The Michael Decon Program with Marshall Masters, Oct 23, 2022

| October 26, 2022

The Michael Decon ProgramMy article How the Meek Inherit the Earth No. 2 – Save, Our Species S.O.S., spells out the existential crisis now facing humanity. We are a bifurcated species and must accept this fact and deal with it if we are to preserve our genome as God made us.

It is not lost to be that there are people who are deeply offended and tend to be jabbed and in denial. They do not want to accept that their D.N.A. has been permanently modified due to the Covid vaccines. Consequently, their typical response is classic kill the messenger rage.


Speaking honestly to a population that now constitutes between 2/3 to 3/4 vaccinated is risky if you are looking to generate revenue from your media appearances.

Those who’ve been following my work through the decades know that this is not me.  If there’s an 800-pound gorilla in the room, I’m the guy standing in the corner, pointing him out and taking the hits.

My message is simple for those who defied medical tyranny. You preserved your D.N.A. as God gave it to you. Your courage makes you precious because humanity is facing a genetic extinction event.  Consequently, you, and those like you, are now our species’ surviving hope.

This is the core message of this interview and if you cannot handle the truth, move along; there’s nothing for you here.

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