The Washington Post and Planet X

| December 19, 2015

Foreword by Marshall Masters

Walking In Nibiru Wonderland On December 14, 2015 I appeared as a guest on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, a nationally-syndicated radio show on over 220 stations across the country.

The interview was based on Clyde’s superb article, Walking In Nibiru Wonderland, and an article published on December 11, 2015 in The Washington Post by Sarah Kaplan titled, Scientists claimed they found elusive ‘Planet X.’ Doubting astronomers are in an uproar.

As a follow-up to my interview with Clyde Lewis, on December 17, 2015 I published my analysis on Sarah Kaplan’s article titled, ALMA Astronomers Publish Planet X Papers Before USA Can Suppress. In my article I referenced a article co-authored by Planet X researchers John DiNardo and Janice Manning in 2008.

YOWUSA.COM, 22-May-2008
Planet X and the Mysterious Death of Dr. Robert Harrington

Planet X and the Mysterious Death of Dr. Robert HarringtonDr. Robert S. Harrington, the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, died before he could publicize the fact that Planet X is approaching our Solar System.

Many feel his death part of a cove-up? One in which government agencies quickly moved to conceal the most earth-shaking discovery in history. If so, the search for truth begins in New Zealand. Read more…

On December 18, 2015 I received a lengthy email from John DiNardo addressed to both Clyde and myself, regarding my December 14, 2015 appearance on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis.  Attached was an MP3 file John created using the show archive, which included those aspects of the interview John found most interesting.

Given that John’s 2008 article has been a long-standing favorite, and the passion which he put into his email and audio editing, I’m now sharing them as-is with our readers.

—Marshall Masters, Publisher

John DiNardo’s Email

December 18, 2015
Hi Clyde and Marshall,

I listened to and edited the first half of Marshall Masters’s recent interview on The Ground Zero radio show, regarding The Washington Post’s ostensible hatchet job of the A.L.M.A.  Observatory’s sightings of what may likely be Planet X. Marshall’s analysis is accurate and is an evidentiary breakthrough for our cause, which is to alert folks to prepare to get away from danger zones prior to the great Earth cataclysms, and to start storing essentials now, since the likelihood of great storms is increasing dramatically (recall the French Foreign Minister’s warning that Earth will see “total climate chaos by Sept 2015”).

December 14, 2015, Marshall Masters
Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis
Excerpt Edited by John DiNardo

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Here is more evidence to bolster Marshall’s assertion that the elite who own the Washington Post as their chief organ of disinformation (recall that Katherine Graham and her CFR family own that newspaper), indeed attacked the report of the ALMA Observatory’s sightings, because the ruling elite are afraid that public attention to the sightings might cause the public herd to shift from a mood of drowsy compliance to a mode of unmanageable social and economic independence.

So, in a duplicitous move to discredit the ALMA observatory’s sightings, amidst growing Planet X public awareness, the ruling elite (who, according to the London Daily Mail and other news sources, are now descending into their subterranean cities) had their “poison pen” reporter, Sarah Kaplan publish in The Washington Post her sloppy distorted critique of the astronomers’ reports.

I add the following analysis of the report, (and you can look this up) that several years ago, even before the A.L.M.A. observatory was completely constructed, its chief astronomer, Dr. Morita, was beaten to death. Now, the following realization is important to our cause of convincing people that Planet X is indeed out there and is now being sighted — and that is this fact that, when the diabolical ruling elite want to not only silence a credentialed credible whistleblower, while aiming to terrorize all other credentialed credible whistleblowers, in one stroke, they will have the leading whistleblower beaten to death.

And here is a striking example of their vicious tactics, which suggests that the elite were — from the very beginning of the ALMA Observatory project —  desperate to destroy the entire program and purpose of the ALMA observatory and its independent team of astronomers, just as they murdered the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory, Dr. Robert S. Harrington, as he was about to announce his sighting of the inbound Planet X. My example of these vicious bloody tactics of the diabolical ruling elite is this: Several years ago, Dr. Thomas Manton (you can look him up) was one such credentialed person who was giving speeches and alerting scientists and other concerned and influential types as to the real reason for BP’s Corexit-masking of the Gulf of Mexico sea floor.

Well, they arrested Dr. Manton on zero charges; they imprisoned him, and while he was in prison, they had him beaten to death in order to terrorize all the others who were exposing BP’s secret. So, this Washington Post hatchet job against the ALMA astronomers’ sightings of Planet X is typical of the diabolical ruling elite’s treacherous tactics.

Folks, the evidence of Planet X’s approach is now coming into view, so de-mesmerize yourself from wishful denial, and get yourselves and your families prepared to experience major Earth cataclysms!   I’m preparing!

John DiNardo

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