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| October 20, 2021

There Is Life After GoogleDear Readers, I’m delighted to announce that is on Telegram.  For article announcements, subscribe to the Telegram Channel.

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Now here is the scoop.

[OFFICIAL VERSION] After months of evaluating various new social media platforms, we have selected Telegram as our primary social media platform.  Compared with other emerging platforms, it is a relatively mature system, and its features are a perfect fit for us.

[ACTUAL VERSION]  After I posted my liberation article back in April of this year, Big Tech took a collective, big wet juicy bite out of my ass.  Now it is root hard or die poor, but this is the life I chose, and this situation comes with the turf.  You soldier on.

Duty aside, to express my feelings, please allow me to paraphrase a great lyric from the song Alice’s Restaurant (1976) by Arlo Guthrie.

They got a building down Washington D.C.; it’s called the White House where your God-given rights get injected, inspected, detected, infected, neglected, and selected for destruction.

To appear nonchalant, one could say, “Eh, whaddya gonna do?” but frankly, the abuse does leave a mark.

However, in this terrible dark cloud of suppression, I discovered a silver lining.  To my amazement, I had unknowingly stumbled upon their deepest, darkest fear. How did I find it?  You may find this interesting, so let’s get into it.

Free Speech Under Fire

Where does this story begin?  It began when God spoke to one good man of a sign to come, and that man, in turn, shared it with me.  Before I share it with you, let me briefly speak to all who have followed my work over the years.

Our mission has always been to help you fight for your life, and given these times of great turmoil, discord, and threats, the mission has added a new dimension.

Corresponding with you has always been a steady drumbeat of hope to help me, soldier, on.   Today, Telegram is where the beat begins again.  In the future, you’ll see on other free speech platforms as well.

Friends, this is the time of the gathering.  A time when the evolution of our species can germinate wherever good souls in awareness plant their resolve with a true sense of common cause.

To all those of you who share my feeling, I look forward to seeing you on Telegram.  Also, I’d like to give a thankful shout-out to Jim Cobbett for the meme idea.  If you like it, please share it with others, and now, the story.

The Story

The story began in September 2020.  I had just completed my road trip from California to Maine, and the first place I stayed in Maine was at the mountain cabin of an old friend, Peter Kling, author of Letters to Earth.

That was when Peter began sharing a prediction to me then, and on several other occasions:

“God’s final judgment shall be given through the voices of children.”-Peter Kling

I often thought about that prediction and its simple and humane elegance.  While I could grasp the concept intellectually and see its truth, I struggled to connect with it at an existential level.

All this would change, and in a way that Q often proffers. “Future proves past.”  The vitriolic Big Tech abuse I suffered in April 2021 was the future event that proved the past.  Namely, the first time I heard Peter’s prediction.

How did I make the connection?  It began with anguish as these things so typically do.

The Dark Cloud

In April 2021, I published my article about the liberation of species, and what happened next changed the direction of my mission., April 26, 2021
The Liberation of Humanity

The Liberation of HumanityA terrible vengeance will claim millions if not hundreds of millions and trigger a global freedom movement into action in the months ahead.

Concurrently, the hotly suppressed election audit in Maricopa County, AZ, if allowed to proceed, will set in motion Trump’s eventual return to the White House, wherever that may be.

Meanwhile, the zeitgeist alarm is louder than ever before!   The Great Awakening is real, and it is about much more than an election.  It is about the liberation of all humanity from the bonds of slavery – forevermore!

At that time, I was receiving moderation warnings from AdSense about articles posted on, but nothing happened.

That was until this article, and this is when they unleashed hell on me.  At the time, I understood what was happening to me and what to do.  Yet, I could not determine exactly what had provoked their attacks on me.  I resolved to start a log and to keep a lookout for useful clues, and by golly, they turned up.

When tech giants went berserk, and the blows can fast and heavy:

  • Facebook and YouTube froze me out of accounts.
  • AdWords canceled a successful two-year campaign that a Google representative helped me create. It happened to contain the word “God.”
  • AdSense just terminated my account because they reserve the right to dictate terms to customer-owned websites they do not own or operate.

Another event that aggravated Google was the last step in my update to this year.  I removed all of the Google embeds in the site on my site except for one.  It was dug in like a tick in a hound dog’s ear, and after my developer removed it, things got really nasty.

Nonetheless, you go forward, and the months it took to complete this update yielded great results.  The entire site and the archives are faster now and much easier to navigate.  Also, all Cut to the Chase interviews before 2015 are freely available now.  Please enjoy.

I’m glad to say that the update of and the rollout of are a success.

Now, there is life after Google for what it is worth, but getting there is painful.

An Ugly Parting

All I knew back in April of this year was that Big Tech was viciously kicking me to the curb, and I needed a Plan B – fast!

God showed me the way, and while I’ve met the challenge, one piece of the puzzle was still missing.  What precisely triggered their sudden, collective rage?

On the evening of October 8, 2021, I got the clue after a supporter sent me an email with a link to a Dark Web organ harvesting video posted on Bitchute.

I followed the tip, and the video was profoundly disturbing.  Wanting to see how others would react, I sent the video link to several folks, and their reactions came back quickly that evening.

Patriots uniformly said it’s been happening for centuries, and the Woke freaked out about their tranquility being disturbed.

The following day, I checked to see if the video was still up, and Bitchute had removed it.  I wondered about that until I read their terms of service.   The first reason they give for deleting these kinds of videos is that they reveal a shocking truth that Bitchute chooses to suppress.

Enough was enough, and I decided to speak up and posted an article later that day describing what happened., October 9, 2021 is a Globalist Sham

Yesterday I found an organ harvesting video on that was gut-wrenching.

In the first few minutes, you see a toddler running past, bodies torn open for their organs, crying for her mother and father because she knows she’s in a place of death.

When I watched this video, I was mortified by the sight of this innocent toddler racing past gutted bodies as fast as her tiny legs could carry her and crying out for her parents.

The desperate terror in her voice said it all.  She knew she would come to an equally bad at the hands of these inhuman monsters.

When I watched this video, I was mortified by the sight of this innocent toddler racing past gutted bodies as fast as her tiny legs could carry her and crying out for her parents.

The desperate terror in her voice said it all.  She knew she would come to an equally bad at the hands of these inhuman monsters.

After publishing the article, I resumed the final touches on my websites so I would finally have time to contemplate the Big Tech question.  What precisely had triggered their sudden, collective rage?

The Dots Finally Connect

Friday of the following week, I completed my website projects, and over the weekend, I finally had time to work on the, who shot john of it all.

I gathered my log notes and reconstructed the events to determine the exact cause of the tech giants going berserk.

My working assumption is that losing one platform would be A.I. automation; however, a concerted effort to harm is man-made.  Thus, I was able to make two determinations.

The keyword “God” is what triggered the first termination punishment by Google AdWords., and that being to cancel and delete

Furthermore, in my article The Liberation of Humanity, I reference the word “God” several times as well, and it was after posting this article Big Tech went berserk.

What made sense was that I used a high-value keyword for the A.I., but that does not explain the sudden and concerted berserk behavior.

Here, I’ve been doing this for a while, and I know how many things work.

What happened is that the A.I. found a unique keyword trio, “God’s,” “punishment,” and “children,” within the same sentence.

God’s final judgment shall be given through the voices of children.”-Peter Kling

As they say, three strikes, and you’re out.  This keyword trio flagged the page for high-level action by a human minder, which in turned, triggered a conscious decision to severely punish me in concert with other Tech Giants, which finally brings me to the silver lining in this story.

The Silver Lining

To my amazement, I realized that all this sudden berserk behavior was due to a straightforward conclusion.

I had unknowingly stumbled upon their deepest, darkest fear just as the future proves past, and it began on September 20, 2020, when I first heard Peter say:

God’s final judgment shall be given through the voices of children.”-Peter Kling

God spoke these words to Peter, who in turn said them to me, and when I publically shared these words with others, their darkest fear was revealed.

Dear Readers, this is the silver lining in all this, because it will be challenging to get people to watch these videos, although they must.

Most will be dismissive with quips like “It’s been happening for centuries,” or they’ll turn away in a desperate attempt to shield their self-imposed nativity.

What can cut through all this denial and aversion is the audio, and I should know.  I’ve recorded and edited Cut to the Chase podcasts for years.

When I watched that Dark Web video, I saw the toddler’s stilted leg walk, and it was apparent she had only been walking for a few weeks.  To see her running past the entrails of gutted bodies in a desperate hunt for her parents was a horrible sight.

But what cut through me like a hot knife through butter were this toddler’s desperate pleas for her mother and father to appear.  You can’t Photoshop that kind of horror in a toddler’s voice.  That is when I connected at an existential level to what we must know and so here is the truth of it.

People can avert their eyes and turn away, but sound travels.

This is how God will pass judgment upon the evil ones and why they dread this, in ways we cannot imagine, but what we can do is to get the word out.


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