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Trump Booed as a COVID-19 Vaccine Bully

Trump Becomes a COVID-19 Vaccine BullyA very dark moment occurred during the August 21, 2021 Rally in Cullman, Alabama, when Trump bullied the audience to “take the vaccines.”

The headlines on the left are typical of this NBC headline, “Trump booed at Alabama rally after telling supporters to get vaccinated.

This headline is factually correct, but on the right, it’s all about alternate meanings, as explained in a recent podcast by Dave at X22.

Dave sidestepped how the audience responded; because this is a dark place he and other opinion-shapers cannot talk their way out of, which is why the speech was chopped into snippets.

For me, this rally was about the audience dynamics and having watched the entire speech multiple times, there was a defining moment in the presentation.

Instead of backing off from his faux pas and moving forward, Trump summarily dismissed the audience’s jeers and forcefully repeated, “Take the vaccines.”  Consequently, his vaccine bullying was as well-received as flatulence during sex.  It took the glow off the rose, so to speak.

As a registered Independent, I voted for Trump twice but this makes one wonder, how many Patriots left the rally that night thinking, is Trump still our guy, or has he been captured too?

I know this is a painful thing to discuss, and to those of you on the right, who will criticize me for voicing these concerns, go ahead.  I’ve endured years of being canceled by the left, but if it comes from the right for expressing these concerns, what does that say about the legitimacy of our freedom movement?

With that, let’s get into it.

Acceptable Losses

During his rally speech, Trump spoke about a quadruple amputee veteran with great compassion. It was a sad story about a man who did as his government told him and suffered his choice.

Then again, there was another quadruple amputee that Trump, Q, nor the media on either side would dare discuss.  It is a true story about a refugee who did as our government told her, and she too suffered her choice.

Jummai Nache is a Nigerian refugee.  She obediently took the COVID-19 vaccine and is now a quadruple amputee because she chose to be vaccinated.

Will anyone talk about this woman?  Few will because she’s become an inconvenient consequence of a global malevolence that boggles the imagination.

The Most Revolutionary Act, July 23, 2021
Minnesota Woman Loses Both Legs and Hands Following Second 2nd COVID-19 Shot

Jummai was working as a medical assistant in a clinic in Minneapolis and was instructed to take the COVID-19 “vaccines.”

She complied, and immediately after getting the second injection, according to her husband, “she started to experience chest pain at work.”

Please visit Jummai’s page to help her, and most importantly, to share her story with others because, like all vaccine victims, her story is being suppressed.

What I’ve observed about this suppression is that Washington elites talk about numbers – not people.  Consequently, the public is programmed to disregard the human costs. Therefore, tens of thousands of vaccine deaths and injuries are being spun with ‘acceptable losses’ sophistry.

Nonetheless, Trump’s bullying in Alabama shows us that this ‘acceptable losses’ narrative, like the vaccines, is losing efficacy.

On the one hand, this is a terrifying thing to consider because it makes us feel powerless.  However, from what I saw during that Alabama rally, nothing could be further from the truth, and I’m now going to show you why.

The Audience is Everything

For me, the only trustworthy source of power is the people.   After the Alabama rally, I would venture to say that I’m not the only one who feels somewhat blindsided by Trump’s vaccine bullying.

This is because, for over two decades, my publishing motto has been “The audience is everything,” and this is why I’ve watched every Trump rally since 2018 from start to finish.  Not for the messaging, as hearing the same stump speech time and again can get tedious.

Rather, I always focus on crowd dynamics, and here is what I saw.  The rally was well attended, and unlike most rally coverage, the cameras panned across the audience.

It was a strong and jubilant crowd and the high point of the speech was about twelve minutes in when Trump said, “Everything Woke turns to shit.” He’s got the point there.  Nonetheless, study the image above and take note of the audience.

While there are several metrics I use for my studies, here are the simple ones.   Look at the audience members behind him to see who is smiling, who is looking at you, and who is looking away.

Remember, these people who are facing the camera know they are looking into the eyes of America.  With that in mind, let’s study the following image:

Here Trump is bullying with open arms, and we see how he’s received.  What happened to all those beaming smiles and bright eyes?   Gone and in a flash.

Body language is critical, and when Trump opened his arms to force his position on vaccines, it backfired.  Instead of a comforting non-verbal gesture, his open-armed bullying was non-verbal salt in the wound, and the audience dynamics died as though someone had just thrown a big switch.

Trump retreated to the rear after that and pushed his popular points, but the magic of the event was already gone, as shown in the image below captured after Trump’s bullying.  To truly appreciate the total value of these audience dynamics, you need to watch the entire rally video and decide for yourself.

As for me, I watched the video, waiting for the crowd’s energy to rebound. Twenty minutes after the bullying, and it never did.  For entertainers, the only thing worse than that is dead air.

Let’s compare the post-bullying image with the pre-bullying image, “Everything Woke turns to shit,” as shown above.  Be sure to count the differences.  How many in the audience behind Trump are smiling, and how many are avoiding eye contact with the camera?

As to Trump’s spoken message, notice how he speaks in very general terms about our freedoms but is very specific when it comes to us taking ‘his’ vaccines.  How puzzling.

What’s the Meaning of All This?

What happened at this rally in Alabama, which happens to a state with a low vaccination rate, is that it has injected a corrosive doubt among Patriots.

Due to suppression and spin by both the right and the left, it is not going away. Instead, this faux pas will quietly fester because when Trump opened his arms wide and double-downed on “take the vaccines,” something snapped.

Trump went a bridge too far and dear Reader, let’s be honest.  Are you weary of the perpetual barrage of this information war with mixed messaging, hopium, and promises?

Q has told us the whole plan and, for the last few years, has repeatedly said, “Enjoy the show.”  Well Q, where is it?  Is there a theater or a movie poster?   No, and meanwhile, almost everything Trump did in office has been wound back, and now comes the vaccine bullying.

For me, this is an excellent thing because of what we Patriots could do with less adulation and more action.  In other words, what we need is to take off our orange-colored glasses and see who is fighting the real fight now and who is making real progress?

Above all, we need to get our collective asses off the sidelines and make some real progress.

Real Progress

The votes stolen from Trump in the 2020 election will be returned to him.  Of this, I have no doubt, but not because of anything he has done.  Rather, it is happening because enough good people have one issue in mind, free and fair elections.  This is the transcendent issue of our time, and everything else is subordinate.

As to our heroes, ignoring our concerns and telling us to take the jab is getting old.  As the old saying goes, ‘never meet your heroes, because they’re sure to disappoint you.’  Well, for many Patriots, Alabama was just that; disappointing.

It would have been much different if Trump had employed the same messaging as President Vladimir Putin of Russia.  Putin encourages people to take the vaccine.  He states in unambiguous terms that taking a vaccine is a matter of personal choice.  So the question is, how does this plays with the Russian people.

In my book Radio Free Earth: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Survival Communications, I describe how Russians viewed Western and Soviet news sources during the Cold War.

As this was explained to me during one of my trips to Russia, the folks there viewed all news reporting as propaganda.  Regardless of the source, what they looked for was “useful propaganda,” as they put it.

So this is how they lived with communism, and I seriously doubt that world view has changed one iota since the fall of the Soviet Union and Putin knows it.

Today, Americans are on the same steep learning curve about what it means to live with communism, and while the world is praying for us, we’re praying for divine intervention.

In the meantime, unless Trump reverses his vaccine bullying, it will be interesting to see how many people show up at future rallies.

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