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Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda — Their Thoughts Betray Them

YOWUSA.COM, 23-December-01
Janice Manning


Spread The News -- Tell!

You need to find out what your dream may mean and tell others, especially friends and loved ones. Many people on the web are dreamworkers, including this writer.  Tell your dream to a few of them and be ready for their responses.

When sharing your precognitive dreams and visions, tell everything you remember about the experience, including sensations, impressions and emotions.  Tell every remembered detail, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you.  Tell all those who will listen, especially friends and loved ones if you received a warning vision or dream.

Be ready also to experience another very powerful dream phenomenon, the shared dream.  We are finding that many important events in our lives are foretold in shared, precognitive dreams.  That was certainly the case on September 11.  People on both sides of this "war on terror" were given shared dreams with messages that indicated a coming disaster, including members of YOWUSA_Dreams.

This dreamer, Teri Gaddy, was discussing these dreams and premonitions with fellow members of her church group the day before the attacks.

Date: Mon Sep 17, 2001 2:12 pm
Subject: Dreams 9/10/01

...I was unable to sleep well. Every fiber in my body was on alert. The thunder sounded like explosions and not thunder. I opened the door several times to listen to make sure that it was thunder and not explosions.

Another friend had a vision of a faceless man sitting in her room. She was not willing at that time to confront the image. Her husband, a Gulf War Vet, also unable to sleep well moved to the couch. He dreamed of war here in the USA.

Another dreamed that she was taking her children to school where she was met by machine gun-toting solders.

This was a popular thread in the group.  Several members responded to the writer.  One response from group member Darrin Jenkins is included here.

From: darrin... <darrinm...@y...>
Date: Tue Sep 18, 2001 11:20 am
Subject: Re: [yowusa_dreams] Dreams 9/10/01


I could not sleep that night nor could my brother and another friend of mine I spoke to. I had a dream (1) night earlier in the dream it was half light and half night in the sky (almost like a dividing line), there were kids playing basketball in front of my house and I went outside with my brother to watch them. One of the players said "look" and above my house (west) was a (looked like) a comet heading north. Then I hear the news (newscasters) say that they think it is a plane or spaceship burning up and I say (and think to myself) that they are lying and it must be a comet or something real serious and they are trying to cover it up. Then I look to the east and see a second comet heading north (this one is smaller), then a shower of (looks like) meteors flashes down between both of them and then I say "Oh my God" and get on my knees and start to pray. What was strange was that even though everybody was wearing short sleeve shirts, the ground (the part even knelt upon) was covered with a light snow. That's all.

Arm Yourselves and Prepare for Battle!

Forewarned is forearmed! Each of us will be better informed if we follow the techniques suggested in this article for remembering our dreams and visions.  Additionally, in sharing our dreams and visions, we give them and ourselves power to defeat terror.

Arm yourselves and step into those dreams and visions to thwart the plans of the enemy, but do so carefully.  This article includes some valuable links that should help you to develop a more effective defense. Additionally, dreamworkers and dreams discussion groups are available online to help you to get the word out! Use them!

Perhaps using these techniques will enable us to locate bin Laden and perhaps not, but if enough people do this, we can stop terrorism by causing it to fail from within.

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