The Coming West Coast Exodus

| April 5, 2015

The Coming West Coast ExodusWithin the near future, America should expect to see an exodus of West Coast residents to the East. Remote viewers are already seeing it now, but what will cause it? A one-two punch of drought and radiation and it will be a national crisis.

For those living on the East Coast and the Gulf Coast, it will be more than a look and learn experience as their time will come as well.

This is why the goal of this article is to help those now living on the West Coast to respond to this coming crisis, well in advance of the panic that is sure to come.

If you’re on the West Coast and willing to embrace a proactive stance, the benefits are substantial. First, will be access to housing at current market rates, jobs and time to settle in.

The second, more long-term benefit of of being proactive today is that you will have established residency in a new city, thereby avoiding much of the grief of those who procrastinate. There will be grief for all but those who procrastinate will take the hardest hit of all.

21st Century Okies

Dust Bowl RefugeesWhen the West Coast exodus goes into full gear, the hardest hit will the 38.8 million residents of California and it will be reverse replay of the Dust Bowl exodus of the 1930s.

A time when severe dust storms beset US and Canadian prairies, forcing tens of thousands of families to abandon their farms.

Many of these unfortunate farm families headed west towards California, mostly to work in the fields where conditions were worse than those the present-day illegal immigrants must endure.

Known as “Okies” these refugees were often greeted in California with contempt and abuse. That was the 20th century.

In the 21st century a whole new category of “Okies” will be fleeing California to points farther east. Most of them will likely be be greeted with similar contempt and abuse.

Why? Because they’ll pay exorbitant rents, drain public resources, work for less and drive up the cost of living wherever they go. The result is they’ll make life harder for others wherever they settle. Ergo, bitter resentment is to be expected.

With this in mind, for those who are proactive, this article will present useful ideas about things you can begin doing today to ensure a better outcome tomorrow, both for you and your loved ones. But first, let’s talk more about the causalities of this exodus and the good news about your current window of opportunity.


Western U.S. Drought Monitor: 31-Mar-2015The primary causality of the exodus will be the next Fukushima Daiichi disaster, which is inevitable as this cluster-frack of a disaster is beyond human control.

However, this does not underplay the impact of this persistent Western drought!

The drought will not only be an exacerbating factor in the coming exodus, it will have a direct impact on states and cities refusing to become inbound destinations for future West Coast refugees.

How imminent is this water crisis? According to NASA, California has one year’s supply of water before it goes dry. Most Californians are remotely concerned so it’s still life as usual, with one exception, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., April 3, 2015
Governor Brown Directs First Ever California Statewide Mandatory Water Reductions

Following the lowest snowpack ever recorded and with no end to the drought in sight, Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced actions that will save water, increase enforcement to prevent wasteful water use, streamline the state’s drought response and invest in new technologies that will make California more drought resilient.

“Today we are standing on dry grass where there should be five feet of snow. This historic drought demands unprecedented action,” said Governor Brown. “Therefore, I’m issuing an executive order mandating substantial water reductions across our state. As Californians, we must pull together and save water in every way possible.”

The two pictures of the same area shown below should help to put this in perspective. The first photo is of the Governor announcing his new water policy on April 3, 2015. The second photo is of the same area taken on April 2, 2012.

Governor Brown Annouces Water Restrictions

Snow Pace Survey on 04-02-2012

While the Governor believes his order for “substantial water reductions” is sufficient for now, others see it more as a way to fiddle around the edges of the problem while praying for rain.

Once the water supply is down to six months, then there will be draconian measures and this is when things will get tense. But in in the meantime, how are Californians taking it? Most just say “what me worry? El Niño baby. It’s gonna rain.”

So is it going to rain? We addressed that very issue in our article, Planet X Signs — Update No. 2.

The Extinction Protocol, March 28, 2015
Welcome to the ‘Double El Niño’ — and more extreme weather

The one short-term positive that Trenberth notes is that this year’s El Niño isn’t as strong as past ones. But the overall trends are clear, and the El Niño just accelerates some of what we’ve already seen: Drought in places like California or Brazil’s Northeast, and more intense hurricane season in the Pacific.

Water is life and when you approach it with a cavalier attitude, you are no wiser than five-year-old with a loaded pistol. This is because resource wars are commonplace in our world and one of the most dangerous flash points at this time is Kashmir, where India is building dams on the Indus river, using a loophole in a treaty with Pakistan.

The net result is that Pakistan which is heavily dependent on the free flow of the Indus is saying the current situation justifies a first use of nuclear weapons. Such an exchange would be devastating for both countries if not the whole region and so considerable efforts are being made to diffuse the crisis. That being said, nobody has yet to take their fingers off the buttons.

With this in mind, imagine what happens when the 2.8 million residents of Nevada begin to see millions of 21st century Okies streaming out of California and pouring in to their State on I-15 and I-80? Offer them a discounted, deluxe hotel stay on the strip? Not likely.

Nevada has a serious drought problem of its own, particularly in Las Vegas. In the images below, you see how far down the water level of Lake Mead has fallen. Below that, is a third tunnel that is being constructed in anticipation of a further fall in the lake level to ensure that Las Vegas does not go dry.

Lake Mead Water Level (1998 to 2014)

Lake Mead 3rd Tunnel

The upshot here is that states that are already under intense resource pressure are not going to want to see an exponential rise in their populations due to an influx of 21st-century Okies from California.

What should be expected, is that Nevada will seal its borders with California, or, under intense Federal pressure, close the on ramps and off ramps for I-15 and I-80 and turn them into walled-off, highly guarded refugee corridors. Other Western states such as Utah, Arizona and Colorado could very well do the same. If you are crossing through one of the states with a California drivers license, you best just keep moving on.

It will be a difficult time for sure, but what will accelerate the exodus process to a panic level, will be radiation.


Fukushima Daiichi: 20-Mar-2011 Aerial PhotoWhen the Fukushima Daiichi reactor buildings exploded in March 2011, they released horrific amounts of radiation. It was a Chernobyl disaster on steroids.

The April 1986 explosion and fire at Chernobyl released large quantities of radioactive particles into the atmosphere, which spread over much of the western USSR and Europe. The devastating effects are long lasting as is evidenced by the children of Chernobyl.

Like the Russian Government then, the Japanese and American governments now suppress the truth in what can only be described as the ultimate crime against humanity. Not only are we kept in the dark about the full extent of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, our government and media have prevented us from understanding the full scope of it. Especially the large plume of radioactive isotopes that was released into the air, and which traveled across the Pacific to America.

The results of all of this suppression by the Japanese and American governments is that nobody really understands the full extent of it. Only the bits and pieces that the disinformation operatives who work for these governments allow us see. But there are reliable sources for hard news and a very good one is the EnergyNews website.

One interesting aspect of this independent and reliable system news source is how they construct their story titles. Here are three just to give you an idea of what we’re dealing with:, December 4th, 2013

Top Official: Protesting secrecy law is act of terrorism — Japan gov’t promotes idea that you’re racist if avoiding Fukushima produce — Bloomberg: “The entire process has echoes of George Orwell” — Nuclear activists to be constantly spied on? Read the article, March 31st, 2015

Experts: Pacific food web crashing — “What’s going on? Where are the fish? Where did they go?” — “To be honest, it’s insane” — “You could equate it to a war zone” — “Food shortage all up & down West Coast” — Fishermen believe pollution harming food chain, doubt NOAA’s ‘warm water’ theory Read the article, April 1, 2015

Times: “The worst possible result” revealed at Fukushima — Plant Chief: Centuries may pass before humans find a way to deal with molten cores — Top Official: “We have no idea” what to do, “the technology simply doesn’t exist… I can’t say it’s possible” Read the article

It is well documented by this site and many other reliable news sources that Fukushima is a house of cards and all it takes for one more horrific event, will be another earthquake or human error.

However while we are waiting for this to happen, what we are most likely to see first will be early reports of cancer clusters all up and down the West Coast. This is because it takes a few years for such things to come about. Sure, there will be more suppression, but when this news goes public through independent means, it will take a big big bite out of California’s cavalier attitude.

While there may be a small bit of initial migration out of the state as a result of this, it will take something more dramatic than dead cancer victims. One scenario is that one of the reactor cores that are now under the building makes its way into the underground river running under the plan causing a massive explosion.

The other is that two of the unshielded spent fuel rods they are trying to remove from the plant, come into contact with each other causing a horrific nuclear fire that cannot be quenched. When something like happens, no amount of government disinformation will stop people from seeing that death is coming and this is when the panic will begin.

So at this point, you’re aware of possibilities, so the question is, will you take action? If you are truly ready to take action today, here’s the good news. You have little or no competition for relocation options at this time, even from most of those who are in awareness at this time, or have been in awareness for years.

Simply put, if you’re ready to bust a move, you have a superb window of opportunity. On the other hand, if you’re in awareness and choose to be a last-minute refugee, you have no window of opportunity.

Last-minute Refugees

A constant human characteristic is procrastination and the truth is, what we’ve observed over the years is that preparation has little to do with when someone first comes into awareness. This much we’ve learned over the years by reading our own e-mail and here is the truth of it. In most cases, the first to come into awareness will be the last to prepare.

It may sound strange, but it is true and I call it death by deferment. This is because most in awareness are waiting for an undeniable moment of consensus to take action. As in seeing their neighbors who mocked and ridiculed them get the passion. Ergo, knowing the future is of no real value to anyone who is unwilling to use that knowledge.

How did we come to this conclusion? In poker, its called ”a tell.” Some kind of clue that tips you to a player’s assessment of their own hand and let’s be frank, this is the biggest poker game there ever was.

In this regard, we see one or more of the following three tells in the e-mails we get:

  1. Questions that clearly show an unwillingness to do the homework necessary to becoming self- informed.
  2. The bullfrog mantra as we call it. Like big fat old bullfrogs, these folks sit on their tuchus demanding proof and croaking: When? When? When? When? When? When? When? When?
  3. Most disappointing is when they express a desire for future ego gratification. A time when they can tell their tormentors, “Aha, you fools! I was right all the time, and while I’m not prepared nor have any idea of where to go, just being right makes me smarter than you, so you need to wake up and follow me!” (Good luck with that.)

To be honest, these awareness bullfrogs can make us feel as though we’re just doing all this just to entertain disaster junkies, but that feeling always passes. This is because we also receive wonderful letters of appreciation from so many others who tell us they’re doing. Oh God how we love those letters!

These letters are more precious than most could imagine, because they tell us there are folks out there who really do care, and who care to get through it. Sure, they are few in numbers, but it only takes a few to make a big difference and knowing that we’re helping them makes all the difference for us.

This is why I want to say to those of you who get it and want to get through it, right now, today, you have an amazing window of opportunity. Your numbers are incredibly small and you’re not going to see any competition from those in denial or even the awareness bullfrogs. The world is your oyster, bunkie, so as they say, Carpe diem-“seize the day.”

Taking Action Today

This year, we started receiving a steady stream of e-mails and letters from those in awareness. They are proactive and looking for solutions. Many have nowhere to go and then are those who have a survival property but no one with whom to create a community. Either way, all of these people have one wonderful thing in common. God love them, they’re all salt of the earth.

Good people, the kind of people you know you can survive with, which is why I created the Survival Wellness Advocate Guild. Yes, I’ve done it on a hope and a dream and with no earthly idea of how many people will step up to survive this coming awful time. But if I can make a difference in just one life, that’s good. More, of course, is better!

To explain this new concept, I started my Survival Wellness and Relocation Webinars program. In these webinars I give each paid attendee a personalized relocation assessment. However, whether you wish to attend one of my webinars or not, here are the three things that can be very useful if you’re ready to take action: Distance, reconnaissance and home basing.


Looking for a suitable relocation site that is on the other side of the country is simply not practical for most folk. Rather, you need to scout potential relocation possibilities within a one-day drive radius (about 300 to 500 miles) of your home.

In all of the personalized survival relocation analysis I’ve performed over the years, I can count on one hand the number of people, who needed to go further than this radius to find safety.

The immediate advantages of this one-day drive radius are obvious, starting with your relocation and reconnaissance costs.


There are many factors in selecting a potential relocation site. More than is practical to mention in this article. But there is one factor, that transcends all others. Wherever you land, it has to feel like “home.”

What it really boils down to is that once you’ve sorted out all of the other relevant factors and narrowed down your options, then do this at each one. Stand in center of it, close your eyes, and if it feels like home, go with your gut instinct. In other words, find that Carlos Castaneda moment where you feel the ground underneath your feet and every fiber of your being says, “this is my spot.”

You’re not going to find that spot on Google, nor on a AAA road map. You’re only going to find it by getting in your car, going there and making it happen. This is why it is essential you do your scouting within a one-day drive radius of your home. Anything further will take far more effort.

If you go beyond that one-day drive radius, that means that you will have a hotel stay going, another coming back, and at least one more day if not two on the road, which for many of you will be extra lost days from work. On top of that, you’ll have the added expenses of extra meals, extra hotel stays and extra fuel.

Take the family with you on your reconnaissance efforts if they are supportive. Make it fun weekend trips. Work in an art fair here, a concert there, but always make sure you have time to do your essential scouting. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to consider home basing.

Home Basing

In our modern society we tend to think of permanent locations. What is your permanent home address? What is the permanent address of the business? Etc.

Maginot LineIn a survival reality, these notions make as much sense as the Maginot Line the Nazis found so easy to break through early in World War II.

Or as General George S. Patton so eloquently put it “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man.”

Instead of thinking about permanent locations, think about home basing, no differently than the Plains Indians did before they were conquered. Seriously, watch the movie Dances with Wolves with Kevin Costner, and observe how these people could stay in one place for an entire season and then at a moments notice, pick up and go somewhere else. In the modern sense, what they were doing is basing. You stay in a place until it is time to go to another place. Ergo you could have a winter camp, a summer camp and so forth.

When you do your reconnaissance, instead of looking at that one fixed fortification to plant your flag on, think about a home basing strategy to scout out several different locations.

If you can afford it, what you ideally want is raw land. Specifically, land that is well off the grid (not served by any public utilities) with rolling hills, soft earth and easy access to sweet water. Think of this as your plan B site.

For a plan A site, you’ll most likely want to rent an apartment on the outskirts of town, while you learn the lay of the land and get yourself fully situation. My suggestion is to look for a complex large enough to require a full-time permanent on-site office and maintenance staff.

This is because when the exodus begins, one thing we’ll be sure to see are shady lawyers soliciting small landlords. Their solicitations will say something like, “We’ll Get ‘Em Out!” Of course what they’re offering will be specious evictions for small landlords, who’ll want to throw out faithful tenets so they can replace them with desperate refugee tenets willing to pay four times as much rent. No doubt, a lot of good people will suffer at the hands of these greedy few, so do not be one of them.

This is why I recommend large complexes with good reputations, so be sure to read those Yelp reviews! They’ll think twice about a specious eviction, as they’ll be lucrative targets for attorneys willing to take a good contingency case.

So regardless of where you lease, be sure to read your lease very carefully and I strongly urge you to review your lease with a reputable local attorney, before moving in.

When you pay your rent, always pay on time and get a physical receipt from an authorized property manager and above all, always be a good, cooperative, thoughtful and cheerful tenet.

Now Is the Time to Act

One thing I’ve learned from personal experience, is how easy it is to underestimate the complexity and time required for a suitable survival relocation.

I made my decision to relocate on January 1, 2014, and the following month I moved to Reno. It did it for the very same two reasons stated in this article and nothing has changed since then.

It's Time to Bust a MoveThe move was brutal and I described the whole saga my April 7, 2014 article titled It’s Time to Bust a Move. In the year since I wrote that article, I’ve moved twice again. Each time to a better survival location.

The whole process would have been infinitely more easy for me, if had the support of my wife. Rather what I got were threats of divorce, which happened. It was a cost of the relocation and I have no regrets. In fact, today we are better friends than when we were married. She made her decision to be in denial and I decided to take responsibility for my awareness. It’s not a matter of who is right. It’s a matter of who got it right and only time will tell.

Most of you reading this article will be faced with the same conundrum. So while we’re on the subject of taking responsibility for your own life: Let’s say you’ve chosen the path of those in denial or like an awareness bullfrog, you’re sitting on your tuchus and croaking, rather than preparing.

In this case, what will you do if you’re in harm’s way, needing help?

Flee to a friend or relative in some distant city you haven’t seen in years, show up at their doorstep and say “we’re tired and hungry and out of options. Please help us.”

Odds are, they will. And then every day after that you’ll quietly wonder if that will be the day you hear the words, “we’ve done all we can for you. It’s time for you to move on.” Then what you do?

Dear Reader, I’m glad that I took advantage of this window of opportunity to bust a move, despite all of the cost and difficulty it put me through. I’m where I need to be and I am good with it.

If this is what you want for your outcome, as opposed to waiting for someone to tell you it’s time to move on, take action today.

If you want a little help getting started, enroll in one of my Survival Wellness and Relocation Webinars. Or, if you like to ride tall in the saddle all on your own, it’s time to dig in those spurs and ride.

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