These Weird Times

| August 13, 2015

These Weird TimesI’m noticing a clear shift these days. People are becoming more interested in preparation, as though they are standing at the edge of a precipice and unsure of what to do next – they just know they do not want to look down.

Unfortunately, most of them are wavering at the precipice and doing the one thing that will most likely cause them to survive long enough to die badly. Very badly. It is conventional “me-and-mine” prepping and it is certain to become a leading cause of violent death during the tribulation years.

Granted that seems a bit surreal, but it does fit with something a kindly supporter and friend recently commented in an email, “It is getting really weird out there.”

To be honest, when I read that, I started laughing hysterically. Then I began wondering why. That’s when it hit me.

Like conventional prepping, the word weird has become inadequate, and I’ve yet to find a suitable replacement for weird in any thesaurus. So I suppose what we need is a whole new word. Something with impact like that bug in the opening scene of the first Men in Black movie. You know, a word that hits you like a bug’s behind going through his brain after he hits a windshield.

While we can ponder a replacement for weird, what we do have in hand is a vastly better way to prepare for the tribulation ahead, and I’m going to share that with you in this article. Along the way I’ll also explain what I’m presently doing in terms of community prepping. Getting to this point has taken me over 15 years.

Back in 1999, I was like other researchers, preaching a message of fear about the dark cloud that is coming. The inherent problem with that is the focus is on fear. This is why conventional me-and-mine preparation tends to be myopically focused on contraptions and confrontation.

What my research, years of contemplation, and authoring have shown me is that this will prove to be a failed strategy. If you prepare in fear, you will die in fear. Accept no substitutes, because Frank Herbet said it best in Dune, “I must not fear. Fear is the mindkiller.”

The Achilles Heel of all fear-based shelter strategies is they’re about surviving the end of this civilization. It’s like the French building the Maginot line after WWI, only to see the Nazi blitzkrieg of WWII bypass it altogether. Like French generals fighting the last war, those who plan with fear-based strategies will fail. This is not rocket science nor is it limited to the last century.

The Argentina Example

During Argentina’s economic collapse and great depression which began at the end of the 20th century and lasted into the beginning of the 21st century, upper middle class citizens went to the countryside with me-and-mine preparation strategies, typical of what we see today. We’ve all heard the mantra. “I’ll take care of my family and everyone else can take care of their own.”

Thinking they were cleverer than most, they purchased small, inexpensive farms in remote regions where they planned to sit out the economic chaos in relative comfort. However, what they did not plan on was being hunted down by unemployed and corrupt soldiers and police who knew exactly where to find them and their wealth.

The result was that women and children were brutally raped and people were tied to beds and tortured with electricity, beatings and burned with acetylene torches. After handing over all their valuables, very few were left alive.

During a tribulation that could last up to a decade, what happened in Argentina pales in comparison with what our future portends.

The Me-and-Mine Path to Death

While you can build a snappy bunker and fill it with all kinds of wonderful things, at some point you’re going to have to come up to the surface while the tribulation is still in progress. When you do, you will be a stranger in a strange land and unlike those who have survived on the surface, there will be one noticeable difference about you– your healthy body.

This is because stealthy predators, gangs, cannibals and the such will smell your healthy bodies from over a mile away and when they do, you’re certain to die badly. Very badly. Worse yet, you’ll likely not see it coming.

This is why so many with expertise in this field continually advise, as I do, that if you want to survive, forget the me-and-mine approach. Your best chances are to survive with community of like-minded others. That being said, a survival paradigm of sheltering through the end of this civilization with like-minded others can be as equally flawed as the me-and-mine approach.

This is because it is based on an assumption that, “we’re all intelligent people and we will be able to figure it out as we go along.” If this is how you are planning to survive the tribulation, all I can say to you is, “may the odds always be in your favor,” because this is not my message of hope.

I truly do believe that the meek will inherit the Earth. Not the meek as is corruptly defined in modern dictionaries, but as the term was coined in the 12 century. These are the people I love and care about most. These are the people I serve.

I do this because the work I do is transformative. Over the last decade I have gone from being a man who only thought in terms of science to a man of science who walks humbly with Creator and is in service to Creator through my brothers and sisters.

It’s not an easy path because warning about the coming tribulation makes me feel like the prophets of old. Watch out for incoming rocks and rotten vegetables, especially from those convinced that me-and-mine planning is the “smart” thing to do. Yet, with all their zeal and hubris, they never seem to grasp that fear leads to false assumptions and death. To understand why, all we need do is to read about Noah and the Flood. Not through the eyes of judgment during times of plenty, but through the reality of a world in tribulation.

Noah and the Flood

I often ask people a simple question, “When Noah was sitting in the ark as the flood waters lifted the boat off the yokes and people were banging their fists on the hull pleading for their lives, why did Noah refuse them safety in the ark?” Simply put, why did Noah let them drown like rats?

Nine times out of ten the answer is usually something about God’s judgment, not enough food on the ark, and so forth. These answers all miss by a mile and remind me of that great line from the movie Casablanca (1942) where near the end of the film Rick kills a Nazi officer. Having seen this, Captain Renault picks up the phone, calls his police station and says, “Major Strasser has been shotround up the usual suspects.”

So what is the right answer? It is simply this: Noah was the architect, master and commander of a specially constructed vessel and was charged with the mission of restoring terrestrial life to the planet following a pole shift event. Seeing Noah in this way has changed my entire life.

No doubt, Noah sat in the ark and wept, for a man who walks humbly with his Creator could not help but be touched through his own humanity in a very profound way.

Yet, he was the architect, master and commander of a specially constructed vessel and his mission was not about surviving the end of that civilization. His mission was to provide a clean slate for the beginning of the next.

This is why Noah had to turn a deaf ear to the sounds of people pounding their fists on the hull of the Ark and pleading hysterically for their lives.

Had he ignored his mandate and let them in, what would have transpired?

  • Day 1 – Everyone would have sung Noah’s praises.
  • Day 2 – An ad hoc committee would have been formed toelect a new captain of the ark.
  • Day 3 – Noah and his family would’ve been found guilty of sedition and thrown overboard.
  • Day 4 – The ark would have burned and sunk, thereby causing the mission to fail.

Whether you read the story of Noah in the Old Testament or the more extensive version of King Sisuda and Hanok in The Kolbrin Bible, the same holds true.

Seeking to survive with people who have been in denial (in Noah’s case, for 100 years) only proves that the assumption, “were all intelligent people and we will be able to figure it out as we go along,” is both false and misleading.

The point here is that in order to survive a multi-year tribulation, you must do it with like-minded others who share a common mission. I’m not talking about intelligent people who are in service-to-self. Rather, it must be the meek who serve Creator in service-to-others, the very people I love and adore.

This brings me to what I am presently doing. This month and next, I am traveling the country doing site reconnaissance evaluations of regional areas suitable to the construction of land arks. Therein to be populated by communities that are not fear-based, but rather love-based, with a service-to-others mission. This makes all the difference. Please note, at this time, I only explain these land ark communities and how to participate in this effort through my webinars.

Suffice it to say, love-based community planning is not focused on the contraptions and confrontations of a fear-based paradigm. It is based on comfort and continuation where the need to survive the end of this civilization is a given, but not the mission itself. Rather, the mission is to provide a clean slate for the beginning of the next civilization. Mind you, I had to grow into this realization and it did not come easily to me. So for those of you who struggle, I know your growing pains. Been there. Done that.

Surviving With and For Creator

When I founded in 1999, I was a born-hard geek. No kidding, I was a Spock-wannbe complete with a “live long and prosper,” and a“Logic is a little tweeting bird chirping in a meadow” view of life. Well, that changed, and drastically so.

Were the Marshall of 1999 able to see the Marshall of 2015, he would no doubt say “oh my, you’re one of those.” So, what changed me? Why am I “one of those” today? The answer to that goes back to 2005, when I first realized the true agenda of the elites.

An agenda that connects the dots between building nuclear plants on fault lines, geo-engineering, GMO, forced vaccinations, and so forth. That being the maximum possible die back of our species during the coming tribulation. The scale of this inhuman agenda is appalling, and so 2005 was a very dark year for me.

In fact, that dark realization haunted me until 2007 when I published Planet X Forecast and 2012 Survival Guide. After the book went to press, I moved on in my studies and this is when I learned that several Nobel laureates, bereft of available answers in the science of their day, turned to the paranormal. I therefore reasoned, if it could work for a Nobel laureate, why not for me?

And so I first began the process of channeling as described in my most recent book Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks. I use a very disciplined approach, refined over the years by working with several very talented psychics. Most notable was radio host, Rebecca Jernigan.

Her Guide from early childhood was Rowena of the Elohim, and we did an extensive number of readings through Rebecca. However, I must note that one thing that always occurred, was that our psychics were shown the future by their Guides and this was always profoundly disturbing for them. Such was the case with Rebecca after many readings, just like all those before her.

During our last session with Rebecca something happened to me. It was time for me to step up to the plate so to speak, and I found myself connected with Rowena of the Elohim. It was a powerful experience. One that was both beautiful but physically exhausting and I was literally laid out on the couch for two days after that. Afterward, I was able to clearly channel Rowena.

This was a new experience for me and I wanted to see if I could do this in a public way, so I published the 2012 Wisdom of The Elohim audio series and a book with the 12-part teaching series transcript. Each of Rebecca’s readings in those 12 parts, is preceded and followed by commentary by me. However, what I have never publicly admitted, is that I channeled those commentaries through Rowena of the Elohim. It was a confidence building process for me and Rowena understood that and agreed.

I would decide each commentary topic for the reading and Rowena would channel it through me. What I set out to determine was if I could publish such a book without being ridiculed or worse yet, threatened.

While 2012 Wisdom of The Elohim was not a strong seller, it is always been well received by those who buy it and read it. This experience gave me the confidence to write and publish Being In It for the Species: The Universe Speaks.

As I explained in that book, the channeling method I use is somewhat similar to auto-writing except that I use Dragon speech-to-text software. It is the art of listening to the “Still, Small Voice Withinwith a bit of modern technology to aid the process.

Remote Viewing and Psychic Channeling

The interesting thing about psychic channeling is that it is very similar to remote viewing. Both are right brain activities. However, the difference is that with remote viewing you are connecting with something that RV instructors like Ed Dames like to call the “the Matrix,” or “the Akashic Record,” if you will.

In his seminars Ed will tell you that the American and Russian intelligence agencies use both remote viewers and psychics. The difference is that American intelligence agencies rely more on remote viewers than psychics, whereas the Russian intelligence agencies prefer psychics over remote viewers.

Nonetheless, what both American and Russian spy agencies will tell you is that psychics can provide the most valuable information.

It is likewise important to note that this is not an activity for beginners. If you are not trained in the art of channeling you will be susceptible to imposter dark spirits and message filtering by means of your own agendas. In my case, it took me several years to learn and overcome these challenges. Again, this is not something you do on your own. Find someone you trust to mentor you and take small steps.

In fact, if you have done neither remote viewing or psychic channeling, I highly advise you to begin with remote viewing. This is because remote viewing will teach you to discipline yourself so that you do not muddy your readings with your own agendas. When you achieve a level of reasonable competence with remote viewing, let your own natural talents take you the next step forward towards Creator.

Do this and your worldview will change dramatically and for the better. You will feel connected in ways that comfort you. When you begin channeling, always remember, it is not about what Creator can do for you, but about what you can do to further Creator’s mission. That mission being something I call perpetual Genesis. The eternal effort to bring life to the lifelessness of the void.

When you are in it for the species, what you are literally doing is making in an eternal perpetual genesis covenant to Creator.

What you covenant to Creator is, “I am here, in this body, in this species, on this planet and in this time and I am with you. Put me where I can best serve your mission and it will be done. When my work here is complete, I will do the same with the next species, on the next world and in the next time and so forth throughout eternity. I am with you!”

When you make that commitment, something magical happens to your life as it happened to my own. It is not an easy path, but it is soul-nourishing and magical.

What Happens Next

When you make this eternal covenant to Creator, you will begin seeing what is to happen within the context of a perpetually growing number of multiple universes and multiple dimensions. That is when you see this coming transition between civilizations and the next. Both through the eyes of the ancient Mayans and through the often overlooked wisdom of the Scriptures.

When you make this eternal covenant, you will consciously exchange fear for love on a soul level and you will draw unto yourself angels and ascended Guides who will want to assist you in every way possible. This is an immense survival advantage, because fear is a repellent to the other side.

What divides our physical reality from the eternal reality is often referred to as “the veil.” When we live in a state of fear, the veil is thickened and becomes virtually impermeable. However, when we replace fear with love, the veil can be crossed from both sides, far more easily. This is an important advantage for survival, because survival is the first order of business for the other side.

Likewise, there are no guarantees for physical survival, because fate is determined by free will. The difference between evolved spirits and dark spirits is free will. Creator and all enlightened spirits will faithfully respect your free will, whether you chose to exercise it with, or without, wisdom.

It is only the dark spirits who seek to confuse our free will, so as to inject chaos into our lives. They have no agendas other than to feed off of your life force energy, and this happens when you are in a state of fear. This is why you must be very careful and well-mentored in the art of psychic channeling, because dark spirits are very adept imposters. Yet, there are effective ways to deal with them and a good mentor will teach you those ways. This is not a self-paced, self-help instruction process.

Still the same, when it comes to fate, free will is the random factor. Exercise your free will with wisdom and an entirely new universe of possibilities will open up to you, such as knowing the timing of things to come.

Right now, the work at hand is regional reconnaissance which means a lot of travel. I will be finished with it by the end of September, because we are on a tight schedule with a good crew and pledged funding. After that, I will resume my usual publishing efforts to include a new book and a video documentary series.

Yours in service, Marshall Masters

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