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Will Israel Prevail with the Help of Gods or Gizmos?

YOWUSA.COM, 02-August-06
Josef Novak and Marshall Masters

Will Israel Prevail with the Help of Gods or Gizmos?The eyes of the world are upon Lebanon and the talking heads on TV are chewing this bone from one end to the other. The result is Vegomatic-style coverage with pundits slicing, dicing and chopping the news into a useless puree. Then you turn it all off and begin to think. That's when it hits you. We're seeing a live, 21st century remake of Leni Riefenstahl's Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will, but with one big difference. This time the Jews have the will to win and war fighting technologies that are more horrific than we could possibly imagine. Despite this, ethnic hatred is rolling Arabs like runaway train head-on into Israel's growing will to use it.

Of equal interest has been the ebb and flow of TV coverage over the last few weeks because a new pattern has emerged. 

When Israel appears uncertain the war news dominates the news. The more uncertainty there is, the more coverage. Conversely, when Israel appears certain in its commitment to pursue the war, coverage eases off. For example, there is a big scandal with Mel Gibson's anti-Semitic rants when he was arrested for drunk driving, plus the other usual stores that media has dusted off for public consumption once again. Why?

So far, America and England with the help of others have been prosecuting the war against terror with mixed results, and frankly, we're tired of getting our butts kicked while trying to help people who cannot rise above their own tribal animosities. Now Israel is on the front lines and fighting like hell and America's silent majority now sees a chance for something new. A clear victory somewhere in the Middle East. The question is, what will decide that victory. God, ancients gods or gizmos? That question shall be answered with two different voices and two different points of view.


Will the "Chosen People" Be Saved Again?

Josef Novak

Moses - ExodusWill the gods of our ancient past once more come to the aid of their “Chosen People” as they have done several times in the past with the best known examples the DELUGE and the EXODUS ?

Chances are that there is a good possibility and the time seems to be just about right as about close to 3600 years have elapsed since the last incident. The holocaust may not have triggered such an intervention as it involved only a smaller portion of Jews. However we are approaching a time when a large portion of Jews including their homeland may come under attack with the threat of total annihilation by means of a possible nuclear attack. In the end only a decisive victory for one or the either side will be able to settle the issue for some time to come.

Even if the ongoing fighting may cease for now, any halt will be at best temporary as it will just delay the ultimate battle which will have to be fought another day. Unless the political landscape in the Middle East will change drastically, what is unlikely to happen, or the radical, fascist Islam give up their quest for exterminating all Jews, what will not happen either as it is just wishful thinking, it only will delay the inevitable. Any one counting on a quick solution or thinking that an intervention by some force from “OUT THERE” is just around the corner may be disappointed. History just like justice takes its time but eventually and inevitably evil will be judged and brought to justice.

Partial victories with either Germany or Japan would never have succeeded as it was either all or nothing and a similar set of circumstances seem to rear its ugly head. The question remains will the Gods of our ancient past intervene once again on the side of their CHOSEN people as they have done so in the past? All we can hope for is that they have progressed not only technologically but also in wisdom far superior to  what the human race has to offer and are willing to display it.

Sunday July 30th , 2006 earlier in the day on Fox News was an  interview with Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the house, who always showed a great deal of common sense and in so many words indicated that he would not rule out a third World War if things don’t settle down in the Middle East. He also touched on the earlier missile tests conducted by North Korea and let it slip that it was conducted for the benefit of Iranian observers who were present at these tests.

Contrary to what the news media wanted us to believe these tests did not end in failure but the missiles were destroyed on purpose once the North Koreans had demonstrated to Iran’s observers that indeed they had a viable piece of merchandise which they were ready to sell for hard cash. On the other hand we have Iran who is hell bent on producing nuclear weapons the only component they need is the delivery system which is produced by North Korea which they now are in the process of acquiring.

We have the President of Iran who does not appear to play with a full deck when he wrote a letter earlier this year to Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany asking for help in finding a way to speed up the “Final Jewish Solution”. Needless to say she found it below her dignity to reply to such a request.

Then we have Ahmadinejad’s so called “Clerical spiritual adviser” Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah –Yazdi who advocates and wants to hasten the arrival of the 12th Mahdi to set in to motion the final battle between good and evil. It all sounds like, and has the appearance that the inmates are in control of the asylum. It sure sounds like Armageddon is in the making and is just begging for what some may call a “Super natural” intervention?

Ancient scriptures describe this periodically re-appearing planet with an orbit of approximately 3600 years, as a planet glowing dark red in color once it becomes visible, what indicates that it does have an “Infrared” signature. Since this planet does not emit much light any sighting so far have been rather limited. However the scientific community in the US has been diligent in correcting this problem by building an observatory costing millions of Dollars, about the size of a small shopping mall at the South Pole which will employ a telescope especially designed for searching the far reaches of the universe for objects with such a characteristic infrared signature. In other words the US government seems to be well aware of what is to come.

Since any visits of our so called ancient Gods, also described in the Bible as the Nefelims who came from above usually precedes the visibility stage of this dark red glowing planet, by now may be well on their way for another visit, or already may have done so and could be amongst us. Along here it may be worth noting that these Beings described in ancient texts as our Gods, or in the Bible as the Nefelims who came from above most likely do not live on this planet as suggested in other writings, may live instead in its proximity and take advantage of what this planet has to offer in form of heat. Not unlike us humans who take advantage of the sun.

This brief article is only meant to point out that an intervention coming from “OUT THERE” can not be ruled out. Neither is this article long enough to go in to any great details or explanation how in a round about way or indirectly humans were advised or aided on how to escape the DELUGE or the Egyptian bondage which became known as the EXODUS.

One of the biggest problems facing mankind today is that wisdom has lagged far behind their technological advances and is in dire need of catching up. Not only that but any intervention by the so called Gods of our ancient past may also be instrumental in clarifying or re-directing our religious believes. Once certain aspects of religious believes are clarified or removed from the equation, mankind will have to find other things to fight and quarrel over.   

So it should come as no surprise or shock when one day we wake up to the latest news proclaiming that a most unusual event has taken place.

“Some force of yet unexplained nature has intervened between warring factions bringing an abrupt halt to all fighting”.

Will the gods take sides once again with their chosen people or mankind in general before ignorance and stupidity gets the best of us?

Only time will tell. 


Technology and The Will to Use It

Marshall Masters

Iran RocketsThe biggest fighting is yet to happen.  A multi-nation war of Biblical proportions and rockets made in Iran will be the match strikes that set off this mass powder keg of anger. (Click here to download the PowerPoint file.) , will and war fighting technologies we've yet to see.

I'm not saying this with secular or religious prophecy in mind.

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