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FATWA-FOR-PROFIT: How Wordpress.com and Blogger.com are Helping Cyberterrorists Target Innocent Americans For Violent Hate Crimes

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-2009
Editorial by Marshall Masters



www.FatwaForProfit.comTo illustrate the point, I will now present the facts of how Blogger.com and Wordpress.com responded to my abuse complaints against Yowcrooks.

Blogger.com is a Google business unit, and according to many financial analysts, Google is a likely candidate to replace GM on the Dow Jones Average.  Needless to say, they can afford more and better skilled country club elitist corporate lawyers than Wordpress.com, and it shows. 

Blogger.com – Legal Manipulation Practices

When we complained about Yowcrooks, here was their carefully crafted, legal loophole response:

from Blogger Help <support@blogger.com>
date Mon, Jun 8, 2009 at 13:41
subject Re: [#452157774] Blogger complaint received


Thank you for writing in regarding content posted on
http://yowcrooks.blogsot.com. We would like to confirm that we have received and reviewed your inquiry.

Blogger.com and Blogspot.com are US sites regulated by US law. Blogger is a provider of content creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to create blogs, but we don't make any claims about the content of these pages. Given these facts, and pursuant with section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, Blogger does not remove
allegedly defamatory, libelous, or slanderous material from Blogger.com or Blogspot.com. If a contact email address is listed on the blog, we
recommend you working directly with the author to have the content in question removed or changed.

The Blogger Team

For the sake of argument, let’s assume you or a family member has just been brutally raped and the police gave you a similar response, such as: “oh, gee, sorry you’ll be traumatized for life by this, but if you want justice, you’ll have to get it from your rapist, assuming you can locate your rapist.  Oh yes, and by the way, you’ll have to pay for the exam and rape kit too. Thank you for being such a good citizen.” 

How fortunate for us it is, that the country club elitist corporate lawyers who work for Blogger.com are not out there running our police departments. But they sure are doing a bang up job for anonymous, offshore disinformation operatives seeking to target innocent Americans for indiscriminate hate crimes.

Wordpress.com – Deniable Process Practices

We first began filing complaints with Wordpress.com in late November 2008.  Despite our many complaints filed through their online site and via their posted telephone number, all were stonewalled with silence.

Although their TOS states that infringement is where “the Content is not libelous or defamatory, does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party…” this is how they walk-the-walk when it comes to hate speech abuse complaints:

  • They offer a telephone number that is never answered by a human and with no return calls;
  • They offer an online complaint form on their site that never acknowledges receipt of your complaint;

  • They never give you a facsimile telephone number for abuse complaints;

  • They never provide an email address for abuse complaints;

By running a simple fictitious victim trial on Wordpress.com, cyberterrorists like Yowcrooks would quickly realize that Wordpress.com is the ideal front for offshore hate mongers seeking to victimize innocent Americans. 

Further proof of this, is that when Yowcrooks caught wind of this expose, they pulled the “faces of evil” hate speech attacks off their Blogger.com page on July 19, 2009, but left them up on their Wordpress.com page. Ergo, fix Blogger.com first and then deal with Wordpress.com later is the order of urgency.

PTB-financed, UK-based disinformation operatives are not stupid.  They know that Blogger.com is far more likely to respond to this expose than Wordpress.com, which seems to have its collective moral conscience buried so deep in the sand, that it would take act of God to find it.  

What a pity that is, too. Wordpress.com is based in San Francisco, California.  A city that is world renowned for its disgust with hate mongers and the terrible pain they cause to innocent people. 

If you think Wordpress.com is turning a deaf ear to victims because it is strapped for cash, you’re wrong.  In January 2008 WordPress.com founder Matt Mullenweg raised $29.5 million in Series B funding.  

Mullenweg obviously chooses to be indifferent to the ongoing hate speech abuse conducted against innocent Americans, through his company, by anonymous offshore cyberterrorists.

OK.  So now that we’ve had our rant, can this problem be fixed?  Yes, it can, and in two ways.  First off, the industry can easily fix this problem without government intervention. 

The second fix is you.  With a few minutes and the price of cheeseburger, you can make the first fix a truly attractive option for companies like Blogger.com and Wordpress.com.

A Time Tested Industry Solution That Can Fix This Mess FAST!

As I pointed out at the beginning of this article, I worked in the computer industry for over two decades before starting my publishing business. 

Over those many years, I relied on standardized industry solutions to solve thorny issues, such as this, with great speed and efficiency. 

The industry does it by forming independent, non-profit open standards groups.  These in turn publish open standards that everyone can use and benefit from.  It is a brilliantly effective system, and the notable successes include the:

Consequently we can:

  • Buy Bluetooth headsets that work with every popular brand of cell phone.
  • Buy Popular brands of monitors, printers or external modems that work with any brand of PC, Mac or even Linux computer.
  • Use popular browsers like Firefox with any popular brand of computer.  

The list goes on.  It is virtually endless, really.  So why on Earth would all of these companies agree to make their products and software compatible with competitive brands? Because they all share a common economic reason for supporting and implementing an independent, open standard.  REVENUE!

Why is this solution not being applied to this problem of anonymous hate speech that incites violence against innocent Americans?  It is the lack of an economic reason. 

The Economics of Hate Speech

The simple economic truth of hate speech abuse is that the victims do not buy products or services.  Consequently, companies like Blogger.com and Wordpress.com view them through the limited prism of an accounting ledger.

While companies may feel sympathetic, the economic truth is that victims are a cost of doing business.  An unforgettable quote from Bill Gates says it all; “I didn't get rich by writing a lot of checks.”

On the other hand, cyberterrorists such as Yowcrooks are on the revenue side of the ledger because they attract Web traffic to the Blogger.com and Wordpress.com sites.  As disgusting as they may be, they do generate site traffic revenue. 

Consequently, the “let’s make it look like we’re doing something constructive” tactics employed by companies in response to this abuse problem is actually a budgeted, public relations cost of doing business. 

This therefore, is the only real economic leverage public advocacy groups such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) can stuff into their tiny quivers.

Let it be known, the EFF is doing an admirable job of fighting for your right to keep your good name and safety free from attack by offshore hate-mongering disinformation operatives, such as Yowcrooks.  However, given their lack of real economic leverage, all they can achieve are hard-fought, minor concessions.   

This is because EFF is pursuing a “traditional” work-within-the-system solution.  Their teams of right-minded lawyers, policy analysts, activists, and technologists are adamant about saving light workers, such as Nancy Leider, from being targeted for hate speech incitement by offshore disinformation operatives like Yowcrooks. 

Advocacy groups like the EFF really do get it, folks. What they need is real leverage, and that’s where you come in.  You can get it for them with the price a cheeseburger and a wee bit of Kentucky windage.

A Kentucky Sharpshooter Solution

If you want to take aim at the real slimy characters behind all this fatwa-for-profit hate speech abuse, you need to draw a bead on the country club elitist corporate lawyers that work for companies like Blogger.com and Wordpress.com 

They’re the ones who push the envelope of the law, to craft these cynical and self-serving anonymous user-shielding practices.  Then gloat about all the money they’re saving their clients even though they clearly know that they’re unleashing a storm of unchecked, anonymous offshore attacks upon innocent Americans.  Pure dog eat dog stuff.  Fine.  Time to get your own dog into the fight. 

During the American Revolutionary War, the British were the country club elitist corporate lawyers of the day, and the battlefield was their courtroom.  They could just as easily mow down the American ranks as Blogger.com and Wordpress.com can shoo off the efforts of the EFF (before someone has to write a check.)

Yet, resourcefulness has always been an American virtue, so military leaders introduced a new weapon of war to the battlefield — Kentucky long rifle snipers.  Their mission was simple. They were instructed to ignore the soldiers and aim their rifled gun barrels at the officers.

Shooting from distances several times beyond the range of the British Brown Bess musket, they mowed down one British officer after another, like ducks in a shooting gallery.  They were so effective that the British could barely promote officers fast enough to replace their losses. 

Beginning to feel inspired?  Good, let’s see how the basic Kentucky long rifle sniper concept applies here.  

Taking Aim At Country Club Elitist Corporate Lawyers

Ever heard the expression “money can’t buy everything?”  Country club elitist corporate lawyers will laugh and tell you that you’re not shopping in the right store.  That’s because money is how they measure everything.  It is their only god, but you’ve got something better — revolutionary Internet Kung Fu.  All you need to is to load your ink pen and climb a tree.  Here’s how.

Blogger.com and Wordpress.com are both owned by corporations that do business in California. As such, the law requires them both to maintain a registered agent. Registered agents are typically required to be available during certain business hours to receive any legal or governmental correspondence and then forward the information appropriately.  Which in most cases is the legal department, or whatever department within the company processes legal complaints and demands.

When you send a certified, return receipt demand letter to the registered agent of a corporation, their registered agent must sign for it.  If they fail to do so and refuse your letter, you can file a complaint with the Secretary of State in the state in which they do business. 

It is important to note that these corporations can change their registered agent at any time, so always be sure to check with the Secretary of State where they maintain their home office, to obtain the latest registered agent name and address on file. 

For example, in California, you would use the California Business Portal, which is maintained by the CA Secretary of State to find the current registered agents for both Blogger.com (Google, Inc.) and Wordpress.com (Automattic, Inc.)

Once you’ve done that, here are some simple Kentucky long rifle suggestions on how to write and mail your certified demand letter:

  1. BE GENUINE: If you’re upset about these companies are allowing anonymous offshore hate mongers to put innocent American lives at risk, then talk about their behaviors - not them. Count to ten, before expressing your feelings of shock, dismay and deep disappointment with their unethical behaviors.  
  1. BE POLITE: Always remember that: two hates make for sour grapes.  If you use foul rhetoric or a caustic tone in your letter, all you will do is give the country club elitist corporate lawyers, who work for these companies, an easy way to toss you overboard. Don’t give them the satisfaction.  Smile when you take aim.
  1. BE CONSTRUCTIVE: Urge these companies to abandon these unethical loophole strategies and to come together with other Internet companies to form an independent standards group.  One that can balance the need for free speech with the God-given right of every American to their own physical well-being, peace of mind and their good names.  One who will issue an industry standard, Terms of Service (TOS) agreement that everyone will use and respect.
  1. Use a plain #10 envelope (4 1/8 x 9 1/2). The letter should have a plain but professional appearance and it only needs your return address and the address of the registered agent. 
  1. Be sure to sign your letter and place it in the envelope.  Seal the back flap with tape or stick glue.
  1. Go to the post office and complete and affix a certified mail receipt and a certified return receipt.  If you’ve never used these forms before, the postal clerk will be more than happy to assist you.  Be sure to have the clerk stamp your certified mail receipt. 

Certified mail is true snail mail so do not expect to see your certified return receipt for two weeks or more.  When it shows up, you’ll see that the registered agent of the corporation had to sign for it. That means your message is now going to the very people responsible for this mess.  So can they ignore you? No!

It may cost you the price of a hamburger to serve your own “demand for ethical behavior” letter, but the message is going to go to the people responsible for this slimy business — the country club elitist corporate lawyers, who concoct these immoral, fatwa-for-profit legal strategies. 

If they ask you to address your correspondence to the public relations department, ignore it.  The PR lackeys have no real power. If they did, advocacy groups like the EFF would have already gotten this whole misbegotten, slimy mess fixed in the first place.  But can you make a difference?  You betcha!

Imagine a small trickle of these certified demand letters that grows into a torrent.  One where mail sacks filled with these ethical behavior demand letters begin to flood in - letters that have to be signed for and processed.  Get the picture?  If so, load your revolutionary Kentucky long rifle with a fresh ink cartridge, and find yourself a nice tree to climb. 


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