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FATWA-FOR-PROFIT: How Wordpress.com and Blogger.com are Helping Cyberterrorists Target Innocent Americans For Violent Hate Crimes

YOWUSA.COM, 23-July-2009
Editorial by Marshall Masters


www.FatwaForProfit.comA UK-based, PTB disinformation wolf pack with the operational name of Yowcrooks is using American-based Internet companies, such as Wordpress.com and Blogger.com, to target innocent Americans for hate crimes.  The fatwa-for-profit business models of these companies allow them to strike at will, and with impunity, from anonymous offshore operational centers. 

Yowcrooks is an anonymous, UK-based, PTB disinformation wolf pack.  They currently operate a YouTube channel and two, cloned blog pages via the Blogger.com and Wordpress.com services.  Even if they remove the offending content, the damage control comes too late.  You’ll still see the full screen captures in this article. Besides, Yowcrooks is just being who they are, a PTB-funded, UK-based disinformation wolf pack.   

The real focus of this story is on Wordpress.com and Blogger.com. These two companies knowingly enabled Yowcrooks to draw first blood and then covered for them.  Therefore, this insider exposé will lay bare their fatwa-for-profit approach and how it enables offshore cyberterrorists to conveniently target innocent Americans at will, with impunity.

Seeing This From The Inside

Before starting Your Own World Books and yowusa.com, I was a contract senior technical writer/analyst in the Silicon Valley.  My client list included AT&T, Boole & Babbage, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed Martin, Oracle, Phillips Semiconductors and SUN Microsystems. 

Overall, my career in the computer industry spanned well over two decades and my specialty in the last five of those years was Internet technologies to include data centers, security systems and storage area networks.  

Based on my technical experience and the facts I will report in this exposé, I now see a new and terrible threat against citizen journalists specifically, and all those who rely on their reporting in general.  This is a clear and present danger; because we now live in a new reality, where hate speech morphs into indiscriminate hate crimes at an ever-increasing pace.  As never before, hate speech kills.

The New Threat – Corporate Enabled Hate Speech

Late 2008: Working from an undisclosed operation center in Great Britain, the Yowcrooks wolf pack, escalated the threat of hate speech violence via the Internet to a new level.   

Wordpress.com and Blogger.com were well aware of what this offshore disinformation wolf pack was doing and chose to scoff at and ignore my complaints about this abuse for several months. They likewise chose to aid and abet this ongoing abuse for months on end. 

In this article, you will learn:

  • What these UK-based PTB-financed hate mongers are doing and to whom.

  • Why there is smoking gun evidence that places their operation center in the UK. 

  • How Wordpress.com and Blogger.com willingly enjoy profits as their patrons of hate. 

  • How you can fight this with a few minutes of your time and the price of a cheeseburger.

The goal of these UK-based disinformation hate-mongers goes beyond the usual defamatory attacks intended to sow confusion. They’ve now escalated to inciteful hate mongering in a way that is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda.

Yowcrooks Hate Crime Incitement

On the Yowcrooks blogs, the faces and web addresses of five American citizen journalists are shown with the heading: “Faces of Evil – More will be added to this list as they are found!”

What you see in common amongst all five of the individuals targeted for indiscriminate hate crimes by these anonymous UK-based hate mongers is that all five are Americans and all five maintain YouTube.com accounts.

This evidence shown below is taken from a screen capture taken on July 19, 2009 from the yowcrooks.blogspot.com page.

July 19, 2009,  yowcrooks.comMarshall Masters
Country: United States 
Greg Defleron
Country: United States 
Chris Constantine
Country: United States 
Nancy Lieder
Country: United States 
Robert Thorson

Country: United States 

You will find this same Faces of Evil column (which first appeared in the Fall of 2008) on the full page screen captures taken from the Wordpress.com and Blogger.com web pages, and on the dates shown below.

Faces of Evil

More and more often, we’re shocked to see how Internet hate speech translates into indiscriminate acts of hate violence.  The term “evil” is reminiscent of Nazi propaganda and serves the same aims. 

It is an incitement code word in the twisted minds of irrational malcontents; one that justifies hate crimes against innocents by those in search of a convenient target. Any target.  In times such as these, anyone who is not sensitive to the pandemic nature of this present day public threat is likely to be a potential threat to others.

The immediate danger here is that cyberterrorists like Yowcrooks are targeting citizen journalists, and so it becomes much like a schoolyard spat for Internet surfers, who prefer to silently lurk the Web.  Like in the schoolyard, they prefer to stand aside and watch as some ill-spirited bully makes sport of an unfortunate classmate.

As the old saying goes, “anyone will stop to watch a dog fight.” However, this is no ordinary bully barrage in the far corner of an empty schoolyard – somewhere in Great Britain.

How Can Yowusa.com Say
Yowcrooks is UK-Based?

As the beginning of this article we state “Yowcrooks is an anonymous, UK-based, PTB disinformation wolf pack.”  So if they’re anonymous, how does Yowusa.com know they’re based in Great Britain.  Simple.  Yowcrooks inadvertently outed themselves on June 8, 2009.

yowcrooks.wordpress.com, June 8, 2009
False Copyright Claim by Marshall Masters

Upon reading our Emails we were shocked to find that our video on our YouTube page had been removed for apparent copyright infringement. However, we were not shocked to find that the person who filed the false copyright notice to YouTube was none other than Marshall Masters of yowusa.com (Your Own Books, Inc.) Image below. 

Copyrigth Complaint Against Yowcrooks

Our response to you Mr. Masters is this, filing false copyright notices against people is illegal and you will be held accountable for your actions. We are now in the process of filing a counter claim because there was nothing in our video that belonged to you, it was a video simply promoting our blog sites.

When I filed my Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) complaint with YouTube.com against the Yowcrooks video in question, YouTube.com reviewed the matter and found that I had cause.  Yowcrooks had violated the Terms of Service (TOS) and YouTube.com pulled their video.  If Yowcrooks wanted, they could have appealed the decision.

At this point, I want to stress that my beef is not with Google.com, but rather, its Blogger.com business unit.  Google also operates YouTube.com, and when it acquired that company, it likewise inherited the ethical constraints of the original YouTube founders.  In fact, had it not been for YouTube.com’s TOS, we would NOT have smoking gun evidence that Yowcrooks is a foreign operative.

However, the Blogger.com business unit within Google is run by a different management team with different players.  Therefore, this is why we target Google’s offending business unit, rather than Google as a whole.  Yet, this does beg the question; is this an isolated incident? No.

In June 2009, Google agreed to a $20,000,000 settlement for a class action lawsuit by CLRB HANSON INDUSTRIES, LLC d/b/a INDUSTRIAL PRINTING, and HOWARD STERN.  It appears that from JANUARY 1, 2002 to FEBRUARY 28, 2009, Google was charging AdWords advertisers like Howard Stern for advertising after they paused their accounts, much like leaving the meter running in a cab that is out of service. 

Given all this, are we anti-Google?  Heavens no!  Your Own World, Inc. makes extensive use of Google services to include, YouTube, AdSense, AdWords and Checkout. These services are critical to our business model, and should Google retaliate by terminating or reducing our present access to these services, the economic consequences would be severe for us. 

To be frank, were we this dependent on Microsoft, some form of retaliation would be expected.  Thankfully, Google is not Microsoft. On the other hand, the cover of Wired Magazine (August 2009) asks the poignant question, "Is Google a Monopoly?"

Now, all of that yadda-yadda aside, where is the smoking gun that outed Yowcrooks as a UK-based PTB disinformation team? 

The Smoking Gun

For starters, you need to look at the upper right hand corner of the YouTube.com copyright pink screen capture.

YouTube Screen NameYowcrooks posted images on both blog clone sites and you’ll see their account “Yowcrooks” name.  The only way that can appear on the frame of that copyright notice dialog is if the account owner is logged in at the time of the screen capture.  Therefore, this capture confirms that it is indeed from the YouTube account owner.

The smoking gun is on the upper left hand corner.

YouTube UK Account for YowcrooksUnder the words “Broadcast Yourself” you see UK | English.  YouTube.com provides this information to show that the owner maintains an English-language account originating in Great Britain, the United Kingdom (UK).  Wham, pow, slam, zowie — holy disinformation Brit, Batman!  Gotcha.

Perhaps you’re thinking that this is Marshall getting mad at Yowcrooks and wanting to take his revenge.  If so, you do not know us or why we do what we do. 

It’s Just Personal… Right?

At first glance, it would seem the intent of these disinformation operatives is to do financial harm to us by diminishing our book sales, which help finance our awareness education efforts. 

However, the fact is that these defamatory and libelous disinformation attacks actually boost our book sales and subscriptions.  Those who are curious to see who the Yowcrooks of the world are bullying, see that we’re honestly trying to help them. As they say in Hollywood, “there is no bad publicity.”

If we were only in this to sell books, as our critics charge, then the logical thing to do would be to say nothing and then silently reap the rewards. Nope.  No how.  No way.  This is a born dead idea.  At Yowusa.com, we’re in it for the species, so we take the fight to these hate mongers whenever we can. 

We’ve also done so, but we have to admit, it was a frustrating case of win some and lose some from the outset, but then, the Universe gifted us with two very fortunate bits of synchronicity. 

First, a most kind and thoughtful Yowusa.com supporter emailed us copies of two really powerful articles by H. Michael Sweeney:

I want to take a moment to say thanks to all those out there who’ve sent in these precious gems to us over the years.  You’re our heroes!  God bless you all!—Marshall, Jacco and Janice

As we were reading these articles by Sweeney, we kept shaking our heads and saying “oh Lord, been there, done that, bought all the tee-shirts and paid too much for them.”
Then came the second bit of synchronicity that pulled it all together for us.  It was author Philip Gardiner. 

Phil is a leading expert on secret societies and a former propaganda and disinformation instructor for British Intelligence. He quickly confirmed one of the trends we’d been seeing all along.  Most of the disinformation about Planet X and 2012 originates in the UK.

During the latest Cut to the Chase interview with Phil, he publicly stated that the disinformation war against Yowusa.com and other Planet X researchers is not only very real, but that it is a well funded and highly organized effort.

After the interview, I had one of the most incredible Dutch uncle conversations of my life with Phil. That’s when the “worm turned,” as they say (Dune, by Frank Herbert).  Since then, fighting these disinformation wolf packs is much easier, mostly because they’re so predictable.

There is nothing mysterious about them.  They have the mentality of petty retail merchants, and all you have to do is to wait for them to make a mistake — and they always do.  For example, Yowcrooks should have trimmed the bezel off the YouTube.com dialog screen capture they used on their blogs. 

The fact that the Yowcrooks disinformation wolf pack was so rash confirms the present trend we’re seeing as of late.  PTB disinformation teams are under increasing amounts of pressure because Netizens are paying less-and-less attention to them.  Just look at their page counts over time.  They’re slowly dying on the vine, and they know it. 

If they hadn’t gotten desperate with the “faces of evil” hate speech attack, I would have ignored Yowcrooks  However, when they posted Nancy Leider’s face with that “faces of evil” hate speech incitement trash talk, they crossed the line. 

Granted, I have my disagreements with Nancy, and I’ve published them, but she’s a very precious person to me.  She does what she does for love, and there is not an evil bone in her body.  To me, she is the quintessential light worker, and without light workers, our chances of seeing an enlightened future are somewhere between zip and nil. In essence, seeing these UK pricks stomp on Nancy was the straw the broke the camel's back. 

Nonetheless, fighting these hate mongers is not as depressing as you might think.

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