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9-11 and Iran: Did They
Have a Hand in It?

YOWUSA.COM, 14-February-2006
Marshall Masters


One must be frank.  If this scenario is accurate and Bush had revealed the Iranian complicity in the 9-11 attack and his intention to retaliate, at that time, it would have worked against him for one simple reason.  The fastest way to lose the initiative in a major conflict is to fully telegraph your intentions to your enemy in advance.

Consequently, we went to war in Iraq for specious reasons, and from a military point of view, one look at the atlas tells you why.  Iran is cornered. 

Map of Iran
  • To the North is Turkmenistan.  A former Soviet satellite with a population that 89% Sunni, it declared its "permanent neutrality" and was formally recognized by the United Nations in 1995.  No help there.  Also, there are the small nation states of Azerbaijan and Armenia.  Both are former Soviet states and committed to building Western-style democracies. 

  • To the South is the Persian Gulf, with more American warships than the Mullahs care to count. 
  • To the East are Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Definitely no help there.
  • To the West are Turkey and Iraq.  Turkey is a strong NATO partner and the most democratic and Westernized Islamic nation in the world.  It also enjoys robust trade and defense ties with Israel.  Don’t even ask.  What that leaves is Iraq.

When you look at the facts and the maps, all of the Iranian antics make perfect sense. 


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The hoped their 2004 support of George Bush’s re-election would encourage voters to run toward Kerry instead.  Lame.  Worse yet, it shows how little they understand America, and in particular, the largely-ignored flyover states. 

When compared with brainy past Presidents like Wilson, Roosevelt and Clinton,  Bush is certainly not the brightest bulb on the tree, but that’s not the point here.  What most  Americans wants in a fight is a fighter.  Frankly, we’re more interested in having the homeland defended by a mean and gnarly junk yard dog, as opposed to a pedigreed attack poodle.  

Given that they could not derail the American democratic process, the Mullahs set their sights on the Iraqi democratic process and routinely drive fleets of trucks loaded with fake ballots and fresh IEDs into Iraq.

How deliciously cruel it is that that American liberals are feeding the false hopes of the Mullahs with their Bush-bashing pronouncements, because Bush couldn’t care less.  He’s about as subtle and as determined as a junk yard dog, and now his leash is finally long enough to reach the Mullahs – and they know it!

This is probably why we’re doing the nuclear dance with Iran and why they and Syrians  have been reduced to using out-of-date cartoons to whip up Muslim sensibilities into a rage.  Rather than accepting the the many apologies, they chose to foment riots that led to needless deaths and destruction. 

Bush to Iran -- 48 hoursIn the final analysis, if Iran is in fact a 9-11 co-conspirator, the “official” explanation will be made public when Bush has the go-ahead from the U.N. and the Mullahs in his gun sights.  Then the Iranian people will be given a simple choice, and it could very well happen this year.  “Kill your Mullahs or die with them.  You have 48-hours to decide.”

For the sake of the Iranian people, I hope they choose peace.  I believe they’re not that different from the rest of us, and they simply want to go about their lives, to do business, raise children and plan for the future. 

Despite all the considerable misery their leaders have brought to other nations, the Iranian people suffered over 100,000 deaths during the Iraq-Iran war to Saddam’s American-supplied WMD.  The only other nation to suffer more WMD losses was Japan.

Iran!  Wake up!  Enough of this ‘make-the-world-in-our-own-image’ madness of your leaders.  Choose peace while there is still time, so that you can freely enjoy the simple things in life, such as the laughter of children at play.

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