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Radical Islam Starts World War and Destroys UN Says Ancient Egyptian Prediction

View Radical Islam on Google VideoYOWUSA.COM, 28-December-06
Marshall Masters

Radical IslamWe’re living in prophetic times, says a newly-revealed ancient text inscribed by Egyptian scholars shortly after the Exodus. Having survived the millennia, these texts are now part of The Kolbrin Bible. They offer uncannily accurate predictions, and several have already come to pass.

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Those yet to be fulfilled warn us that Muslim terrorists will soon trigger a world war that destroys the United Nations and then divides the world into bloody hegemonies. Following that, another prediction warns of a global cataclysm in which humanity suffers an E. L. E. (extinction level event) with asteroid impacts, massive earthquakes, erupting volcanoes and tsunami waves.

How These Predictions Came To Be

These predictions were first penned in Egyptian Hieratic some 3600 years ago in the Great Book. The historical accounts in this text show us that the Egyptians lost faith in their gods during the Ten Plagues.

As Moses led the Jews through the Sinai, Egyptian scholars and scribes conducted an anthropological field study across the full breadth of Imperial Egypt’s trading realm. Their singular goal was to find clues leading to the One True God of Abraham. Authored by hundreds of contributors, their encyclopedia-length secular anthology encapsulated the wisdom and folklore of many ancient cultures.

Later translated from Hieratic to Phoenician and then into English by Celtic Priests, this work includes several prophecies for the 20th and 21st centuries. To date, those which have been fulfilled include the invention of the airplane, the submarine and in-vitro fertilization.

Openly studied in Britain from the time of Jesus, the texts were secreted away by Celtic priests following the arson of the Glastonbury Abbey in 1184 CE. The attack was precipitated by British King Henry II on grounds of heresy, and much of the original work was destroyed.

The surviving priests hid what remained in Scotland, where it was merged with other Celtic wisdom texts to form The Kolbrin Bible. The full text was finally revealed in 1992, after the fulfillment of another long-awaited ancient Egyptian prophecy — the fall of the Soviet Union.

What Happens To Life As We Know It

Even more ominous predictions remain, and they herald the return of what the Egyptians say actually caused the Ten Plagues of Exodus. The flyby of a massive, reddish, object (such as a comet) they called the Destroyer through the core of our solar system. They also tell us it caused Noah’s Flood during a previous flyby and turned the Earth on its poles, much in the same manner described in Edgar Cayce’s pole shift prophecy.

The ancient Egyptians offer us clear harbinger signs for the next flyby of the Destroyer. Most notable are that Islamists will trigger a global war that causes the United Nations to fail and which then divides the world into vast, warlike regional hegemonies. Afterwards the Destroyer will return to wreak havoc on the Earth once again.

Their ominous prediction is clear. Humanity will survive this global cataclysm as it has in the past, but life as we presently know it will cease to exist.

Does Scientific Proof Exist?

Assuming an object such as the Destroyer is about to fly through the core of our solar system as predicted, does scientific proof of this possibility really exist? One such validation could be an ongoing interaction with our sun. NASA’s forecast this month for solar cycle 24 tells us it will be one of the strongest in almost 400 years of recorded sun spot history.

This puts Earth’s power grids and electronic infrastructure at risk from an unforeseen perfect solar storm. Just this month, NASA had to move its astronauts to a radiation-safe area of the ISS (International Space Station) in response to the health threat posed by the December 13 X-Class solar flare.

Consequently, world governments are actively engaging this mounting solar threat. By 2008, the USA, EU and Japan will have a fleet of 6 solar observatories in space, monitoring every possible aspect of the sun’s behavior.

NASA further predicts that the next 11-year solar maximum which starts in 2007 and peaks in 2012 could be half again worse than the previous, which saw the first ever, Y-Class solar flare in 2003. Prior to that, the most violent solar storms never received more than a lesser X-Class rating.

This is just one result of a marked increase in solar activity since 1940. Consequently, many environmental scientists now view the sun as being the principal engine of global warming. A growing body of evidence for this new opinion is further corroborated by the recent global warming observed on Mars.

To Learn More

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition (ISBN-10: 1-59772-005-4) is published by Your Own World Books (yowbooks.com) and is available online at Amazon.com, BN.com and through any local bookstore in the USA and UK.

These prophecies are also available in an abridged edition, Egyptian Texts of The Bronzebook: The First Six Books of The Kolbrin Bible (ISBN-10: 1597720259). To learn more about this ancient text, visit kolbrin.com.