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FATWA-FOR-PROFIT: How Wordpress.com and Blogger.com are Helping Cyberterrorists Target Innocent Americans For Violent Hate Crimes

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-2009
Editorial by Marshall Masters



www.FatwaForProfit.comNo sour grapes here.  Just making a point.  If that SOHO picture had piqued your curiosity no further than a simple answer, you probably would have a bookmarked the Yowcrooks and or Those Poor Sumerians pages and let it go at that.

Having found an answer that worked, it if further unlikely that you would check to see if the principals of the site had:

  • Identified themselves
  • Stated their city or country of origin
  • Provided traceable contact information

Consequently, you’d have linked their sites on another site or message board and in doing so given these UK-based PTB disinformation operatives a little gift of search engine “buzz” to further increase their Web presence.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the simple magic of disinformation.  Now that you know, just look for the three red flags of disinformation.  After that, trust your gut instincts.  Better yet, take some time after you’ve read this article to read the Disinformation Playbook, if you have not already done so.

Also, remember what they say in Texas.  “Never get mad.  Never get even.  Just get your way.”  In this case, getting your way means getting the knowledge you need in order to make a fully informed decision about issues that will impact on your chance of surviving a global cataclysm.

A critical first step in becoming fully informed is to understand how companies like Blogger.com and Wordpress.com are so easily used by offshore disinformation operatives to lead you down a path of self-destruction.

Hate Speech is Not Free Speech

In a nation that cherishes free speech, it is difficult to comprehend that American companies such as Blogger.com and Wordpress.com would become willing enablers and defenders of anonymous foreigners like the UK-based Yowcrooks PTB-financed disinformation wolf pack. 

It is seemingly inconceivable that these companies would allow anonymous, hate mongering cyberterrorists to freely use their systems to target innocent Americans with hate speech incitement at will, but that in fact is precisely what they’re doing — and all under a misleading cloak of free speech.

When our Founding Fathers drafted the Bill of Rights, free speech meant that you could go to the town square, stand on a box, and say what you want.  Then be free to go home without being thrown into a dungeon for having insulted the sensibilities of some pompous official. 

Likewise, if you were defaming or inciting violence against others with hate language, the recipients could face you in public and state their own case.  A simple fact, which helped temper the right of free speech with a necessary bit of common sense.

Yet, Blogger.com and Wordpress.com have incorporated anonymous and provocative hate speech directly into their corporate free speech lexicons.  Consequently, there is no opportunity to meet your accuser face to face. Rather, they are hidden and protected.

This is a terrible thing for Americans.  We know if we stand trial for a crime, we have the right to face our accusers.  However, cyberterrorists such as Yowcrooks can anonymously strike out through Blogger.com and Wordpress.com from foreign bases at-will, with full corporate protection. 

This in what makes this corporate protection a perfect target for offshore terrorists of any ilk.  As radical Islamists do, they can strike from hidden caves to make hate pronouncements intended to provoke violent deaths.  Much in the same way they already use broadcasters like Al Jazeera to rebroadcast their hate speech to the world. 

Because the American media so heavily filters this hate speech, we see less of it and more of the body bags coming back from the Middle East.  In principal, Blogger.com and Wordpress.com have the same working relationship with Yowcrooks.  That is why I call it the fatwa-for-profit Internet business model. 

The Fatwa for Profit Business Model

Realtors tell us that the three secrets to finding prime properties are “location, location and location.”   Likewise, companies that do business on the Internet have their own three secrets, as well. “Traffic, traffic, traffic.”

When it comes to hate speech, the fatwa-for-profit business model treats hate as just another source of site traffic revenue.  Once again, the old Texas saying applies.  “Anyone will stop to watch a dog fight,” and the truth of the matter is that hate is a very valuable visitor traffic generator for these companies. 

It also explains why they respond with chilling indifference to complaints made by the victims of hate speech. Simply put, American citizens are nothing more than fight dogs in a huge cyber fighting pit.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.

These may sound like strong words, but when you understand how a UK-based disinformation wolf pack can so easily exploit this fatwa-for-profit business model, you’ll no doubt come to a similar conclusion. 

To do that, I need to take you inside the mind of a disinformation operative on the hunt. 

What you’re looking for is new opportunities to create confusion and to silence citizen journalists who happen to be coming a bit to close to secrets your PTB masters wish to protect.

The three things that will be at the top of your list are:

  • Anonymous IP Masquerading
  • Anonymous User Enrollment
  • Anonymous User Shielding Practices

As we proceed through this simple list, you will understand why Yowcrooks chose Wordpress.org and Blogger.com as their hate speech platforms. 

Anonymous IP Masquerading

The Internet relies on two principal Web address types: Domain names and IP addresses. To illustrate the difference between the two, let’s use a book, such as Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide. 

In this example, the title of the book is like a domain name, such as yowusa.com, in that it uses word or letters to describe the physical book.  You could use this textual description to find the book at Amazon.com and elsewhere on the Internet.

However, a faster way to narrow your search is by using the 13-digit ISBN number for the book, which happens to be 978-1597720755.

Now, let’s apply this difference to an actual Web address.  In this case, we’ll use the domain name, cttcradio.com, which we use as the media server for our Cut to the Chase Internet Radio show.

When you click on the Windows Media or RealOne media links from the Cut to the Chase Internet Radio show, you’re actually hearing the interview as it is served by cttcradio.com. We use this second server to minimize congestion problems and to make your listening experience the best possible; however, we do not use the cttcradio.com domain name. 

Rather, we use the IP address for cttcradio.com, which is cttcradio.com.  To help you see that both addresses lead to the same page, click the two links above.  Both will take you to the same page. An IP address is the most direct addressing method and it is therefore much faster than domain names. However, that’s not the important difference when it comes to protecting your anonymity if you’re a cyberterrorist.

With a domain name, you can use what is called a “private listing.”  Instead of showing your own contact information in the Domain Name Registry, you use the services of a front company to provide a neutral persona to the public.  Godaddy.com offers an excellent comparison between public and private listings.

With a private listing, you can operate your business from anywhere in the world with complete anonymity.  That is, until someone serves a subpoena on your private listing company; at which point, your cover is blown. Ergo, if you’re a cyberterrorist, using a domain, regardless of whether it is public or private is a non-starter.  So, is an IP address any better?  Not really.

To illustrate this point, let’s see what we can learn about the IP address cttcradio.com using a free online service called Reverse DNS Lookup.  If you were to click through to this page and enter cttcradio.com in the Lookup an IP Address field here is what Reverse DNS Lookup will show you:

cttcradio.com resolves to
Top Level Domain: "yourownworldradio.com"
Country IP Address: UNITED STATES

As you can see here, the IP address reports tells you that cttcradio.com resolves to a web server in the United States.  As an inexperienced, casual user of a fee-based service, you can easily track most IP addresses down to the Province/City level, and if the city is a metropolis, like New York or London, you can often narrow the IP address down to a specific area within the city.  

As with domain names, if you’re a cyberterrorist seeking anonymity, an IP address is problematic as well.  This is not to say that PTB-funded disinformation wolf packs such as Yowcrooks lack the resources to deal with these vulnerabilities.  They don't. 

However, there is no need for these draconian measures, when you can freely run your offshore disinformation campaigns through American companies such as Blogger.com and Wordpress.com.  To understand why, you simply need to look at the Yowcrooks web addresses.

  • http://yowcrooks.wordpress.com/
  • http://yowcrooks.blogspot.com/

So what could possibly make these two Web different addresses so alluring to cyberterrorists like Yowcrooks? In a word, “sub-domains.”

Say, for example, you live in apartment A, at 123 Green Street.  You’re only a tenant in Apartment A, and the landlord owns the building at 123 Green Street. Hence, your mailing address is Resident, 123 Green Street, Apt A. If someone wants to search for the owner of 123 Green Street, your name will not appear, but rather, that of the landlord.   

In terms of the sub-domains on the Internet, the same principle applies except the address order is reversed. In this case Wordpress.com and Blogspot.com (Blogger.com) are the landlords and property owners of these domains.  In both cases, Yowcrooks is an anonymous user tenant, (and freeloader at that.)

If you search for the owner of yowcrooks.wordpress.com, you’ll only find the contact information for the owner of the Wordpress.com domain name, which happens to be Automattic, Inc. of San Francisco, CA.   

Likewise if you search for the owner of yowcrooks.blogspot.com, you’ll only find the contact information for the owner of this Blogger.com domain name, which happens to be Google.

Therefore, you can launch hate speech attacks against any American from any point on the Earth with Internet access, and your victims' attempts to find your identity will end with whoever owns the domain name that controls your specific sub-domain name. 

Not only is this a huge benefit in terms of remaining maliciously anonymous, but also, your hate speech is sure to be indexed.  And a lot faster and with more presence than if you used a personal web page.

Search engines such as Google and Yahoo give massive web sites, such as Blogger.com and Wordpress.com, the highest possible search priority.  Unlike small sites that can take months to search and index, the search engines routinely comb through services such as Blogger.com and Wordpress.com on a daily basis.

Consequently, by selecting the Blogger.com and Wordpress.com blog sites, the PTB-funded Yowcrooks disinformation wolf pack enjoys complete corporate anonymity from their hate speech victims, plus, the search priority given to these companies by the search engines.  Taken altogether, this offers Yowcrooks a very effective way to reach malcontents seeking to vent their misdirected rage on convenient innocents.

However, the ability to conduct an effective, anonymous IP Masquerading hate speech campaign with impunity, requires two other essential capabilities. 

Anonymous User Enrollment

Disinformation operatives are very adept at creating throwaway Internet personae, and their favored forms of identification, so to speak, are Microsoft email accounts such as hotmail.com, msn.com and live.com. In fact, over 90% of all disinformation hate mail originates from a Microsoft email address. 

This is because Microsoft’s only criteria for getting an MS email account is that you can spell a name.  Any name. Once you have that address, you’ve got the key to the kingdom.  This is why disinformation operatives go through MS email accounts like free popcorn refills at the local bijou.

Sites that require verifiable information such as a valid credit card are taboo if you’re a disinformation operative, which is why Blogger.com and Wordpress.com are so sweet. With these sites, a run-by-fruiter MS email account and any name you can type, plus the street address for a local McDonald's or a vacant lot, is all it takes.  Then voila, you’re out there.  

However, once you’re out there, you want a service provider that will protect your bogus identity from the prying eyes of your victims. 

Anonymous User-Shielding Practices

While Blogger.com and Wordpress.com receive numerous hate speech abuse complaints from victims, they have very different approaches to the problem.  Yet, the one thing they both have in common is a cold and indifferent disregard for the personal safety and reputations of the victims. 

Where these two companies differ, is the manner of how they demonstrate their indifference.  Blogger.com uses dismissive legal practices and Wordpress.com uses deniable process practices.  Both methods are equally effective and drive to the core of this anonymous offshore cyberterrorism threat against innocent Americans.

Of all of the things discussed in this article, these anonymous user-shielding practices represent the firing pin in the gun.  Without them, everything else is moot, and offshore cyberterrorists, such as Yowcrooks, know that!  

However, unlike easily identified sub-domains and “can you fog a mirror with your breath” enrollment requirements, anonymous shielding practices require a little gum shoe work on the part of cyberterrorists. Not that it’s difficult, mind you. . 

Cyberterrorists like Yowcrooks know that the righteous-sounding public statements companies make about hate speech is really nothing more than a PR smoke screen.  This is because it’s not how they talk-the-talk that matters; it’s how they walk-the-walk.  The trick therefore, is to make them walk. This is a very simple process.

To evaluate a company’s actual (not advertised) anonymous user shielding practices, the disinformation analyst begins by setting up a straw man account and posting some outrageous hate speech against a fictitious victim, with a throwaway persona. 

Then, they create a user account for the fictitious victim and file an abuse complaint against the original member account.  What happens next tells the cyberterrorists everything they need to know. 

This is precisely why Yowcrooks chose the American companies, Blogger.com and Wordpress.com as for running their anonymous, offshore hate speech attacks against innocent Americans.

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