The00Skyview Youtube Channel — Commandeered by Impostors?

| February 2, 2016

The00Skyview Team - Commandeered by Impostors?This morning I received the following flash message from Barbara, the lead administrator for our Planet X Town Hall message board: “Marshall just a quick msg leaving the house now… TH stringer Aldwyn sent me a msg. He noticed two new The00skyview Team videos link below.”  The instant I played the video links in this message I suspected an impostor had posted them, and this article explains why.

I’ve followed the work of the Skyview Team over the years and posted a collection of 18 of their videos on my channel.


As a result of intensive attacks, The00Skyview posted their last video in May 2014, titled OUR LAST YOU TUBE VIDEO. This was the result of the intensive attacks on this team by disinformation wolf packs and by disinformation operative David Greg a.k.a “dazzathecameraman.”

Anonymity Invites Hijacking

The initial Skyview channel was hijacked by disinformation operatives and so the team had to start another YouTube channel, or lose their anonymity in reclaiming their original channel. For those who find this difficult to understand, here is the process.

Disinformation operatives use government intelligence assets to capture the YouTube login of the target.  Then they log in and change the email, thereby hijacking the account.  This tactic has been used time-and-again over the years and was first witnessed with NibiruShock2012 back in 2008.

In order for the original creators of the channel to recover it from Google, they have to forfeit their anonymity with full identity disclosure.  If these original creators are whistle-blowers under a non-disclosure agreement of any kind, any attempt to recover their account would be admissible and damning evidence in a criminal prosecution.  Therefore, the original creators are prevented from recovery to prevent incriminating themselves, or simply because they do not want to reveal their identities.

At that point, the disinformation operatives who hijacked their anonymous channel have a free hand to twist it with whatever propaganda, suppression, and disinformation they choose.  With this in mind, let’s see why the original creators of the The00skyview were forced into silence back in 2014.

The00skyview Under Siege

The worst of the attacks on The00skyview team, which included the commandeering of their YouTube channel, occurred in 2013 as documented in our analysis the following year:, 2-February-2014
Now Seen in the Western Sky

The original video, NOW SEEN IN THE WESTER SKY was first posted on October 21, 2013 by The00Skyview. It was later removed which is consistent with the ups and downs we first observed in early 2013. Nonetheless, it went viral.

The leading strength of this video is that it has clear provenance. The producer and the channel are the same people. This is not so with the response video on the Dazzathecameraman channel.

The response video, Now Seen in the Western Sky 2 , was produced by Nutcracker. It was initially posted on the Cosmophobia channel, and then reposted on Dazzathecameraman. As of January 31, 2014, the Cosmophobia channel shows no uploaded videos.

Within hours after the team posted their video, NOW SEEN IN THE WESTERN SKY, the channel was hijacked by disinformation operatives and the video was removed. Following this, a propaganda response that was created by an anonymous team named Nutcracker was then re-posted on a YouTube channel operated by Cosmophobia. It was removed from Cosmophobia after it had been downloaded and re-posted by David Greg a.k.a dazzathecameraman.

For a more detailed view of how disinformation operatives like dazzathecameraman attack legitimate researchers, be sure to read Giant Body Behind Saturn Entering Solar System — Dazzathecameraman Debunked.

With this in mind, let’s return to why I suspected that an impostor posted two videos last month on this hijacked The00Skyview channel.

The Opening Title Tells It All

Like, The00Skyview uses what video producers call an opening title to start their shows.  Therefore, The00Skyview is in possession of the original HD production source files to begin all their videos with.

In the following screen shots please keep the following in mind:

  • The capture is from the first frame of each video exactly as it was posted on YouTube.
  • All of the videos are available in 1080p High Definition (HD) download.

With this in mind, examine each of the images in the gallery below from left to right.

What was immediately obvious to me is that the opening title on the two impostor videos was a screen capture, or low-resolution download, from a re-posted The00Skyview video.  The impostor opening titles start later than the authentic opening title.

Even more telling is the resolution.  The poor resolution of the impostor opening titles clearly demonstrates that whoever posted these videos is not in possession of the authentic, original HD production source files.  However, this was only the first of my suspicious.

Agenda Modus Operandi

As the old saying goes, everything happens for a reason.  This is not to say those reasons are obvious at first glance as was explained in our latest article on Planet Nine., January 29, 2016
Michael Brown and Planet Nine — What is the Real Planet X Agenda?

The underlying cause or the cynicism regarding the CalTech announcement of Planet Nine is the suspicion of an agenda of intentional obfuscation. Do the facts warrant such suspicion? And if so, is there a simple test by which we can make such a determination? Yes.

Thanks to the efforts of Planet 7X creator, Gill Broussard, we have an example of a clear pattern of intentional obfuscation with which we can test the Calech/Brown announcement of Planet Nine. The modus operandi is:

Modus Operandi
Gill Broussard CalTech/Brown
Change the Name for Planet X Planet 7X Planet Nine
Change the Distance (Threat) 360 Years Orbit
[nothing too terrible happened]
10,000 to 20,000 Years Orbit, 200 AU
[not in our lifetimes; stays far away]
Commandeer the Topic Attack Sitchen Attack ALMA,
Attack historical astronomers

Those who dismiss this as coincidence do not want you to be aware of the facts. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at each modus operandi as applied by both Gill Broussard and CalTech/Brown.

When I watched the impostor videos –Planet 9 a soft landing and When the trumpet sounds here is what I observed:

  • Completely different production style than the original The00Skyview producers.  The style is more similar to debunked disinformation videos.
  • The timing of these impostor videos — right on the heels of the CalTech / Mike Brown announcement of Planet Nine.
  • Support for the first tactic of this modus operandi, that being to “Change the Name for Planet X” to Planet Nine.

Therefore, given the obvious forgery of the opening title plus these other issues, what we’re observing are the efforts of a impostor using a hijacked YouTube channel in support of the third tactic of this modus operandi, that being to “Commandeer the Topic.”

All of this is, of course, debatable, however this morning the universe handed me a smoking gun.

The Smoking Gun

After watching both impostor videos, I posted the following comment on YouTube for each:

Marshall: I’m very familiar with the previous 00Skyview productions and this does not pass the smell test. I think this channel was commandeered and is now being run by impostors.

To my surprise, the answers to my comment came within minutes.  This alone was odd, because when it came to response times, the original The00skyview team was very slow, as in the old adage, “the oxen are slow but the Earth is patient.” With that in mind, here are the responses I received today:

Planet 9 a soft landing – Response to Marshall

The00skyview: We added many new members so the videos are a bit different and being done by one of the newest members, also were going to be kicking off a new web site very soon.

One of the newest members?  For the record, what we observed with the shut down of the original The00Skyview team was a common tactic of divide and conquer.  A mole is worked into the group or a member is compromised.  Either way, the mole or compromised member will cause the group to splinter and fail. Again, arguable, but then came the smoking gun.

When the trumpet sounds – Response to Marshall

The00skyview: No Marshal we got the channel back, not sure how to convince you but it’s us.

The00skyview: I wanted to post to you on Planet x town hall but don’t remember the e mail we used, very sorry.

Whoever this impostor is, referring to an abandoned Planet X Town Hall message board member account was an unequivocal smoking gun for the following reasons:

  • Since 2012, you cannot get Planet X Town Hall member account anonymously through the normal application process managed by Barbara, our lead admin.
  • All dormant member accounts used prior to our new 2012 application process were deleted from our server.
  • As the owner of the Planet X Town Hall I’m the only one who issues special purpose, anonymous accounts and I never issued any such accounts for The00Skyview.
  • While I did have back-channel communications with The00Skyview team, we never used the Planet X Town Hall.

So what’s the bottom line?  Whoever is operating the The00Skyview Channel, come forward and do what I and other honest sources do.  Put your names and and your faces on your work and let us vet you and your backgrounds.  Otherwise, pack it in, because you’ve been busted.

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