The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of Q

| March 9, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QMany have heard about Q and The Great Awakening and but only now are we seeing a Planet X connection and its good news for humankind. This is because as the Great Awakening unfolds, this global movement will dramatically change the future in terms of who lives and who dies during and after the upcoming Planet X flyby. How so?

Simply put dear reader, the Great Awakening is a global sociological event, a grass-roots resistance comprised of multiple, independent movements. What or who do they oppose?

In America, the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement seeks freedom from the social and financial oppression of Globalists and their Central Bank and Deep State minions.

For those who follow the topic of Planet X, understanding this global sociological event is essential, regardless of whether you are for, against or indifferent about it. Consequently, over the past few months, I’ve informally polled several members of my audience.

Quite a few are already on top of this, but many are not yet fully aware of what is happening with these global movements other than the tidbits of disinformation and misinformation they see on mainstream media. For this reason, I’m writing this article for those of you who are relatively new to this topic and wondering what the commotion is all about.

First, we’ll discuss general concepts to include how I came to the topic, pre-Q history and a short lexicon of terms used by those in the Great Awakening MAGA movement here in America. Then I will share with you amazing predictions about the Great Awakening and President Trump that were penned 3,600 years ago by the ancient Egyptians in The Kolbrin Bible.

With this in mind, we’ll cover the good news first because it really is good news. Then we’ll address the prophecy or the bad news if you will. Warning, you may find these predictions to be very disturbing.

The Good News

It is a given that the Globalists have tendrils deep into all four quarters of the globe. Therefore, what are the chances that these grass-roots freedom movements can succeed? That’s an interesting question, as history is unfolding before our very eyes.

For those who insist on odds about who wins, let me put it this way. Imagine the biggest, baddest, smartest, fastest and most aggressive Chihuahua in the world, mounting a somewhat perplexed Globalist Great Dane. Do the math for yourself doubters. As for the rest of you, here is the good news.

No matter how this all plays out, the ability for Globalists to impose their Agenda 21 goals for global socialism and depopulation resulting from the upcoming Planet X flyby through the core of our system has already been disrupted. As these moments grow and advance, this disruption increases and this spells hope for survivors, because the outcome will determine the fate of humanity for countless generations to come.

If the Globalists overcome this disruption, our descendants will be shackled to the yoke of slavery through centralized socialism, and they will bear the mark of the beast for countless generations to come.

Conversely, if the disruption is too significant for the Globalists to suppress, then humanity has a real chance to rise up from the ashes and to build a clean slate for an enlightened future. What I like to think of like a Star Trek future and later in this article, I’ll share with you exactly what is happening now and whey it is a disrupting the Globalist agenda.

As a Planet X researcher, this is the most heartwarming and hopeful news I’ve heard and seen since I published my first Planet X article in January 2002. Between then and now, there were many dark years of doubt about the future of humankind.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition

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Several accounts describe an object in orbit around our sun called the “Destroyer,” which the Celtic authors call the “Frightener.” According to recently translated Sumerian texts, this object (also known as Nibiru or Planet X) is in a 3600-year orbit around our sun, andThe Kolbrin Bible warns us of its imminent return and of yet another Biblical tribulation.

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It was in 2006, that I came to understand what was in store for humanity. An ignorance-to-the-death outcome, designed to serve the power-lust of shadowy, despotic and sociopathic world leaders and shakers. Ergo, in the context of the forthcoming Planet X flyby, the Great Awakening is, in reality, a modern, global battle of good versus evil, on a scale never seen before.

For now, let me say that for the first, I am inspired with new hope for our species and I want to celebrate this by sharing my own path to Q experience with those of you who are new to the topic. As you will see, it is not an easy journey, and yes, it can be a bit daunting.

My Path to Q

We each come to awareness in our own way. Luckily for me, my first Great Awakening briefing from a trusted source in law enforcement many months before Q first appeared.

He calmly laid it all out for me as I pensively sipped my latte. At that time, as my source explained, there were only three designations: The Great Awakening, the Alliance a.k.a. The White Hats, and the Globalists a.k.a a.k.a. Black Hats.

For those of you who enjoy western novels, this is pure Louis L’Amour. The good guys wear white hats, and the bad guys wear black hats. They all have ponies and six-shooters, but in the end, the white hat always wins.

Given that I enjoy reading Louis L’Amour westerns, what was my takeaway from this momentous briefing? To be honest, I was a bit conflicted, but as I’ve since learned, this is normal for the first encounter, which is the first step in what I would find to be a three-stage immersion process.

Stage One – Resolving Conflict

Resolving conflict is the first step in the immersion process, and it is a cool sounding way to say “oh crap, please tell me it ain’t so!” But then again, you know it is, and this realization initiates the immersion process… so back to the latte.

There I am, sipping my latte as I hear all this for the first time from a good man who straps in on each day and trains and leads a team of dedicated professionals who put their lives on the line for others.

Throughout the briefing, I kept thinking to myself, “what is the meaning of all this?”

This is another cool sounding thing to say because it means that instead of shooting from the hip, you decide to go into lurker mode, which beats the hell out of sticking your head in the sand. Then again, expect the unexpected.

Being in lurker mode is a gentle, low-stress immersion experience, that is, until the day that your gravy days of low-key, arms-length, lurker dabbling come to a screeching halt.

Oh boy. That’s when you know that you’ve gone and done it. You’ve asked yourself “hmmmm…. That’s interesting. Now, what exactly am I seeing here?” Feather two Harry, we’re going in. Enter stage two, finding proof.

Stage Two – Finding Proof

Stage Two – Finding Proof is where you buckle down and do your homework. In fact, that is how this all works. You must do your homework because the process of immersion into the Q community is about following a methodically organized bread crumb trail of things to investigate. A process called ‘drops.’

OMG, you have to do homework? You mean, Q is about as charming as a high school freshman English teacher? Yup, so suck it up, don’t whine and get ‘er done.

What you’ll be looking for is what is called “proof” in the Q community. That being, a Q drop foretells that a particular event will happen soon and it does. When this happens, you have your proof.

Everyone finds proof in their own way, and for them, I hope it is a soul-southing celebratory moment of vindication. However, for me, it was a mixed blessing.

Back in Stage One – Resolving Conflict, I lurked several sites and channels on the topic and noticed the ones that offer steady and predictable analysis and reporting. I look for these predictable sources because I like to trend the topic.

The primary channel I chose to lurk was X22. A fellow by the name of Dave runs it, and I call him “Stretch” because he has this entertaining way of stretching ideas beyond the far horizon. Sometimes they never come back, but then again, Stretch does have his glorious moments. Badda bing, badda boom.

For me, it was the Fed rate change in December 2018. It was a surprise for most given the media prognostications leading up the announcement, but not for the Q Community.

The drops from previous months told everyone in the Q Community how it would play out, and that is what happened. Unfortunately for me, the timing was the problem, as it all came to roost for me on the day before Christmas. Consequently, Christmas day was miserable.

Months of lurking and proving all starting snapping together, unleashing a swarm of angry bees in my head all day. They buzzed all through the day until that night when I finally laid my head down to rest, I was exhausted with it. All I wished for at that point was peace and clarity. At least that was the last thing I remember before falling asleep.

When I awoke, I was granted my wish. I call it, “The Peace of Q.”

Stage Three – The Peace of Q

In all my Stage Two – Find Proof ruminations, the singular nagging doubt that tasked me was a concern that all of this was being driven by a personality cult.

When it all comes to a head, you enter stage three and find the peace of Q.

What happens is that you experience a moment of clarity in which you identify that one thing that makes it all work for you. An epiphany if you will.

The moment of clarity for me came in a waking dream. As I transitioned from REM sleep to consciousness, I distinctly heard, “If Trump falls, another will continue the advance.” Wow! This was the epiphany that gave me the clarity I needed.

The Q Alliance is not tied to a personality cult. Instead, it is an integral part of an even larger global sociological event known as The Great Awakening, a classic battle of good versus evil.

This dear reader was my peace of Q. What does it mean? You know things are going to be tough, but you know where they are going and that you’re with the good guys.

All that being said, let’s take the next step. Where did this all begin?

Before Q

Based on my sources and research, here is what I believe to be a reasonable assessment of critical Alliance events. It is offered solely as a reference.

During the Obama administration, then President Obama conducted a systematic purge of key military leaders. (A complete list was compiled and posted on 2014 by General Paul Vallely.) Concurrently with that, Obama methodically depleted the nation’s military by reducing wages, retirement benefits and refusing to replace aging equipment.

Obama’s apparent goal was clear. He sought to weaken America’s defense posture, which fueled, a growing level push back that would later materialize as The Alliance, a loosely knit group of high-ranking patriots in government and the military who swore an oath to defend the constitution.

This was when the fledgling Alliance movement mobilized with a deceive trigger event. It occurred in September 2012, with the Ansar al-Sharia attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya. In that attack, US Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens died, along with USFS officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty; heroes all.

Under the direction of Secretary Clinton, no assets were allowed to rescue the besieged diplomat and his security team. While there is a lot of fake news about this event, reliable sources maintain that Clinton abandoned our people in Benghazi. The reason was an arms deal she had organized went sideways and provoked the terrorist attack. This is why she refused to release assets for a rescue.

This arms deal, which was coined “fast and furious II” had resulted in a debacle, exposing Clinton to the possibility that her culpability would be discovered. The result was, as the old saying goes, “dead men tell no tales.” An expedient cover-up solution for Clinton was later floated, that attributed the attack to blowback from a YouTube anti-Muslim video. Those on the left said “we believe her,” and those on the right said, “no way, no how.”

So was the Benghazi attack caused by an illegal arms deal that went sideways? I believe that is the case because the event turned out to be a far-reaching catalyst. A catalyst by definition is a person or thing that precipitates an event or change.

For the nascent Alliance, Benghazi was a stunning shock. It was Hillary’s debacle, but it was our people on the ground and dammit to hell, you never abandon comrades in arms this way. All I could think as I studied this was, how ignorant of the warrior ethic could Clinton be?

For the Globalists, Benghazi was just another bad call for the playbook. When a bad call happens, bury it along with the evidence and move. Like they say, “old tricks are the best tricks,” but this time, the Globalists failed to recognize that Benghazi would not prove to be another typical debacle.

In a manner of speaking, the fallout from Benghazi for the Patriots was profound. Imagine Stage Two – Finding Proof times ten, with an added helping of angry bees. This was a very ugly wake up call.

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No doubt, before December 2012, there was a growing awareness among Alliance patriots that the country was being betrayed by internal enemies. However, that awareness had been tempered with a long-standing, unwritten ‘dirty laundry’ understanding between the military and other branches of government. Not ideal, but workable… to a point. Benghazi was incontrovertible proof, the mother of all deal breakers.

The Globalists went a bridge too far for men and women with a long tradition of service to our country and a deep sense of history and loyalty. The Patriots saw what they saw and knew what they knew. The die was cast, and Benghazi became the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

I believe that as historical events go, Benghazi will be remembered as a 21st century, Fort Sumter. This is where the first shots of the Civil War were fired in South Carolina on April 12, 1861, by the Confederates, who later took and held the fort until February 17, 1865.

I further believe there is a good chance that future historians will write about the assassination of Archduke Franz Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Perl Harbor, 9/11 and Benghazi with equal gravity. That is, depending on who wins, but either way, after December 2012, the fat was in the fire.

Post-Benghazi, The Alliance began formalizing its structure as crucial players were anonymously positioned and a long term plan was set in motion that would do honor to Sun Tzu’s classic military treatise, The Art of War.

Patriots do NOT shoot from the hip! It’s all about moves and countermoves, and a key element in the Alliance plan was leadership. Who would be strong enough to be the political face for the movement? This is likely when Donald Trump became involved.

We’ve seen his old interviews on Oprah about becoming President, but when the Patriots approached him to lead the charge, perhaps he was a bit hesitant. After all, given Trump’s manner, it is not difficult to imagine him saying “I’m richer than ten feet up a bull’s ass, married to the hottest, most amazing gal on the planet and I’m having the time of my life. Why do I need this abuse?”

Granted, Trump could have left it that (or something similar), but he didn’t. Instead, he faced his own moment of clarity and chose to answer the call. The rest is now history in the making.

Furthermore, when we step back from what is happening here in America for a larger picture, we see that our own MAGA movement is but one facet of the broader Great Awakening, which in fact, is a magnificent global, sociological event.

Consider this. In England, the seeds for Brexit were planted in a 2013 speech by UK Prime Minister David Cameron, who promised to renegotiate membership in the EU if his party won a majority in the next election. In France, the Yellow Vests movement sparked into life in November 2018, when the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, increased fuel prices.

Therefore, what we are seeing now is a global repudiation of abusive Globalist tactics and of globalism itself. So what is globalism in layman’s terms?

Globalism is simple to understand. It is a redistribution of poverty. For example, the poverty of families in China and India were exported to the heartland of the USA by globalists working through their minions in high places. This resulted in a displacement of wealth for American families. This stolen wealth was skimmed off the top like cream, by the globalists. Much of it was used line their own pockets and the rest redistributed for various purposes.

For those being skimmed, American families in the heartland, they watched their jobs go overseas along with their son and daughters, many of whom have returned home maimed or killed in pointless globalist wars. Was there a sympathy message from the Globalists? No. For the Globalists, what happened to these American families was explained with a Nazi rationale from WW II. “You’ve got to break a few eggs to make an omelet.”

Consequently, these American families became the “the forgotten people” and why President Trump is their messenger today. No matter how often those on the left call President Trump an s.o.b., the forgotten people do not care. They just shrug their shoulders and say something like, “fine, have it your way, Trump is an s.o.b., but he’s our s.o.b. and we love him for it because he gets it done!”

In fact, the more the Globalists smear and attack President Trump, the less they succeed in defeating him, and his following grows larger and stronger as a result. It was in this climate of anger that the World of Q as I call it first emerged.

The World of Q

In November 2017, the first posts by what we now know as “Q” began appearing on the anonymous forum. The anonymous poster used a mysterious moniker: “Q Clearance Patriot,” which refers to someone within the U.S. government with top secret access.

It caught on and eventually “Q Clearance Patriot” on the forum, evolved into the “Q” we now follow on the forum.

For those of you who are lurking in Stage One – Resolving Conflict, no doubt you’ve found a consistent pattern in the mainstream media. They all decry Q and the Great Awakening as hoaxes spread by ill-mannered political trolls, yadda, yadda, yadda.

So is this all a hoax as “fakes news” pundits and know-it-alls maintain? That Q is nothing more than a few trolls jerking the chains of a few thousand gullible idiots.

Remember the sage observation of President Abraham Lincoln. “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

A reliable contributor has been following this ongoing global sociological event, using search engine optimization tools and the findings of other researchers. She estimated that by April 2018 over 40 million people worldwide are following The Great Awakening, at all level from curious newbies to active members of the Q Community at large.

By April of this year, these numbers could reach the 60 million mark or higher. Regrettably, this will be difficult to determine since a few keys websites have gone dark. However, there is perhaps an even more reliable source for ascertaining the scope of the audience –

Consider this. As of 3/6/2018, the number 2 selling book on was QAnon: An Invitation to The Great Awakening by WWG1WGA.

Who is WWG1WGA? A good question as the lexicon of terms associated with this global sociological event is evolving and changing. To help those of you who are new to the topic, here are a few terms from the current and ever-evolving lexicon:

  • Great Awakening – A global sociological event with movements in the world’s oldest democracies. France (Yellow Jackets), England (Brexit), and America (MAGA).
  • Alliance – As described above, it is a covert resistance movement by American patriots sworn to defend the constitution. It predates MAGA and Q.
  • WWG1WGA – The battle cry of the Alliance. Where we go one, we go all.
  • Q – The term ‘Q’ refers to a security clearance. It is an avatar run by a small psyop (Psychological Operations) Alliance team that works closely with POTUS. The team has a two-fold mission. First, to provide the Q community with vital clues to help members find important dates, events and people, so they can free their minds. The second mission is to feed the Globalists who closely track Q with misinformation and disinformation.
  • Q Plus – POTUS
  • Q Alliance – The general term I use for the leadership and key actors of the Alliance.
  • Q Community – Those who follow or maintain an interest in The Alliance’s efforts to defeat America’s internal enemies.
  • 8chan – A secure, anonymous message board with the URL,, where the Q psyop team actively communicates with the Q community at large. 8chan is also closely monitored by the Globalists.
  • DS – The Deep State (DS) is the USA-based political arm of the Globalist agenda.
  • CB – Central Banks (CB) comprise the international financial arm of the Globalists agenda.
  • Q Drops – The term used to describe posts to 8chan by the Q psyop team.
  • Q Anon – Members of the Q Community take an active or passive role. Those who actively monitor 8chan for Q drops. They interact with the Q psyop team through the 8chan board and provide timely and necessary public education for the benefit of the Q Community at large.
  • Q Analysts – The analysts in the Q community closely follow the drops by Q and Q Plus and the Q Anons who interact directly with Q on the forum. They then report their findings and commentary via social media platforms to the greater Q Community. There are several analysts on Youtube and a few examples of Q analysis channels include: X22, prayingmedic, and JustInformed Talk.

As you immerse yourself into the World of Q, remember that everyone has to do their homework and form their own take on things. Help is always there because there is a refreshing atmosphere of civility in the Q Community as compared with what is on offer from those who attack the movement from a Globalist perspective.

The refreshing thing about the World of Q is what happens to your mind. In the process of becoming self-informed, you free your mind and find clarity. A quintessential red pill / blue pill situation fork in the road if you will. Take the red pill and do your homework and what you learn will be disturbing, but you will be the better for knowing it. This takes guts, which is why many swallow the blue pill instead.

Those who take the blue pill willingly submit to the Globalists and accept the guidance of socialist political minions and fake news media empires who will admonish the Globalist faithful to think and express themselves with an unassailable sense of authority.

The price of this smug sense of moral superiority is that you must immediately and violently attack any viewpoint or narrative that is inconsistent with those of the Globalists. Ergo, minds that work in unquestioning lockstep with a “higher” authority are locked inside an intolerant echo chamber. That’s OK because what is coming will be the mother of all political alarm clocks.

This is why multiple Globalist mainstream media outlets always parrot a single set of talking points and verbiage. Disagree, and you lose your job, your reputation, and perhaps more. Ask an obvious question about their messaging and do not be surprised if some “useful idiot” (as Stalin liked to call them) ends your hope of an actual dialog, by punching you in the face to prove his or her moral superiority. Then for good measure, they’ll blame you for provoking them. For this reason, members of the Q Community avoid pointless interactions with useful idiots. What’s the point?

Instead, Q Community members prefer civil and objective conversations and most are always willing to extend a friendly welcome and a judgment-free, helping hand to newbies.

Therefore, how do you behave within the Q Community? Remember the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. In other words, r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

Are you wondering if the World of Q is a passing social media fad? This is a reasonable concern is if you have a shallow understanding of the movement. This is because the World of Q is but one component of the Great Awakening, which was foretold in prophecy thousands of years ago.

Great Awakening, Q, Trump, and Alliance Prophecy

As a Planet X researcher, I’ve always been more interested in trends than one-off events, and the question I’m frequently asked is when it [Planet X] will be here?

Well, it’s here folks, and no matter how many hundreds of fear-porn, click-bait videos you watch on YouTube, the universe is not unfolding at the speed of human expectations. When you see it with your own eyes, you’ll have your answer. Ergo, the real question is, what is happening now, what will happen shortly and what if anything can I do about it?

Interestingly enough, those very questions were answered in prophecy thousands of years ago. To illustrate this, let’s look at one could call the coincidence of the Mayan Calendar prophecy.

Mayan Calendar Coincidence

Mainstream media talking heads will assure you with solemn confidence that Q is a ridiculous hoax as is the Mayan Calendar prophecy date of December 21, 2012. If you feel that you were sold a bill of goods about December 21, 2012, your beef is with the cable television channels, not with the ancient Mayans. This is because the Mayans gave us an accurate prophecy and the first part of it has apparently been fulfilled.

Honest prophecy comes in two parts, the harbinger and the event. A harbinger can be a smaller, less deadly event, but for the most part, harbingers are typically benign events that are easy to spot such as a celestial alignment. When the harbinger appears, you know we’re on the timeline of a catastrophic event. This is why the number one rule for prophecy is always to be mindful of it, but to never live in expectation of it.

Such was the case with the Mayan Calendar prophecy date of December 21, 2012. Entertainment moguls in Hollywood hyped that date as a day of doom, and they made a fortune. However, for the Mayans, it was about a rare celestial alignment their decedents could see so they could know that the time had come to prepare for bad times.

In the lead up to 2012, there were no significant harbinger events, so was December 21, 2012, a valid harbinger event for something worse to come?

We visited this question in May 2015 and posted the following graphic showing yearly earthquake numbers for the period 1997 through May 2015 as shown in the graphic below.

Total Earthquakes per Year

As is seen above, the total number of earthquakes of all magnitudes spiked up after December 21, 2012. This was a significant increase, and we began tracking these numbers in our Signs series. Each year since then, has set a new high. No variability, just steady year-over-year increases.

In addition to tracking earthquakes, we also follow fireball observations as reported on the American Meteor Society website.

In January of this year, our 31st article, Signs 31 – 2018 Was The Worst Ever!, nailed shut any doubts about where things are going. In terms of earthquakes of all magnitudes and observed fireballs, 2018 was the worst year in all of recorded history for these two datasets!

Does this mean there is a physical, scientific correlation between the September 2012 Benghazi attack that triggered the Alliance into action and the Mayan Calendar date of December 21, 2012? That is speculative.

However, what is not speculative is that there was a profound coincidence in December 2012, both in terms of earth changes and political changes as well. Profound changes that sparked to life immediately after that prophetic month and which are changing life as we know it in compelling ways, both for our world and ourselves.

With this in mind, let’s go from profound coincidence to proven prophecy.

The Kolbrin Bible Predicted the Great Awakening

The Kolbrin BibleThe Kolbrin Bible is a 2-part, 11-book secular anthology. The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following the Hebrew Exodus. The last five books are called the “Celtic texts” and were penned by Celtic priests following the death of Jesus.

Several accounts describe an object in orbit around our sun called the “Destroyer,” which the Celtic authors call the “Frightener.” According to recently translated Sumerian texts, this object (also known as Nibiru or Planet X) is in a 3600-year orbit around our sun, and The Kolbrin Bible warns us of its imminent return and of yet another biblical tribulation.

It offers extensive accounts of what happened for both the Egyptians and the Hebrews during that flyby. It also provides comprehensive accounts of the Great Deluge, or what we know as Noah’s Flood.That Planet X flyby resulted in a pole shift of the planet and massive death and destruction.

Two passages quoted in this article come from the Book of Manuscripts 3:7 and 3:8 and directly speak to present times. These predictions were noted by the ancient Egyptians, in an earlier work titled The Great Book, the remnants of which were eventually incorporated to what now call The Kolbrin Bible , by ancient Celtic priests.

Remember, these passages were penned some 3,600 years ago following the last flyby of the Planet X system through the core of our system and offers poignant harbinger event predictions. Warning, you may find these predictions to be very disturbing.

We begin with passage Manuscripts 3:7.

Thus it was in the Days of Heavenly Wrath, which have gone, and thus it will be in the Days of Doom when it comes again. Exodus: Last flyby of the Planet X system through the core of our system. Days of Doom refers to the flyby that will occur is our time.
The times of its coming and going are known unto the wise. Moses: As a prince of Egypt, he was privy to this knowledge. The plagues of Exodus were part of a global disaster. Moses knew this would happen and used the flyby disaster to free his people.
These are the signs and times which shall precede the Destroyer’s return: A hundred and ten generations shall pass into the West, and nations will rise and fall. Prophecy Timeline: This was penned while Moses was leading the Hebrews through Sinai. Depending on how generations are measured, this is consistent with a 3600-year obit for the Planet X system.
Men will fly in the air as birds and swim in the seas as fishes. Airplanes and Scuba: his prophecy verse is very similar to the predictions of Mother Shipton.
Men will talk peace one with another; hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day. President Trump: POTUS works for peace and prosperity. During his recent trip to Vietnam, Kim Jong-un and Congressman Jerry Nadler were deceitful and hypocritical during the peace talks.
Women will be as men and men as women; passion will be a plaything of man. LGBT and Sex Robots: LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender. The growing use of AI sex dolls to satisfy passion as objects of desire.

When I first published The Kolbrin Bible in 2006, the last verse of Manuscripts 3:7 (“Women will be as men and men as women; passion will be a plaything of man.”) mystified me a bit. It was a kind of a fit, but not a real click for the times.

This is a crucial point because we often try to explain prophetic harbingers before their predetermined time. However, in 2019, this verse clicks with hard thuds.

In America, the LGBT movement is now a driving theme in politics as the Chinese look to make a fortune on making sex dolls for both sexes. The phrase “passion will be a plaything of man” is haunting in both its timing and accuracy.

Next up are the first six verses from the Book of Manuscripts 3:8.

A nation of soothsayers shall rise and fall, and their tongue shall be the speech learned. Roman Empire: Latin is a dead language but remains the speech learned.
A nation of lawgivers shall rule the Earth and pass away into nothingness. Great Britain: The origins of the Magna Carta and common law. An empire in decline.
One worship will pass into the four quarters of the Earth, talking peace and bringing war. Radical Islam: Islam professes peace. Judaism and Christianity profess love.
A nation of the seas will be greater than any other, but will be as an apple rotten at the core and will not endure. Soviet Union: When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia had the largest navy in the world in numerical terms.
A nation of traders will destroy men with wonders and it shall have its day. United States of America: Dominates global trade and possesses the most advanced weapons.
Then shall the high strive with the low, the North with the South, the East with the West, and the light with the darkness. Global Conflict: Rich vs. poor, crisis at the border, conflicts in the Middle East and the Orient. Biggest of all. Good (light) vs. evil (darkness.)

The sixth verse in Manuscripts 3:8 clearly describes current events with the phrase, “the light with the darkness.” This perfectly describes the good vs. evil now going on between the Globalists and the various movements within the Great Awakening.

Disrupting Agenda 21

Earlier in this article, I stated that the current MAGA movement here in America and those overseas is all part of the Great Awakening and that they will collectively disrupt the Agenda 21 aims of the elites.

I did not state how earlier, because now we have a proper context thanks to Manuscripts 3:7 and here is the critical point: “Men will talk peace one with another; hypocrisy and deceit shall have their day.”

The context is that the Great Awakening is a peace and freedom movement and that President Trump is a peace and prosperity leader.

As a result of Trump withdrawing from unwinnable conflicts he is and bringing our soldiers and warfighting assets home to a country that loves them and which stands up for its 2nd amendment rights.

This is what is throwing a massive wrench into the Agenda 21 plans.

Imagine a future time when America is graciously offered the services of foreign troops, by the United Nations. Assuming the Globalists have their way, our courageous men and women will be far from home when that offer is made. Consequently, whoever the Globalists have in power will be more than happy to accept this “thoughtful” gesture of support.

Of course, we’re ALL supposed to be happy that our government has brought U.N. “blue hat” mercenaries to America to protect us from ourselves. That is if we do not want to see our world through barb wire fences.

This is what has always been in store for us… until now.

Now imagine a different outcome. The phone rings in the White House and a gracious offer of sending foreign troops is tendered. It receives the following response.

“Thanks, but no thanks. We’re good, and our borders ARE secure. Oorah!”

Where We Go One We Go All

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