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Homeland Security: Are We Creating a Terrible Monster?

YOWUSA.COM, 08-June-02
Marshal Masters


We're Still Afraid of Offending the
Sensibilities of Our Avowed Enemies

It seems that someone in the media finally the guts to call things like they really are and Lou Dobbs of CNN is to be congratulated.  However, the management of CNN (often called the Communist News Network by ultra conservatives) is taking a tentative, politically correct approach to dealing with this situation.

The Drudge Report, June 6, 2002

CNN star Lou Dobbs hit maximum controversy after calling for a 'War Against Islamists.'

Dobbs made the comments Wednesday evening during the opening segment of his MONEYLINE program, which airs worldwide on CNN.  

CNN Lou DobbsDobbs: "The government and media for the past nine months have called this a war against terror. So have we here. But terror is not the enemy. It is what the enemy wants to achieve. So on this broadcast, we are making a change... in the interests of clarity and honesty. The enemies in this war are radical Islamists who argue all non-believers in their faith must be killed. They are called Islamists. That's why we are abandoning the phrase, "War Against Terror". Let us be clear. This is not a war against Muslims or Islam. It is a war against Islamists and all who support them. If ever there were a time for clarity, it is now. We hope our new policy is a step in that direction."

The comments immediately ignited angry phone calls to CNN, according to insiders.

With stunned viewers from Arab countries registering strong complaints.

The Dobbs comments -- which were not labeled commentary -- remained intact during reruns of MONEYLINE. 

CNN News Group Chairman Walter Isaacson and Dobbs on Thursday both agreed that Dobbs should explore the "War Against Islamists" -- but in the commentary portion of his show.

This must really have perplexed the suits at CNN.  Obviously Dobbs acted unilaterally thereby leaving CNN's management with tough choice. If they reprimanded him and made him retract his statement, CNN would really look like a politically correct Communist News Network.  Nope, that would be bad for sales and these are tight times.  So, they found a little wiggle room (which is why they're paid the big bucks) and pushed the whole issue to the commentary portion or Dobb's show.   For CNN's management, it was the next best thing to Dobb's never saying it in the first place; which is what they would have really preferred.

The question that should now be in everyone's mind is whether or not the other networks will pick up on Dobb's honesty and begin calling this what it is, a "War Against Islamists," without having to check their market share polling data first.

The fact is that we have now found ourselves locked in a war to the death with maniacal Islamists and as long as those upon whom we depend upon for news are weighing the sensibilities of our enemies against their own bottom line; we're basically screwed. 

The Problem is Not America — The Problem
is Washington Not Trusting Americans

The only thing that has happened quickly since 9-11 is the way that Washington power brokers have working feverishly to move past the uncomfortable process of examining their own failings.  Now, we're entering the next stage where these same power brokers are going to being the next process — winning the turf and funding wars.

Meanwhile, Americans are not only ready for the hard truth that we are in a war to the death with Islamists, but ready to take a more active role as well. But nobody in Washington is seriously asking us to that.  Yet…

  • Pilots want to be armed and if they should have the same right as every café owner in America to say, "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason." However, liberal gun control lobbyists and the ACLU are really running things.
  • Thousands of retired police and military officers are ready to contribute their time to actively seeking out potential terrorist threats. Hey fellas, anyone seen an invitiation latey?
  • The airwaves are filled with commercials but where are the public service announcements telling Americans what to look for, and to whom they should report suspicious activities? Oh gosh, we could profile young men of Middle, when we all know that it is really the Munchinks from Oz who who are flying our airplanes into buildings.
  • Harvard students want to take their R..O.T.C. training on campus instead of having to be bused to M.I.T. because Harvard liberals are still miffed about Clinton's "Don't Talk, Don't Ask" rule regarding gays in the military.  Worse yet, some of these same students had to sit through a Jihad speech at their graduation.  Golly, let's see.  Does Harvard get Federal funding? Mor to the point, does anyone in Congress have the guts to find out? 

The bottom line is that Washington seems to be almost as afraid of Americans becoming proactive in their own defense as they are of the Islamists.  The result is that Americans are becoming less relevant to the War Against Islamists and more relevant to filling the Federal tax coffers for a new cabinet level super agency.   Consequently, all we're going to really hear in the coming years is the "sucking sound" of more money, power and control flowing to the banks of the Potomac. Worse yet, before Washington power brokers can get around to sorting out the turf wars and funding issues, we'll have already suffered another devastating attack.

Americans are in a fight to the death with the Islamists and paying taxes to Washington is not the same thing as facing this threat as a nation.  We need to let the Islamists know that they when they come here using the travel visas our government still issues to "citizens" of Axis of Evil states, that they are stepping on hostile ground, as opposed to mingling amongst helpless taxpayers.

Let's stop this PC nonsense and see to it that our new Homeland Security super agency becomes truly inclusive of all red-blooded Americans. Otherwise, all we're going to do is to create a terrible monster. 

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