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Will Israel Prevail with the Help of Gods or Gizmos?


YOWUSA.COM, 02-August-06
Josef Novak and Marshall Masters

Will Israel Prevail with the Help of Gods or Gizmos?Israel has been preparing for this since the days following the Yom Kippur War of 1973, while hoping against hope for peace.  They found peace with Egypt and but an ancient murderous flame still burns brightly in the inner circles of Syria and Iran and amongst the various disgruntled proxies they fund. As events unfold, that flame that will soon belch forth from the motors of Iranian rockets and then history will reach supersonic speeds. 

All that being said, strip away all the political doublespeak and what you’ve got is a classic turf war in the hood, and brother, the mother of all big rumbles is yet to come.  History tells us that who wins will depend on who possesses the overwhelming technology and the will to use it. 

Iran and Syria

The Katyusha rockets of the Hezbollah terrorist are falling on Israel like hail and causing a lot of grief.  In return, Israel is paying their neighbors back with a different kind of terror.  To help put this in perspective, let’s look back to the first use of these point and shoot artillery rockets. 

The term “Katyusha” was coined by Soviet troops during WWII by Red Army troops to describe a number of different artillery rockets.  It was inspired by a popular wartime song of the same name about a young girl who longs for her beloved at the front.  

Unlike Hezbollah Flesh Shredder Katyusha rockets with a range of 12 miles, the WWII variants had a range of approximately 3.5 miles and were used with deadly effect in massive, concentrated saturation bombardments.  These rockets were never accurate but the Soviets used them with excellent results to chew up dense Nazi troop concentrations.  This is why the Germans feared them, because used properly, they could turn the floor of a small valley into a blood-drenched moonscape of horrific proportions. 

Hizballah’s present day use of Katyusha rockets is clever and amateurish.  This explains why they’re better at killing children and pensioners while riddling neighborhoods and setting forest fires.  Their application of the technology as terror weapons had been an utter failure in a military sense, as all they’ve done is to inspire the Israelis to return terror in kind, with far more destructive results.  Yet they persist.  Go figure.

The current range of weapons used by the Arabs is powerful but is largely based on the legacy technologies they’ve bought, borrowed, or stolen in their quest to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth.  In their zeal, they’ve yet to grasp a simple lesson from the 20th century.  He who has overwhelming technology and the will to use it wins, and that a winning technology is not always obvious at first. 

Sherman tankFor example, during WWII, America’s Sherman tanks were hopelessly outgunned by their German counterparts.  Yet the Allies prevailed for one principal reason: American manufacturing technology that could make Sherman tanks faster than the Nazi tanks could knock them out.  

Worse yet for the Nazis, the Allies found a way to fight the dreaded Tiger tank with their numerical superiority.  Fast and agile, several Shermans would gang up on a Tiger and maneuver about it until one lined up a clear shot at the Tiger’s Achilles Heel — it’s rear.  Then it was game over.

While a Tiger gunner could clearly see lightly armored Sherman tanks in his sights, he could only imagine the stream of Sherman tanks pouring out of a Detroit factory to replace the few his gun destroyed.  Yet he knew the future and was resigned to it.   Unlike that Nazi gunner, Israel’s enemies are so blinded by their own ethnic hatreds that cannot imagine the doom awaiting them beyond their own gun sights. 

Israel’s enemies have received a lot of Soviet technology and many Russian scientists are now tinkering away in Tehran.  Still the same, most of Iran and Syria has received from Russia dates back to Desert Storm.  The last major land battle of the Cold War in which state of the art American war technology and tactics were pitted against Russian war technology and tactics. 

The result of Desert Storm was politically devastating for the Soviets.  Not only did they lack the technology and capital to compete with Reagan’s Star Wars program, Desert Storm proved that America had successfully developed conventional technologies that could easily lay waste to the tank armies they used to intimidate Europe.  Not long after that, the Soviet Union imploded. 

However, before the Soviet Union imploded something even more significant happened.  In the late 1980s and early 1990s, many Soviet Jews took advantage of liberalized emigration policies and most went to Israel. 

Firefox with Clint Eastwood (1982)In 1982, Clint Eastwood riveted American audiences with the box office hit, Firefox.  Eastwood played an American pilot who is sent to Russia to steal the most advanced fighter in the world from the Soviets and is successful thanks to the Jewish scientists who built the fighter.

Using brilliant Jewish scientists was simply not a convenient plot twist.  The fact is that Russia’s universities turned out incredibly advanced theoretical thinker and many were Jews who went to work in the Soviet defense industry no differently than American Jews who were helping to create American weapons. 

Now most of these talented weapons designers have immigrated to Israel and this is one reason why Putin’s government is so bent on controlling Israel through sales of weapons and nuclear technologies to Israel’s  enemies as it’s intelligence agencies secretly meddle in Israel’s internal matters.

However, in the coming days, the one to feel Russia’s betrayal the most will not be the Israelis.  They already know that the only way to play with a snake is to hold him by the head.  Rather, it will be President Bush for his memorable observation of Putin, “I looked into his heart. He is a good man.” It will no doubt be long remembered alongside another Bush family favorite, “Read my lips: no new taxes.”

However, all this is global political wrangling and intrigue, so let’s get back to Israel.

Keep in mind that American nuclear program would not have beat those of the Germans and the Japanese had it not been for Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer, both of whom were Jews.  One can only imagine what kind of research is going on in Israel’s super secret Dimona complex, but one thing is for sure: the people doing it are the next generation of Einstein and Oppenheimer types.  So what new kind of  WMD could Israel now posses? 

2nd Generation WMD

Until recently, the acronym WMD stood for “weapon of mass destruction.” However, Israeli media spokespersons now define WMD as “weapons of mass death.”   This is a very subtle and revealing shift in language and here is why.  In essence, the old definition for WMD should be changed to 1st Generation WMD, and the new definition should rightly be called 2nd Generation WMD. 

With this in mind, let’s take a quick review of commonly known 1st Generation WMD. 

  • Nuclear:  You can destroy your enemy quickly with an atomic or hydrogen bomb and then die a slow death after radiation clouds drift back over your own country, or die along with everyone else during a nuclear winter.
  • Chemical: The Germans were the first to use chemical weapons back in WWI and learned the hard way.  If the gas cloud drifts back over your own lines your troops better be ready or they’ll be the ones to die.  
  • Biological:  Once free, a deadly germ respects no flag.  What if the terrorists unleashed smallpox on the world again?  America has enough vaccine to survive the attack, but not the third-world nations of Islam. 

As you can see, each 1st Gernation WMD has it’s own nasty blowback, where users run the risk of incurring blowback on their own populations. 

However, with 2nd Generation “weapons of mass death,” there is no blowback, and America is known to have perfected the technology of one such weapon.  The Nuetron bomb.  In 1978, then President Jimmy Carter cancelled development of this incredibly deadly device.  The completed warheads were disassembled, but not destroyed.

Intended for use in an air burst at approximately 10,000 feet, the reduced blast from a Nuetron bomb will cause much less damage to structures by design.  The goal is to leave assets such as refineries and cities largely intact. 

Killing people is the real goal, and a Nuetron bomb does it by spraying nuclear particles everywhere.  These particles pass through human bodies like great waves of sub-atomic shotgun pellets and pierce the cellular membranes.  Consequently, those who do not die from the blast but are within range of the weapon, will literally leak to death as their cells hemorrhage uncontrollably. 

Now here is the kicker.  The radiation from the blast dissipates in three days, leaving the victor free to walk in and run a new flag up the flag pole.   Since the blast kills everything living thing, there is plenty of time to gather up the corpses before they rot.  Could you imagine the field day Bin Laden would have with an arsenal of such weapons? 

F-117What is important to keep in mind about such secret weapons is that information about their existence when released is usually a decade old.  A good example is F-117 “Wobbly Goblin” stealth fighter.  Prior to Desert Storm in 1991, it was routinely reported as a UFO, even though the Wobbly Goblin’s first flight was in 1982.   Now that’s keeping a secret! 

This brings us to the present and the key question we must all ask.  Where does it go from here?  The answer is death for Islam on an unimaginable scale and with futuristic 2nd Generation WMD weapons that we cannot even imagine at this time.  This future is inevitable.  Pushed on by Russia’s tacit blessings and technological support of Israel’s enemies, the escalation cycle is predictable and unavoidable.

Imagine two hot heads dukking it out.  They start with small guns, then run back to their closets for bigger guns.  After that come the bombs.  First the little bombs, then another run back to the closets for bigger bombs until one yutz eventually reaches up the top shelf of his closet and pulls out his secret big mother bomb and uses it.  Whereupon, the other guy unlocks the 18 deadbolts on the work shop he keeps behind his Mother’s house and rolls out the mega-S.O.B. bomb of all time – and uses it without hesitation.  After that, peace comes to the neighborhood as whoever is left standing, begins sweeping up the various piles of broken glass, burnt brings and chunks of flesh.

Israel’s enemies simply do not get it.  They've been stabbing the dragon's tail with Russian spears for decades, and so the ebb and flow of the game has been predictable.  They rush in, scream “Allah Akbar” and draw blood.  The dragon screams and whips his tail.  A few are flattened and the others run out of the cave to beat their chests for the benefit of the media. 

For many decades, the dragon has tried to live with this annoying and painful process while hoping against hope that the maniacs with their Russian spears would just get over it and make peace.  No such luck.  Now the dragon has arisen and is determined to make fire and rest assured, this will be a kind of fire we’ve never seen before. 

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