We were extremely fortunate to download a copy of the first significant at-altitude Planet X observation before it was hacked and smeared.
Yowusa.com, March 17, 2017 Is Planet X Nearing Perihelion? At-altitude, May 15, 2016That original video disappeared and has subsequently been replaced by a host of edited and misleading knockoffs with variations on the original video title and channel title. This is the version I personally downloaded for my video, Planet X System Update No. 4 – Part 2 of 3: Reliable Observations published on Oct 29, 2016.
  In my video, I used this observation of an object in the Planet X system, presumably Nemesis at the three o’clock position relative to the Sun.  Also in that video, I showed numerous collaborating videos with the same object at the same position.
A common debunking is the optics, and here I’ve seen one of the dumbest trolls since History of the World Part II.  He wrote that airline passenger windows are made of “three pains of glass.” OMG, here’s your stupid sign, bunkie. For the record.  It’s panes, not pains and it is plexiglass, not glass. Ask anyone who builds aquariums for a living, which is optically better, glass or plexiglass. They’ll tell you that plexiglass is optically superior to glass and this is why they build with it. It is equally important to remember that video observations at-altitude occur in the thin air above, which offers superb viewing skies. Furthermore, these high-altitudes allow for observations closer to mid-day. In other words, at-altitude observations have more time flexibility than ground-based observations. In retrospect, the second half of 2016, would be a slow countdown to a successful Planet X prediction.

2017 – Substantial Increase in Observations

In 2008, government whistleblower Bob Dean appeared on Project Camelot and gave Kerry Cassidy a hard date for when we would see Planet X.
Bob Dean Predicts 2017 for Planet X Visibility Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership GuideFounded by Kerry Cassidy, the Project Camelot site is a gathering place for whistle-blower testimony. In September of 2008 Project Camelot posted an interview titled, “Bob Dean: The Coming of Nibiru or Planet X.” Bob Dean is a whistle-blower and also part of a group called, “The Old Boys Club.” This group is composed mostly of retired military officers, non-commissioned officers, and government officials with high-security clearances who have come forward to reveal what they know about extraterrestrials and Planet X. Bob Dean Predicts 2017 for Planet X Visibility In that 2008 interview, Bob Dean explained all of the harbinger signs. Then at 1:37:43 he answers Cassidy’s question about when the Planet X flyby would begin. His answer, “No later than 2017,” then he added, “I’ll throw 2017 out, and you can take that to the bank.” It is important to note that all of the harbinger signs Dean predicted in 2008 are happening now.
Without question, Bob’s 2017 prediction made back in 2008 came to pass.  Simply put, 2017 was a truly amazing year, with a dramatic uptick in Planet X observations of all types, AM, PM, and at altitude.

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  One ground observation made near sunset in Slovakia was incredibly fascinating because the video captured a bird flying directly in front of the object of interest.

Yowusa.com, June 15, 2017 Skywatch Media: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017

On May 13, 2017, Skywatch Media posted a video on Facebook titled SkywatchMedia: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017.  The original video was captured by a contributor  in Slovakia the day before. The imagery in the video is stunning and quite compelling, and in this article, we will present  our analysis of it.  This article offers 19 capture and analysis images detailing what we believe to be the significant elements of this video.

Skywatch Media: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017

Original Observation: Friday, May 12, 2017 at 16:00 Local Time Region: Bratislava, Slovakia; 48°09’N 17°07’E? / ?48.150°N 17.117°E
  Note: Object appears behind the clouds. A lens flare cannot appear behind an object, it will always appear in front of the edifice. It does not fluctuate which gives credibility to the capture. The binary twin and planetary bodies which orbit in a counterclockwise movement to our sun, are presently 2-3 A.U. from the Earth as it begins to move to perihelion (closest approach to the sun) and thus above the ecliptic plane where its visibility will increase.
In July of that year, another stellar at-altitude observation was submitted to us by a passenger with an iPhone 6s, and the video was superb.
Yowusa.com, July 22, 2017 Nibiru Observation At-Altitude Foreshadows Bible and Hopi Prophecy Nibiru Observation at Altitude Foreshadows Bible and Hopi ProphecyOn July 10, 2017 the Bickel Family was returning from Los Angeles to their home in Montana. The first leg of their journey was on Delta Air Lines flight 945. Lanei Bickel was sitting on the port side of the aircraft in seat 23B when she became impressed with the sunset to the West. Moments before her Boeing 757 began a slow turn to the East over the Dugway Proving Ground, approximately 50 miles away from Salt Lake City; she began taking pictures with her iPhone 6s. That is when she saw something she never believed in until that day – The Planet Nibiru. Lanei Bickel - Nibiru - Images 3777 to 3786 What is reported in this article is an at-altitude gold standard observation of the Planet Nibiru.

Lanei Bickel’s iPhone 6s observation showed us that significant strides were being made in the camera systems on these smartphones.  Better resolution, exposure control and image processing.  These attributes improve with each new generation, and the iPhone 7 was a big step up.  This was demonstrated with several ground observations made in  Clarksburg, West Virginia.

Yowusa.com, September 17, 2017 Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived Planet X Nibiru Has ArrivedOver the course of three consecutive days, the 8th, 9th, and 10th of September 2017, Amber Williamson of Clarksburg, West Virginia videographed Nibiru at the sun’s 11 o’clock position relative to the horizon. Her observations with an iPhone 7 smartphone were conducted near sunset on each of the three days. In the four videos shown in this report, the object is consistent. The fact that she first observed Nibiru with her own eyes before shooting a corroborating video on the 8th establishes a firm foundation of credibility for her observations.
  In this video report, one video for the 8th, one for the 9th and two for the 10th is shown as part of two interviews of Amber by Marshall Masters of yowusa.com on the 9th and the 11th.
After our first video, Amber became a gal on fire, and she doubled down with more observations, and we did our second video the following month.
Yowusa.com, October 24, 2017 Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived No. 2 Amber - Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived No. 2This is the second video in Planet X Nibiru Has Arrived series. The first was posted on September 17, 2017, with observations on the 8th, 9th and 10th of September 2017. Amber’s first published observation video from September 8, 2017.
  On that day, she saw the object of interest with her own eyes and used her iPhone 7 to document her eyewitness observations.
If one were to ask, “was there a technology breakthrough for personal Planet X observations,” the answer would be iPhone 7.   We found that the video performance difference from one iPhone 7 to the next would vary slightly due to different user settings, OEM manufacturing suppliers, lens coatings, and integrated software.  However, overall, these smartphone cameras demonstrated a keen ability to image not only in the visible light spectrum but in infrared and ultraviolet as well. And then along came Lana from Tucson, AZ and her iPhone 7.
Yowusa.com, November 14, 2017 Planet X Nibiru – Multiple Objects and Observations from Tucson, AZ In this November 12, 2017, interview with Marshall Masters of Yowusa.com, Lana discusses seven of her Planet X observations beginning with December 6, 2016, through November 1, 2017.
  In his review of the videos, Marshall finds direct evidence to counter common debunking claims that these are solar flares.
We did several videos with Lana and Amber in 2017.  It was a stellar year, but when young Lana passed away on February 8, 2018, from a sudden cardiac event, it broke my heart, and it was a sad day for many of my followers who expressed their heartfelt condolences to the family.

2018 – Best At-Altitude Observation To Date

In 2018, the government began an aggressive, daily atmospheric spraying (chemtrail) campaign in the skies above Amber’s home in Clarksburg, West Virginia, and she has not been able to make observations since. However, she still is on the lookout for suitable viewing days.  Nonetheless, despite all the sadness and suppression, we saw in 2018, the year produced what I believe to be the best at-altitude Planet X observation to date.
Yowusa.com, December 9, 2018 Best Nibiru Observation for 2018 – 11/16/18 Over Russia Best Nibiru Observation for 2018 – 11/16/18 Over RussiaNo matter how good a 3rd party observation report is, it can never be as good as a naked eye observation. I know that because after seeing it with my own two eyes last September, the event put a permanent crease in the fabric of my consciousness. However, this brilliant, at-altitude video report by a young man in Russia is as close to the real thing as you can get. The observation was recorded in two parts on November 16, 2018, by a YouTuber who goes by the moniker, Non Federal Channel.
For those of you who have been waiting for something to get you centered on preparedness, this could be your call to action.
How good was this 2018 observation video?  After posting it on my YouTube.com/yowusa channel, YouTube notified me that this channel which was started on Jul 8, 2008, and which has zero strikes and complaints since it was launched, was demonetized for AdSense revenue due to re-posting.  This is classic shadow banning, and it says, “this video is the real deal.” With this, we’re now ready for clarity.

When Will We See Planet X – The Answer

To answer the question, we first need to establish a clear link between the two operative words in this question, those being “when” and “we” because this goes to the underlying basis for the question, “when will we see Planet X?” The answer to the question, “when will we see Planet X?” is NOT about location, as in when the Planet X system will reach its point of perihelion, the closest distance to our sun, or when will pass over our heads as it bends to the South between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter.  That being said, those who do follow the science, know that is a moot point as we have since 2008 and the publication of the Ulysses Probe findings by NASA. Looking Up at Planet XRather, most folks ask “when will we see Planet X?” because they want to know when they’ll be standing out on the street with everyone who has mocked and ridiculed them for talking about Planet X, pointing up at the sky and exclaiming “OMG, WTF is that!” Then, the abused among us will have the satisfaction of seeing the know-it-alls and arrogant and abusive deniers they’ve long suffered, freaking out because of what they’re seeing in the skies above them.  Then the robust can proclaim, “I was right all along!” With this in mind, I will now give you the direct answer which I promised and it is one half of what you want to know. If you’re not standing out on the street with deniers pointing up at the sky and pooping their collective pants because of what they’re seeing by the end of 2025, it’s not going to happen in your lifetime.  Take it to the bank. Now to the other half of the answer.  Between now and the end of 2025, is 69 months. That’s a lot of time, and so maybe you’re wondering what the odds are that this event will occur sooner now that I’ve given you the full stop, it ain’t gonna happen in your lifetime cutoff date of December 31, 2025 answer. If you have no or very little interest in preparedness, the bother of answering the second half of the question will be an exercise in futility. Better to watch entertaining fear-porn and to live by the old colloquialism, “live fast and die young.” Conversely, I sincerely hope that you do have a serious interest in preparedness because the science and the observations you need to answer the second half of the question have been carefully provided for you in this article. Remember,  the only truth that matters is that which resonates within you because you and you alone put it there.

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