The Liberation of Humanity

| April 26, 2021

The Liberation of HumanityA terrible vengeance will claim millions if not hundreds of millions and trigger a global freedom movement into action in the months ahead.

Concurrently, the hotly suppressed election audit in Maricopa County, AZ, if allowed to proceed, will set in motion Trump’s eventual return to the White House, wherever that may be.

Meanwhile, the zeitgeist alarm is louder than ever before!   The Great Awakening is real and it is about much more than an election.  It is about the liberation of all humanity from the bonds of slavery – forevermore!

One could say The Great Awakening is a three-act play where each of us plays a minor role within it.  As actors, we know that when the time comes, we must know where to stand and what to say, yet, this not about us actors.

Instead, this play depicts a species standing at the precipice of choice, and the audience is beyond our earthly realm, across the veil, and in ways, we can only imagine.

The curtains are beginning to close on this first act about the subjugation of humankind, and now, we actors are collectively writing the second act about The Great Awakening.  As to the third act, it can have only one of two outcomes.

  • DOWNSIDE: Through continued neglect and indifference, humankind will collectively allow itself to be subjugated and exploited.  We will be transformed into programmable slaves and forced to serve for countless generations to come.
  • UPSIDE: If we want the downside, we must choose it, and here is the good news.  There are finally enough Americans in awareness about the downside, and our numbers are growing worldwide.

The question is, can we, the awakened, make a difference?

We must for the eyes of the world are upon us, as their fates are bound to America’s own, and so they pinning their hopes one that Winston Churchill once said, “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

Now that we’ve tried everything else, it all comes down to one simple truth.  Winners never quit, and quitters never win.  With that in mind, let’s see how we can turn a Patriot weakness into a certain win for freedom and enlightenment of our species.

Following my work for the last 20 years, I’ve connected the dots in a way that makes sense to me.  This article presents a summary of those findings.  I dedicate It to all those who have followed and supported my work over the years.

Time Control

Dave at X22 often points out that the Globalist plan was pushed back four years due to the Trump Presidency, and now they are desperate to get their plan back on schedule.

The way Dave explains it sounds like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, “I’m late. I’m late, for a very important date.” Why?  He probably assumes that the Globalists are in control of time, as they have been for centuries, but today, not so.

At present, there are two principal adversaries with a lesser field of others, and we label them in several ways.  My favorite is Satan v. Christianity et al.

However, no matter what label you employ, the life span of this conflict is freshness dated.  Hence, neither side is in control of time.

The celestial time controller for both sides is the Planet X system, as I explained in my July 2020 article, Wormwood 2028.  So what is that freshness date?

For the sake of argument, this is when Nemesis, the brown dwarf star at the center of the Planet X system, reaches its point of perihelion, its closest distance to our sun.  When that occurs, whoever is in power wins, and the other side goes to sleep with the dinosaurs.

Ergo, this is about a celestial fight to the death, and the clock is ticking.  This brings us back to why Dave at X22 sounds like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland.

Consider this.  The Globalists plan in terms of decades and centuries.  By taking the long path, they can control time in a way that enables them to slowly infiltrate their agenda in stages with general public acceptance or disinterest.  Either way, the people give them the win.

Now, they’ve lost that control due to Trump, which explains their frenetic use of valuable assets in a desperate attempt to rewind the clock.   Unlike the past, where they could handle reverses in position over time, they are up against an external deadline and scrambling for time.

This does not serve them as this scramble is forcing them to compress their efforts, thereby making them visible to mask.  The result is that they’ve lost one of their greatest strengths, gradualism.  Ergo, while the reach of the Globalists and their Deep State operatives is overwhelming, it is not without limitation.

At present, major corporations like Deltaflot (a.k.a. Delta) and Communist Cola (a.k.a. Coca-Cola) are being employed as woke entities in service to the Globalist agenda, at the expense of their shareholders.   Also, media empires like CNN are also being sacrificed to expediency, and when the tide turns, it will roll over them like hydraulic sandpaper.

Desperate to regain control of the clock and defeat an insurgency movement, the Globalists are indifferent to the plight of their assets.  This is a fight to the death and what they see is a highly disruptive adversary that is growing stronger by the day.

Ensuring a Certain Victory

We see how time control has disrupted the Globalists, but how does it affect the Patriots?  Not much if any.  In fact, it’s a strategic advance for the Patriots, who are lying in wait for the optimal conditions to strike because there can be no do-overs.

Sun TzuThe Patriot faction knows it only gets one shot at this, and consequently, they are mindful of Sun Tzu’s dictums in his ancient book, Art of War.  The most relevant is Chapter 8, Verse 3:

There are roads which must not be followed,
armies which must be not attacked,
towns which must not be besieged,
positions which must not be contested,
commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed.

Were the Globalists in control of time, as in the past, they would be nearly unbeatable.   It makes one think about Moses.  Exodus was the last flyby of Planet X, and as a prince of Egypt, Moses would have known that and why Egypt would be vulnerable during the plagues.

The point is that Moses knew when to return to Egypt so that he could free his people, and then, as today, Planet X controlled the clock, then as today, by creating a circumstance that favors savvy disrupters.

Proof of this is the past.  Without the time pressure of a flyby, the Globalists could rule the world in ways that make American Presidents look like paper tigers.

With Trump, they expected a fight, and Trump threw in the towel, at least at face value.  Why?  Because, like Moses, Trump came to power through state secrets, and this changed the equation.  It also explains why Trump let the Democrats run him out of town on a rail.

Again, we go back to Sun Tzu, and the point here is made in Chapter 1, Verse 24”: “Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.”

Trump knows it is one thing to steal power and another to keep it, and the Globalists were prepared for a fight to retake the White House.  Likewise, they barricaded the White House to protect themselves from Patriots, Q, and the Anons.

In short, they expected a naïve Charge of the Light Brigade, and the only problem was, nobody charged the guns.  They just melted away. As a direct result, the Globalists are burning through massive amounts of resources and assets to press the attack on Trump, the Patriots, and the American people.

It is an out-balance-equation, and no matter how much blood and treasure the Globalists expend, in the end, they will lose, and they know it because they know it is only a matter of months before the public explodes with an overwhelming demand for justice.

This explosion will create a one-of-a-kind window of opportunity for the Patriots and all those who walk humbly with their God.

As a result of the Planet X system flyby, the Deep State is desperate to embroil the world in war and horror.  This is because they know that they cannot survive a non-violent and sustained war of attrition for global freedom despite their vast wealth and human resources.

Fellow Patriots take heart because to ensure a total victory for humanity; there are only two things thing we need to do.  We’ll discuss the first now and the second later on in this article.  Again, both are essential.

Step one is to continue building a robust and active grassroots movement in opposition to the Globalists and their Deep State lackeys.  From the dog catchers on up, we use non-violent opposition tactics to pound them again and again without flagging one inch.

In order to combat a non-violent war of attrition, they must expend prodigious amounts of valuable assets, which time-permitting they can replace.  However, what is more, important is the ability to disrupt their operations in this time of crisis.

One could say this is a perfect replay of the Battle for Midway during WWII.  We kept attacking the Japanese carriers with no real success during that pivotal battle and lost an awful amount of blood and treasure in the process, but our persistence paid off big time.

With the Japanese naval air operations disrupted, their carriers were vulnerable to attack when they otherwise would not.  That’s when our dive bombers found them late in the day, and after catching them in the open and disorganized; three aircraft carriers were burning and heading for the bottom within minutes.

Once again, the first part of the plan is simple.  Patriots must keep up a relentless pace on the grassroots level because after we’ve lost much blood and treasure, we will have the opportune moment Patriots have been waiting for to attack, and we will, with devastating results.  That’s the good news and now, the bad news.

It may not be enough to fully defeat the Globalists, which is why we need the second part of the plan that I will present later in this article because to understand the power of that, we must brace ourselves for a terrible vengeance.

A Terrible Vengeance

Within the coming year, there will be a global health crisis that will claim millions, if not hundreds of millions of lives.  The affected will be a small percentage of those who have taken the vaccine; they will die badly.

To explain this assessment, we begin with an “official” denial narrative.

American Council on Science and Health, February 19, 2021
No, COVID mRNA Vaccine Won’t Cause Alzheimer’s or Prion Disease

The COVID pandemic has made this painfully clear. Among the most pernicious myths is one that claims the mRNA vaccines made by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are a form of genetic engineering, a lie that is being perpetuated by none other than fraud doctor Andrew Wakefield.

Now, a new myth has reared its ugly head. A paper written by a well-known anti-vaxxer named J. Bart Classen and published in a scientific journal — if we can even call it that (because it’s not indexed in PubMed) — claims that the mRNA vaccines that target coronavirus could cause prion diseases like Alzheimer’s. It’s total garbage.

Note the use of attack signal language: “pernicious myths, fraud doctor, anti-vaxxer,” and finally, “total garbage.”  For what it’s worth, that’s the official ACSH propaganda narrative.

ACSH smeared Wakefield and Classen early on, but did anybody march up from behind, pick up the colors, and continue the charge?


There are a small but growing disclosure movement thanks to courageous health care professionals who refuse to be silenced.

Over the past few months, I have been privately polling physicians about the vaccine to see if they were willing to take it.

One said yes, but all of the other physicians I polled said they would only do it in order to keep their license to practice medicine.

That is, except one.

This one exception has been treating COVID patients with a 100% recovery rate.  If it comes down to stake the stick (injection) or stick your license in the mail, this doc will mail in the license and go somewhere more welcoming.

Dear readers, this is what I personally investigated as a citizen journalist, and as such, I was very impressed and inspired by this doctor.

What did I get out of all this?

Thanks to this one exceptional physician, I happened upon an acid-test question and will tell you everything you need to know about your attending physician.

If you are admitted for COVID, here’s the question, “low-tech style.”

Do you have the courage to go outside of protocols to save your patients?  

A yes is a yes, and IMHO, anything else is just happy, cut-and-paste bullshit.

With that in mind, let’s sidestep poor old be-smeared and bullied, Wakefield and Classen.  Suffice it to say they were speaking truth to power and were silenced.

Good news.  New “Yes” health care professionals are stepping up to replace them, so let’s meet these courageous men and women in chronological order beginning with March 2021.

Voices of Oregon, March 26, 2021
Dr. Ryan Cole, CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics regarding Covid, vaccine, & treatments.

Please watch this video all the way through to the end and make note of where the doctor’s presentation is stopped at a very critical point to keep the worst of it from going viral.  But it did.

State of the Nation, April 2, 2021

The whole world is witnessing a pre-planned and highly organized criminal cover-up of the deaths and injuries and illnesses and diseases and miscarriages directly caused by the various toxic types of COVID-19 injections.

To date, there are countless proven cases of deaths, injuries, and illness that have occurred right after people have received the different Covid jabs.

This site offers numerous articles on the subject and this article and is written by a citizen journalist.  However, more concerning are the experts such as Dr. Richard Fleming., April 13, 2021
VIDEO: Expert Cardiologist Issues Dire Warning: Experimental Vaccines are Ineffective and Could Cause Mad Cow Disease

Dr. Richard Fleming, physicist-nuclear cardiologist, issued a dire warning that experimental covid vaccines are not effective, but could cause Mad Cow disease.

“I’m not anti-vax,” Fleming told War Room, Tuesday. “I’m just anti-bad medicine.”

Fleming says the vaccine companies own data, from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, all show their vaccines make zero difference in stopping covid. The Emergency Use Authorziation data “shows there is no difference.”

Fleming warned the effects could take a year and half to show in humans.

Fleming also called for a full review of the people who were involved in coronavirus gain of function research. Dr. Anthony Fauci outsourced the National Institutes of Health gain of function research to the Wuhan Institute of Virology using taxpayer dollars.

What this doctor is saying is disturbing, and then three days later, another doctor, Dr. Bhakdi, laid out the future in even darker terms.

The New America, April 16, 2021
COVID Shots to “Decimate World Population,” Warns Dr. Bhakdi

COVID Shots to “Decimate World Population,” Warns Dr. Bhakdi

What is especially sad is that the risk may not just be for a few months or years, but rather, a lifetime., April 22, 2021
REPORT: Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases

In a shocking new report on the COVID-19 vaccines, it has been discovered that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has long-term health effects not previously disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

In other words, degenerative brain conditions may appear at any time in your life after receiving the vaccine.

If all this is not bad enough, now there is another new COVID word, “shedding.”

A disclosure video titled Stay Away From Vaccinated People! Vaccine Shedding To Others!, was posted on Before Its News on April 23, 2021, with a dire warning.  That COVID vaccine shedding is beginning to affect women’s reproductive organs, according to these nurses.

The point they make is that we are just beginning to learn about the side effects that are many and dreadful and do not have enough data to evaluate safety claims.

The world thinks this is a vaccine to protect us, but in IMHO, it is a eugenics update to the human genome so let’s put all this in perspective.

Biden just announced that over 200 million doses were administered, over half of all American adults have had at least one vaccine dose, and Dr. Ryan Cole and Dr. Bhakdi are spot on the money.

For those who have been vaccinated, the window of risk is still in motion but from what I gather, the principal window of risk is from 45 days following complete vaccination to six months.   Those who have been fully vaccinated and present with COVID vaccine complications will die slow and painful deaths.  There will be no escape.

Fortunately for the vaccinated, the statistical odds are to escape this looming threat in their individual favor.  Nonetheless, the global numbers will be devastating, making it the 21st century,  Holocaust II.

This realization pains me terribly but know this; these lives shall not be lost in vain.

An Alternate Interpretation

COVID-19 is a weaponized virus, and no expert can refute this statement because the CCP has always withheld the most critical information about it.  Therefore, as a weapon, we must ask, is it strategic like a nuclear bomb or tactical like a conventional bomb?

I will now present an alternate interpretation of events before Trump to argue that COVID-19 was initially created as a weapon of mass destruction.

The Globalists plan over long periods of time and have undisclosed knowledge of things to come.  They are insidious and methodical, and their plan for humanity is a eugenic near-extinction event.

Dave at X22 says the first choice of the Globalists was to defeat America in a war.   However, that’s a messy and somewhat uncertain way to go about it, given present technologies.

If this so, why is Bill Gates in such a hurry to buy farmland in America?  He already owns half it, so what is the advantage in investing money into future nuclear wastelands?  So what is his real aim?

Gates is a Globalist tasked with blocking a resurgence of family farms in America so as to concentrate the population into vast metropolitan kill boxes.

With this kind of density, a clean WMD like the neutron bomb is the weapon of choice for maniacs and psychopaths.  I believe this is why Jimmy Carter had them dismantled in the late 1970s.   He understood what they could do.

When a neutron bomb is detonated at a high altitude, the physical geology and structures below are unaffected.

This is because the weapon is designed to kill biological lifeforms.  In simple terms, the radiation from the bomb blast passes through their bodies like atomic shotgun pellets and the victims internally leak to death.

But that’s not the reason Carter had the weapons disassembled.

It was because in just three days after a neutron bomb attack, you can walk in, plant the flag, burn the bodies, and claim new territory.

The uptake is this.  The Neutron bomb was the first strategic weapon of mass destruction to offer an easy way to keep the goodies and lose the people.

However, a lot has happened on the technology front since the 1970s and what emerged was another first of a kind, a binary (sender/receiver) WMD.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that the sender is Huawei 5G and the receiver COVID-19.


5G operates in the same frequency band as the Army’s active denial systems, which use microwave beams to disperse crowds and repel enemy soldiers.

With a Huawei 5G tower, the Globalists will have the ability to transmit on similar frequencies and will no doubt use one that is not assigned or monitored by the FCC.

On command, these towers will begin broadcasting a microwave signal optimized for the intended receiver.  This initial phase of a strategic attack will go unnoticed and, for the most part, undetected.


The receiver, in this case, is COVID-19.  When triggered by a 5G transmission, the viruses will begin to evolve into lethal variants.  Is this type of 5G-biological interaction actually possible?  Yes.

Beekeepers report that when hives are within five miles of a 5G tower, the bees become constantly agitated.  The takeaway here is that the electrosmog from any 5G tower can significantly impact biological lifeforms.

More to the point here, COVID-19 was designed to spread unnoticed like a common cold or flu, and given that COVID has been around for decades, it would have been gradual and unnoticed dispersal throughout the population.

Death Day

The first step to make this binary system functional is to install Huawei 5G towers worldwide. The second step is to infect the populace.  Once both elements of this binary weapon are dispersed and operational, a single command to launch the attack ends the USA.

Once commanded, the Huawei 5G towers will activate their COVID-19 transmission protocol and begin transmitting to all infected lifeforms within broadcast range.   As this is a weaponized virus, it could also have been ethnically targeted such as against white Anglo Saxons.

The attack would likely occur in the early morning hours, long before most victims begin their day.  As the victims enjoy their Starbucks lattes, the virus will already be mutating, and the resulting pandemic will be every bit as effective as a neutron bomb, but a lot cleaner.

This completes the pre-Trump.  Now, let’s talk about why Trump let the Globalists ride him out of town on a rail, so to speak.

Moves and Countermoves

It is obvious the Chinese were well on their way to capturing the global market with Huawei 5G technologies when this binary WMD plot was discovered.

What Trump did, was to break Huawei’s global penetration strategy.  In a brilliant move, he instituted a band on Huawei products and telecommunications gear in May 2019 and later extended it to May 2021.

The ban eliminated the use of Huawei 5G as a sender in America and other nations as well.

However, the receiver was still viable and was released upon the world by the CCP.

In lieu of an undetectable sender technology, the Globalists moved to the secondary use of a genetic vaccine within a broader, long-standing plan. Practical, it would achieve similar results but on a smaller scale, which begs a crucial question.

Trump created Project Warp Speed expedited the development of these mRNA vaccines, which will eventually kill millions of people worldwide.  So is this going to become Trump’s tar baby?  No.

Experts tell us that mRNA vaccines have been in laboratories for the last two decades and could never get out of the labs because the test animals kept dying.  Yet, COVID-19 became the perfect way to weaponize mRNA vaccines, just as the Globalists planned.

Initially, they wanted to slow-walk the vaccine development well beyond Trump’s first term so the eventual vaccine could then be made mandatory during a declared national emergency.  In this case, every American would be forced to be vaccinated under the threat of rendition.

And this is why Trump let the Globalists ride him out of town on a rail.  He did it for the love of his fellow man.

You Save the Ones You Can

When your house is on fire, you rush in and save the ones you can.   Trump could have pushed for therapeutics, but he knew the vaccines were coming and likely suspected what they could do, so he had to make a Sophie’s choice to save the ones he could.

Trump made sure the vaccines would be distributed with an Emergency Use Authorization.   By doing this, he locked in the right of all citizens to choose and thereby prohibited mandatory COVID vaccinations in the US, with a clear legal precedent.

You may wonder.  What exactly was his Sophie’s choice?  How could he choose between one American and another?  That’s simple.

He couldn’t save everyone, but at least he could help those who walk humbly with their God to save themselves – and they’re doing it according to AP no less.

Associated Press, April 23, 2021
US Drop in Vaccine Demand Has Some Places Turning Down Doses

Covid VaccineBarbara Gennaro, a stay-at-home mother of two small children in Yazoo City, Mississippi, said everybody in her homeschooling community is against getting the vaccine. Gennaro said she generally avoids vaccinations for her family in general, and the coronavirus vaccine is no different.

“All of the strong Christians that I associate with are against it,” she said. “Fear is what drives people to get the vaccine—plain and simple. The stronger someone’s trust is in the Lord, the least likely they are to want the vaccine or feel that it’s necessary.”

Like I always say, “If you want to walk out of a tribulation, you must walk thru it with your God,” and this brings us to the second thing we can do to ensure victory.

The Liberation of Humanity Turning Points

Looking forward into the near future, I see three major turning points in “The Great War to End All Slavery,” as I call it.  They are:

  • Restoration
  • Vengeance
  • Judgment

As Newton’s Law of Physics tells us, that “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

That, plus Yoda’s pithy advice about prognostications, “Always in motion is the future,” is all we need to begin, with the restoration turning point, which happens to be the opposite reaction to a stolen election.


Let us pray for the audit in Arizona to continue, for once the thin veneer of authenticity the Globalists are fighting so hard to protect is pierced, and the cracks spread far and wide.  I believe they will, and then Biden’s veneer of authenticity will shatter and fail.

At that point, there will come a reckoning.  Then, the votes stolen from those who voted for Trump will be returned and counted, and Trump will be declared President.  As to the mechanics of how this happens, it is speculation at this point.

I for one would like to see Trump scatter the Federal agencies into the interior of the country where they will be more survivable during the coming Planet X flyby and pole shift.

Nonetheless, his actual votes shall be lawfully counted, resulting in his lawful return to  office, and this brings us to the second turning point, vengeance.


After Trump returns to office, the MSM and Tech Giants will keep fighting him because Globalists will do anything to hold on to power.  Hence, they will redouble their efforts to crush him publically.

Concurrently with this, they will also have to begin working extremely hard to suppress public awareness about the ever-growing number of vaccine illness deaths in the USA and elsewhere.

In this regard, the MSM is quite formidable in its history of vaccine suppression.  To learn more, ask any parent who held down a happy and healthy child for multiple vaccine injections. The following morning, they would awake to a child in agon and a lifetime of autism.

While you’re at it, do not forget to ask them about the burden of shame they carry for what happened to their child.  You can say, “but you didn’t know,” and that will not matter, for it is a pain only a loving parent can feel.

However, this time, death will come in the millions and the death tolls from the coming COVID vaccine plague.

By virtue of timing alone, after Trump’s return to the Presidency, the plague will be seen as the vengeance of the CCP for their defeat.

The second turning point will be a voracious worldwide demand for justice that will join billions in common cause.  During this time, the Patriots will take out a few major Deep State and Globalist players, including the CCP.

Heavily wounded, the Globalists will still possess some level of media control and powerful assets after all this, and they will continue to fight on, and even with all this, they’ll have an audience.  Hard to believe, but consider this, Stalin and Hitler were butchers, but there are still many people who think the world of them.

In this time of final denials, God intervenes, and we reach the third turning point.


The third turning point is where the Globalists are ultimately defeated, and the puppet masters who’ve operated in the shadows are standing on the gallows.

God’s final judgment shall be given through the voices of children, and this brings us to the second thing we can do to ensure victory.

As you’re pestering every elected yutz from dog catcher on up, you need to start beating the drums for a magnificent film, “The Sound of Freedom.”

2021 Tulsa Event Day 1 Part 22 Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard at the Health & Freedom Conference 04-16-2021 “The Sound of Freedom”


The film is scheduled for a 4th quarter 2021 release, and no doubt, the Deep State will assault this film in every way possible.

Include a link to the video in your correspondence.  Beat drums folks.

They may call you a kook because you voted for Trump, but will they say the same about you for being aware of the global slave trade.

Meanwhile, stop arguing about forget Trump, vaccines, and anything else that freaks out your ‘woke’ family members and friends.

Instead, work with God in this and prepare an audience for his innocent messengers, and they will not be alone.  Likewise, adults who were also abused in the most inhumane ways imaginable will step forward to tell of the horrors, abuses, and sacrificial killings.

Then, this horror of their own making shall be their undoing, and with God’s help, sanity and freedom will prevail, and just in time for there will be the Planet X flyby and another chance to fight for our lives.


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