The Plan

| October 22, 2023

The PlanMy dear readers, these are troubling times as the winds of war turn into hurricanes.  I wish to apologize to you for being absent for so long.

It’s because I am beavering away on my next book, but today, a wonderful reader wrote me to say, “I hope you post something soon.”

I am in service to you, my dear readers, so let’s take a moment to address the current situation as I see it.

One thing you notice while following the White Hats is that everything is in motion, and the Deep State is much more extensive than we thought.

As terrifying as things are, this is a magnificent time because the smartest, biggest, most badass White Hat Chihuahuas imaginable are mounting one globalist Great Dane after another.  Oorah, get some!

The White Hats assure us there is a plan, but no details are offered as we’re in a fluid situation of disinformation and games and theory.

There is a plan, and in this article, I will tell you exactly who formulated that plan, why, and how it is being executed today.  Once you know this, it may help to put your mind at rest so you can more effectively navigate the frightening times ahead.

Fear is the Mind Killer

For those of you who have been following my Revelation and Planet X articles, I’m gratified to see their popularity, and the feedback that I have been getting from you has been phenomenal.

One thing that became obvious is that when we look at the entirety of what is to come, that information becomes horribly overwhelming, and this makes us despondent; we sink into fear-based emotions. When that happens, we are no longer critical thinkers. We become dumb, panicky animals.

What the reader feedback showed me was that the information was appreciated but that it was inundating for my readers.

This is not the path of love. The path of love is to take small steps so others can open their eyes and find the will to choose a lane.  There will be no cheap seats for this tribulation.

This is why I have been beavering away on my next book.  Revelation and Planet X: The Kolbrin Bible Indigo Connection.   For those of you who have followed my work over the years, you know I’m not generous with spoilers. But this one time, I’m going to make an exception and share something with you that will be in the book.

Pinball Wizard

One thing that is amazing to note is that people tend to believe that the path to awareness is somewhat linear, where evidence builds fact upon fact.  Poppycock.

The natural path to awareness is a pinball game, and you are the ball. When you think you’re going in the right direction, pal, a bumper sends you flying in another direction. Worse yet, it could be right into the path of a flipper that will send you somewhere else. Consequently, your path of awareness is more like pow, bang, boom, pow, flip, bang. Or something along that line.

This brings me to my path of discovery and how I found the man who wrote it, when, and how it works.

When I started in 1999, I was a pure science guy. Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.  Sixty percent of my audience was in the Washington D.C. area.

In 2002, whistleblowers began sharing with me what was happening in the Obama administration.  You need to know that there really are good people in the government who have a soul and who care.

I will tell you what I told each of them. “Do not come forward. You will be casting your pearls before swine, branded a conspiracy theorist, and worse.  After that, the best you can hope for is to spend the rest of your life slinging hash and living in a weekly motel alone. Instead, record everything and keep separate copies because there will be a reckoning one day.  This is when you step forward.”

I heard their sorrow and their tears, and thankfully, I could help them.  Just to know, you could tell it to someone who understood and appreciated the intelligence.  It meant the world to them.   Nonetheless, it was a descent into darkness for this science guy, and listening to Peggy Lee singing “Is That All There Is” on an infinite loop is not a solution.

The only way back to the light was to serve God with science and common sense.  It saved me and in the process, I’ve come to see myself as one of God’s many technical writers.  All the books I’ve written are all about these days because I have been shown them.

As I see, I work for God, Inc., and I’m in a cubicle; the hours are long, forget the pay and the benefit package is a lifetime supply of dental floss.  But I do love the life.

Like those of you in awareness, you know it starts.  Catastrophic dreams, visions, and premonitions that haunt you all your life.  That is why my mission has always been to tell you that you are not alone.  To reassure you that you are not alone or to be branded a freak.

Instead, you have brothers and sisters in awareness, and you cannot see them because, with God’s plan, you scatter the good.  But I see you.  I see all of you and the magnificent beauty of your struggle to cope with knowledge that torments your soul.  It makes you special in ways you cannot begin to imagine.

My job as one of God’s technical writers is not to tell you about things you cannot imagine.

It is to help you find truths that resonate within you because you and you alone put them there.

When you do, that is when you become a pinball wizard, imagination and all.  With this thought in mind, let’s drop the ball and see where it rolls.  Because the only way for you to truly understand “The Plan” is to understand my path of discovery.  Only then will it make perfect sense.

That One Thing

I published several Planet X books over the years, and it has always been to help people survive what is coming.   My dear readers, it will not be pretty, but if you are aware and ready to fight for your life and the lives of your loved ones, you can and they will survive what is coming.  Know that!

When I write my books, I have the most fantastic library in the Cosmos. It’s called heaven.  I’m psychic, and I talk across the veil when I need to create solutions for my readers.  This is not about where did Uncle Henry bury the money?   Go see a gypsy for that.

For me, readings are about solving technical problems for the books.  Woohoo! I can plug into a cosmic think tank, and here’s the best part: anybody can do this.

For newbies, the smart and safe way to begin is with remote viewing before moving on to psychic work and, most especially, asking Heaven to send you a mentor.  He or she will show up, so be patient.   Otherwise, do not attempt this alone.  Beware, there are nasties out there.

Now, here is where this pinball wizard was blindsided by a bumper you never saw coming.

When writing my books, I do problem-solving readings with God, my ancestors, Guides, and Ascended Masters.

What I’ve observed about the other side is that they are like us in one respect.   They are all a jack of all trades, so to speak, but they’ve all got one thing in common.  They all got their thing, which is how I connect with them.  It’s like watching Curly in City Slickers.  “That one thing.”

This brings me to my path of discovery.  If you skip over it, “The Plan” will not make sense because there is only one entity I cannot read.  That is, Jesus.

As I’m not a Christian, this never bothered me, but I felt the need to understand this, and that search for truth took me in a completely unexpected and immensely useful direction.  So, let’s walk the path.

Path of Discovery

My father insisted I be baptized, and in the middle of the ceremony, I started painting everyone, starting with the priest.  Mom said I was loaded for bear and had a pretty good lift on it.  Eh, whaddya gonna do?

However, my path of discovery to this very article, began when I was a boy of nine, when I first learned that my entire maternal family in Europe had died in the Holocaust.  This black hole in my family tree gutted me, and so I chose to honor them as a Jew because both of my parents told me I had the right.

However, things changed after my mother divorced my father for adultery.  That plus my choice to be Jewish resulted in terrible antisemitic abuse by my Catholic grandmother and father for years and what they called me and my mother was disgusting.   The only way to cope was for them to become nothing to me and eventually, they did.

Nonetheless, the anti-Semitism was traumatizing for me, and for many years, Jesus was a death word.  Especially when it was preceded by “My,” and it stayed that way for a long time until I realized the need to find a more constructive way to deal with this.

That was when I found a way to have a relationship with Jesus thanks to Nazi law. Under Nazi law, if you had one Jewish grandparent, you could serve in the Army as a noncommissioned officer and never hold political office.  But, if you had two or more Jewish grandparents, you went to the camps.

That was when I found Jesus in a manner of speaking.

I only have two Jewish grandparents, but he has four, which means if we both had been incarnated at that time, his ashes would be flying out of the crematoria stacks as my train would be pulling in.  It was a brother of death, but it was a step in the right direction.  Or at least, a workable one.

Then during a major out-of-body experience in Israel at the Mount of the Beatitudes, in April 2000, the Ascended Masters showed me something that made me open my mind.  It also terrified me because I could just imagine crosses burning on my lawn.

I turned to my Jewish friends to talk about it, they just said I was being a little crazy and not to pay attention.  Thanks for nothing, guys!

That was when I began to meet what I call spiritual Christians. They’re easy to find. Just ask them how many churches and study groups they have been kicked out of for asking questions that are not on thou shalt only ask questions from this list – list.  After you catch your breath from all the hysterical laughter, I began to have amazing conversations.  It’s why they are my favorite folk.

It’s not about checklists or dogma.  They are past that.  Instead, I found that spiritual Christians aren’t interested in middlemen and spiritual tollbooths.  They read His teachings, they love His teachings, they love Him for that, and He loves them back.  It’s a beautiful thing to see, but back to cases—namely, my inability to do readings with Jesus.

I tend to get stuck on points this way, but oddly, when I started researching this with my Guides, it was the one topic I felt I had to pull teeth to get answers for because they were holding something back.

So I pushed again, and I was told that the years of vitriolic anti-Semitic abuse by my grandmother during my childhood had deeply scarred my soul and that this was blocking my ability to read Him.

That seemed peculiar because I can and regularly do read God, but not Jesus.  Yet, there are a lot of Christians out there who talk with Jesus every day.    Now it was a puzzle, so I pushed again and finally learned why the hesitation.

I was told with a certain measure of hesitancy that the concern on the other side is whether or not you can handle the truth.  This is why they hesitated.  They explained that when people learn this, they tend to fall into deep despair with awful results, and the Guides were concerned I would do the same.

That made sense, so I had to think about that for a few days, and then I remember my family telling me that when my grandmother was a few weeks from passing, she moaned and cried hysterically each night and they didn’t know why.

What I learned was the scars she had inflicted upon my soul as a child had also been inflicted upon her soul as well.  There are no do-overs when you scar an innocent, and you get what you give.

My grandmother came from a wealthy from a wealthy family in Italy that was closely aligned with Mussolini, so most likely, I was not the only skeleton in the closet.  She knew she was dying and couldn’t find Jesus.  That’s why she cried hysterically.

However, I want to point out with enduring gratitude that all of my paternal family, save for my grandmother and father, all gave me their unequivocal support.

Good, hardworking steel-town Catholics; they always said that this is America and that I am free to choose.   I lost them due to this vitriol, but I will always miss them and pray that God will watch over them.

Back to cases.  The point here is that my work is the driving force of my life. I am a childless man, the books I create for my readers so that they can survive are my children.

So, why can’t I read Jesus?  I returned to the Guides and pressed again, saying, what gives?

They are eternally patient and helpful but it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that on the other side, they were thinking, “What’s with this guy?  Is he selling vacuum cleaners or something?”

It was time to clear the air.  I told them to relax because I cannot regret losing something I’ve never had nor wanted, so why get upset?  He’s in His lane, and I’m in mine, and we’re both serving the same mission: the survival and evolution of our species.  All we have is a failure to communicate, which can be debugged, so let’s put that in the TBD column for now.

Besides, I have achieved all of my goals and continue to do so without the assistance of Jesus. However, it would be nice to talk to him after reading the first-hand Celtic biographical reports of meeting Jesus and his family and followers as described in The Kolbrin Bible.  I go with the Ancient Celtic take on this.

In reply, I was told that while it is possible to remove the scars during incarnation, it requires great time and effort.  So, what happened next did I implode or something?  Nope. However, I must admit that I’ve never had to press the Guides this hard for anything it is perplexing.

My answer back was, that the tribulation is beginning, so let’s stay the course.  Jesus is a righteous dude, and I like his teachings, so please relay a message to him that I’ll catch him between incarnations, and we’ll get the wheels on the wagon.   It was cheerfully and immediately relayed.

Imagine it.  I’ve come a long way from believing that Jesus is a death word.  Wouldn’t you say?  Back to cases.

I’m still working and why can’t I read Jesus?

The question sticks because I’ve asked this of my Guides a few times over the last thirty years.  The answer was always, “He’s incarnated elsewhere and is unavailable.”  Say what?

Some things you let slide, but at this point, enough was enough.  I’m not backing down, and I’m not freaking enough of this dillydallying and let’s cut to the chase.

I go back again and wouldn’t take incarnated elsewhere for an answer.  I wanted more. I pushed yet again and got the following answers.

There are many ascended masters, and each has lived hundreds and hundreds of lives, and they can do amazing things.  However, Jesus is the only ascended master, according to my Guides, who is multi-dimensional.  (Between us, I couldn’t help but sense an admiring bit of “Now how does he do that?”)

As usual, I let the answer percolate for a while and found that was still short of the answer.  Why is Jesus unavailable to me He is incarnated elsewhere at the moment.

This time I finally got the answers I needed.

Remember when I said everyone on the other side of the veil has their own “thing?”  Here is His thing and why I cannot read Jesus while perhaps you can.

Jesus is the only multi-dimensional ascended master and is the closest one to God.  His thing is to trigger the ascension of sentient races all throughout Creation.  He alone has the unique ability to incarnate in several lifeforms throughout the Cosmos simultaneously.  Consequently, if you cannot catch him between incarnations, only those who speak to him with genuine love in their hearts can speak with Him.

Trust me, I know.  I’ve been on hold for over thirty years, which brings us to White Hats and their mysterious “Plan,” because now that I know Jesus’ thing, I know what to look for, and I found it.  I think you’re going to like this.

The Plan

I pestered my Guides like a vacuum cleaner salesman, and I know that Jesus has a thing.  He triggers ascension in young species throughout the Creation.  Cool.  Now that I know “his thing,” I also know what to look for, and I found it.

Youngs Literal Translation (1998)
John 2, Jesus Clears the Temple Courts

13 And the passover of the Jews was nigh, and Jesus went up to Jerusalem,

14 and he found in the temple those selling oxen, and sheep, and doves, and the moneychangers sitting,

15 and having made a whip of small cords, he put all forth out of the temple, also the sheep, and the oxen; and of the money-changers he poured out the coins, and the tables he overthrew,

16 and to those selling the doves he said, ‘Take these things hence; make not the house of my Father a house of merchandise.’

Now you know that while I like Jesus, I’m not a starry-eyed Christian with an agenda to push; let’s get to the bottom line.

Why does Jesus talk so often about these times?  Because He’s been here already, seen it, done it, and bought all the tee-shirts.

If I could go back in time to be a fly on the wall, oh yeah, I’d love nothing more than to watch Him making His whip.  He could have cleared the Temple Courts by preaching against them and shaming them.

It would have worked because when the PR is bad, you close up shop, go home for the day, and wait for it to pass.  This time, it would not be business as usual.

A whip is like a gavel.  When you hear the crack of either one, you turn to see who is wielding it.  Therefore, like a gavel, a whip is also a sign of authority, and how He used it matters because that was the day Jesus gave us The Plan.  So what did he show us?

The whip represents the authority of law.  You do not whip the evil ones, but you use the whip to disrupt their operations.  Then you shame them.

With this in mind, here is how I read these scriptures from John 2.

THE PLAN:  And Jesus said to the future:

Those there, the Central Bankers of your time.  They are your enemies of the Truth and the Light.  You will destroy them with the law. By disrupting their operations.  And by publicly shaming them with the truth of their evil deeds.  Only then can you commit them to the eternal death of the void and forever free all of God’s children from their shackles of slavery.

He paid an awful price because the Central Bankers paid the Romans to do the wet work, and they, in turn, pinned it on the Jews.  At that point, it was game on and has been ever since.  Welcome to the party.  You got here just in time to get the check.

So that’s the White Hat plan.  Now go and see what Trump is doing and what Q and the Anons are saying and doing.


    • Use the law.
    • Disrupt their operations.
    • Shame them with the truth.

Everything else is multidimensional chess.  Once the plan is complete, Trump the Matador will thrust a mighty sword of good between the shoulder blades of this inhuman dark beast.  At least, that’s my take on it.

Still the same, it’s working people.  Have hope and hang on because The Plan really is working.


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