We Are Going to Be OK

| November 15, 2020

Michael Decon ShowWe’re standing at the precipice, and there is no sitting this one out.  You’re either for a communist victory that turns the USA into the next Tibet or Venezuela or dead set against it.

There are no nose-bleed seats with hot peanuts at a comfortable distance.  Not this time, but do not despair.

The road ahead will be tough for those who love freedom, but we will be OK.  This is my message in this interview with Michael Decon.

The Michael Decon Program, 14-Nov-2020
Exploring The Extraordinary Global Reset

Michael is a warrior for truth, and his audience has a great vibe I can feel.  For me, being on the show feels he and his audience have invited me into their home to hear what I have to say. I think you’ll enjoy this one.  I sure did.

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