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FATWA-FOR-PROFIT: How Wordpress.com and Blogger.com are Helping Cyberterrorists Target Innocent Americans For Violent Hate Crimes

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-2009
Editorial by Marshall Masters



www.FatwaForProfit.comNow that I’m using the intelligence insider techniques I learned from Phil, I can steal their thunder.  That’s cool stuff, and now, I’m having fun with it. 

And yes, I’ve already had my fun with Yowcrooks, and it’s not this article, per se.

The Three Disinformation Red
Flags You Need to Know

I first started tracking Yowcrooks back in late 2008, and I spotted the three red-flag signs straight away.  On all three services used by this PTB-funded disinformation wolf pack, they never:

  • Identify the principals
  • State their city or country of origin
  • Provide traceable contact information

This being said, one could possibly assume that all Yowcrooks needs to do to counter this article, is to out themselves by coming forward and identifying themselves.  No differently than we did the very first day Yowusa.com went live, back in 1999. 

However, such an assumption would be naïve, and here is why. 

What if Yowcrooks Comes
Out From The Shadows?

Assume that one day you come home early and find your spouse or significant other playing hide-the-salami with a suddenly embarrassed stranger, and they’re doing it on your side of the bed!   

Immediately you hear an urgent plea, “oh my love, this was all a terrible mistake and I promise you it will never happen again!”  The degree to which you’ll believe that line is commensurate with your own self-respect.  

As for me, Larry The Cable Guy, hit the nail on the head when he said, “I believe that guns don't kill people; husbands that come home early do.” Case closed.

The point here is that integrity is not an afterthought.  Even if some nutter comes forward and says, “Believe me, I/we/it am/are/is the real Yowcrooks,” could you be so Pollyannaish as to believe the protestations of a convenient straw man?

Still, though, if you harbor even the remotest inclination, consider this.  The Yowcrooks use of YouTube.com, Blogger.com and Wordpress.com perfectly fits a pattern known as Anonymous IP Masquerading. 

We’ll discuss this concept in more depth later on in the article, but for now, what’s important to understand is that I’ve flipped this technique back against Yowcrooks.   Since they’ve no doubt figured this out already, why not share? 

Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Cold

Since Yowcrooks started running their hate campaigns last year, their pages have been linked with several debunker web sites, blogs, message boards, etc., and all of these links have been indexed by the search engines. 

In fact, search engine indexing was one of the principal reasons why Yowcrooks chose YouTube.com, Blogger.com and Wordpress.com to launch their Fatwa-for-profit hate crime incitement campaign.  (More on that later.)

Being the petty clerks they are, Yowcrooks have been busy little hate-mongering bees, building loads of search engine links.  Yet, they never protected their little empire of hate with a piddly-little $10.00 domain name.

From the get-go, I knew they wouldn’t do that.  This is because this is a big no-no when you’re running an Anonymous IP Masquerading disinformation campaign.  Knowing that put me the catbird seat so to speak.

Like a hunter in a blind, I’ve observed the Yowcrooks disinformation wolf pack as they methodically built their search engine links since 2008. 

Using search engine optimization tools, I finally saw that it was time to launch my counteroffensive, so on July 18, 2009 I registered the following Internet domain names:


Each of these domain names is linked to the first page of this article.  Go ahead and click a few of the links or all if you like. Each one links back to page 1 of this article. 

So how did I know the time was right? My search engine optimization model told me that their link patterns had reached a point where I could optimally project a 10x annual return on investment relative to what it cost me to register a bracket of Internet domain names. That is assuming I use the same amount of money to purchase web site traffic click through Google AdWords  (To be honest, I used Google’s SEO tools to help build this model, because they’re so darn good!)

The result is that I bided my time and created a multi-domain, search engine traffic siphon by bracketing the Yowcrooks persona with five unique domain names.   

Even if Yowcrooks immediately shuts down their operation, this will still be the gift that keeps on giving for at least 4-6 months after that, and I suppose I can live with a 3x to 5x return instead.

Meanwhile, the faux pas Yowcrooks made by outing themselves, as a UK-based disinformation wolf pack was pure gravy.  Hey Trekkers, what’s that ancient Klingon proverb?  “Revenge is a dish that is best served cold.”  You betcha. (Yo Phil-G; you da man!) 

So now that I’ve had my fun what about you?  

Are you asking yourself what does this mean to me? It means plenty!  You’re getting screwed, because disinformation wolf packs like Yowcrooks are trying to get you killed!

The Right to Fight For Your Life

If I didn’t care about you, the reader, then this article would have ended with my earlier bit of chest thumping — but the problem is, I do care about you.  I care a lot!  So do Yowusa.com co-founders, Jacco van der Worp and Janice Manning, because we’re all in this for the species.  Saving lives is all that matters. Everything else is just details.

The details we see with this new malicious Yowcrooks “faces of evil” campaign are showing that PTB-funded disinformation has escalated to a new and lethal level; far beyond the simpler confusion and intimidation of citizen journalists in the past. 

This is a bad news, folks, because Yowcrooks is reckless now.  The PTB know what’s coming, and they no longer have the convenience of time to better plan and execute their Machiavellian disinformation schemes. 

Nonetheless, people have a moral right to make a totally informed decision.  This is why evil disinformation operatives such as Yowcrooks are intentionally confusing your most precious right of all.  The right to fight for your life!

If you allow Yowcrooks this illicit victory, you’ll gift them with a self-assisted infringement of your own right to make a fully informed decision.  An infringement with real human consequences, because in a global catastrophe, the cost will be measured in lives:

  1. INITIAL EVENT DEATH: The uninformed and disinformed are more likely to succumb to an initial event. Ergo, they die more quickly and in greater numbers.

  2. POST-EVENT DEATH: Those uninformed and disinformed who do survive the initial event will be emotionally and mentally unprepared for post-event hardships.  This on top of whatever physical hardships and disabilities they may suffer. Ergo, they will succumb far more easily to slow death causes, such as prolonged exposure, dehydration, disease and starvation. 

  3. SURVIVOR PROFILING: The uninformed and disinformed who survive will be wholly unprepared for a catastrophic post-event reality.  Those exhibiting rage or resistance will be easily profiled and summarily dealt with.  Those numb from shock will be dependent and malleable, and therefore easily herded into triage groups. The ones worth saving and all the rest.  Those making these decisions will not be interested in putting it to a vote, either.

For these reasons, the tactics employed by PTB disinformation wolf packs, such as Yowcrooks, through American companies, such as Blogger.com and Wordpress.com, represent a real and present danger to anyone who values the right to fight for their own lives in the aftermath of a global cataclysm.

Worse yet, cyberterrorists have found a way to co-opt American companies into a voluntary partnership of hate with them.  A brutally simple and efficient tactic that can be quickly replicated by radical Islamists and other hate-mongering terrorists.  Or in fact, anyone in the world seeking to bring death to any American they wish brand as an “evil” person.  People such as yourself! 

That is why you need to know how they do it and what you can do about it. Before you give up and bounce off this page, know this.  Preserving your right to fight for your life only requires a little time and the price of a cheeseburger.  If that’s worth your time, what comes next is the inside story.

The Inside Story

Now that Yowcrooks has already proven their corporate sponsored hate mongering tactics, it is safe to assume that other cyberterrorists can and will use the same techniques.  Like Yowcrooks, they too can use the indifference and greed of American companies as an incredibly easy way to intimidate and cause harm to innocent Americans from the sanctuary of hidden offshore operation centers. 
However, if you, the reader, are not willing to admit your own culpability, then all the finger pointing in the world is not going to amount to a hill of beans. You’ve got to 'fess up to what I call “the simple magic of disinformation.”

The Simple Magic of Disinformation

The simple magic that makes disinformation work so well is that most people look for the simple answers.  Quick knock offs that let them dispatch a nagging concern without the bother of a serious inquiry.  Much as frightened children do when they close their eyes in the desperate hope that, if they do not see the monster, it will cease to exist.

Now ask yourself.  When you were a young child, did you do this?  If your answer is an unequivocal “no” then be honest.  Who is fooling whom?

Yet, that kind of denial is what cements the very magic of disinformation.  This is because it bonds this deeply ingrained childhood response to dangers that taunt us as adults.  We may say adult sounding things like we’re “whistling in the dark.” Yet all we’re really doing is something we learned to do very early in life.  To simply close our eyes to the monsters that trouble us, so they’ll cease to exist.

PTB disinformation wolf packs such as Yowcrooks rely on simple answer predilection to mislead adult minds into whistling in the dark.  A good example of this is a recent, red herring SOHO imagery analysis posted by Yowcrooks.

Yowcrooks Web of Lies

Earlier this year there was a SOHO image that had a lot of folks thinking it showed the winged planet of Sumerian fame.  To an untrained eye, it is logical and on May 14, Yowcrooks stepped up to explain it to people.

yowcrooks.wordpress.com, MAY 14, 2009
Nibiru SOHO Images DebunkedBy Phil Plait of BadAstronomy

This article was written by Phil a few years ago now but is still relevant to the newest wave of “Nibiru SOHO” images to hit the web. These images show exactly what Phil describes below.

Soho Image

What is going on in the SOHO images?
A few people have been asking about this, but there hasn’t been much talk about it. As it happens, I have a lot of experience with astronomical imaging. I spent about a decade working on Hubble images, and a few years before that on a ground-based telescope. I still do dabble in digital astronomical imaging. I am not bragging, just putting my credentials down to show that I am very experienced in this field.


Let’s see if we got this right.  An anonymous debunker is making claims of his own expertise but invokes Phil Plait of BadAstronomy.  A most convenient way to maintain anonymity while avoiding the need to substantiate expertise claims by venturing a technical opinion.  Same old, same old. 

However, the Phil Plait reference came in handy as it helps us spot another Web persona likely operated by the same Yowcrooks disinformation wolf pack or a collaborating wolf pack.  It is called Those Poor Sumerians!

Those Poor Sumerians! July 17, 2009
Nibiru SOHO Images Debunked By Phil Plait (badastronomy.com)
Nibiru SOHO Images Debunked By Phil Plait of BadAstronomy This article was written by Phil a few years ago now but is still relevant to the newest wave of “Nibiru SOHO” images to hit the web.

Earlier in this article, we identified the three red flags for detecting services used by  PTB-funded disinformation wolf pack, so let’s see if they apply here.

Like Yowcrooks, the Those Poor Sumerians Wordpress.com blog fails to:

  • Identify the principals
  • State their city or country of origin
  • Provide traceable contact information

Furthermore, this blog dated July 17, 2009 creates a simple search engine link to the May 14, 2009 Yowcrooks post. 

This is how disinformation wolf packs create Web traffic through the search engines.  They create multiple anonymous personae and then reciprocally link them.  Reciprocal links are important to search engines.  Search engine optimization pros refer to this as “buzz.”   The more buzz you have, the better your search page result rankings will be. 

In terms of using Phil Plait of BadAstronomy, that too is common disinformation wolf pack technique.  A variant of the old Arab saying goes, “an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine.” This explains why Plait is the front man for Yowcrooks and Those Poor Sumerians!  Does Plait know he’s become a face guy for UK-based disinformation wolf pack?  Frankly, does it matter?

Yowusa.com Debunked It First - Not Plait

For the record, Yowcrooks gave Phil Plait the credit for a debunking he never did. Given the focus Yowcrooks places on us, one would have to wonder why they'd miss this. This is because this very same suspected SOHO Planet X object was thoroughly debunked on March 24, 2009 by Yowusa.com.

Yowusa.com, 24-Mar-2009
Observing Planet X / Nibiru

A recent observation report based on imagery provided by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) cause a lot of buzz on the Web, as it looks like a winged disc. This, of course, had a lot of people racing to their home libraries to find similar pictures in the many books of Zecharia Sitchin. While there is a striking similarity, this winged disc image is by no means Planet X.

Yowusa.com 24-Mar-2009

While remarkable, this winged disc in the SOHO imagery is most likely the result of a high energy solar particle impacting the camera lens, thereby causing a momentary flash. The operative word is 'momentary.' How did we come to this conclusion?

We downloaded and examined the complete sequences, and this winged disc did not appear on any of the photos taken before and after it. Were this an observable object, we would have seen it continuously on SOHO imagery. There is, of course, the response that the sequence was edited; however, that would not explain the absence of a second, and even more important, piece of evidence. Solar interaction.

Yes, folks, that right.  Yowusa.com debunked this very same SOHO image some 53 days BEFORE Yowcrooks used an outdated and unrelated article by Phil Plait of BadAstronomy to demonstrate their sense of public service, without mind you, revealing their identities nor offering any justification for their alleged claims of expertise.

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