Two Suns in the Sky – Who Lives, Who Dies (2/3)

Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who Dies

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Nibiru Pole Shift – Who Lives, Who Dies

This three-part series was created especially for those in awareness, many of whom are baby boomers who have experienced dreams, visions, and premonitions about the coming Planet X tribulation and the Nibiru Pole Shift. Most since they were children and now as grandparents, they find themselves wrestling with a dilemma of denial, procrastination and deadly locations.

Those in awareness understand that there are no sugar daddies offering easy and magical solutions to their dilemmas. It is why this series offers a self-help toolkit of hope for those with the ambition to march beyond the stalemate of denial. It is one they can use to lay groundwork of safety for themselves and their loved ones for the coming decade-long, Planet X tribulation.