The Jab with Marshall Masters

| June 9, 2023

The Jab with Marshall MastersMarshall Masters is an author, publisher, and former CNN Science Feature Field Producer.

He produced this 6-part series, especially for those who regret being vaccinated with the Covid mRNA bioweapon and now seek an immediately helpful path forward.


No. 1 – The Big Lie

This six-part series opens with a hard-hitting examination of the role played by the media in the Covid Plandemic.


Produced and hosted by Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, he confronts the legacy media with what he calls the actual big lie.

Marshall explains how those looking beyond the official narratives should anticipate an intensive, six-month learning curve to achieve a working mastery of the Covid mRNA topic. This need for rapid topic mastery is why he produced The Jab. It compresses that six-month learning curve into six episodes with simple explanations, tips, and resources for survival and self-empowerment.

No. 2 – Morning Mojo

In this second episode, Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, explains how he began taking what he calls his Morning Mojo in 2019 to prevent illness during the cold and flu season, and it did.


Today, Marshall’s Morning Mojo is called the Zelenko Protocol, and using only that with rest and hydration, he enjoyed a full recovery from Covid in March 2020.

Beginning in the early days of Covid, governments, and cartels have continuously suppressed all alternative facts and solutions. That was a bleak time, and the suppression continues, but now, good men and women of science and medicine are making real progress in the search for mitigation solutions. In the meantime, the immediate goal for the vaccinated is to buy time, and Marshall offers immediately valuable tips and self-help resources for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

No. 3 – Trump

In this third episode, Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, explains the role played by President Donald Trump during the Covid Plandemic, and beyond.


He also examines the roles played by Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

From the beginning of the Covid Plandemic, governments, and cartels viciously suppressed alternative facts and solutions. Hence, a tough challenge now faces the vaccinated. Is everything or almost everything they thought they knew about it wrong? This episode connects the dots in a revealing way.

No. 4 – The Gotcha

In this fourth episode, Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, explains how evil elites [they] caught humanity unprepared.


Once you look beyond the official narratives, this question becomes inevitable, and if you are beginning to sense that this is going down a bottomless and dark rabbit hole – you’re right!

The way to beat the rabbit hole is to understand key terms and their role in our lives. Instead of more jargon, Marshall, an old Army Medic (91B), uses simple metaphors and analogies to distill complex but essential Covid terms and concepts into simple explanations, such as transcription, transvection, and transfection.

No. 5 – Death Tsunamis

In this fifth episode, Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, explains coming losses due to vaccine deaths and injuries.


A key to understanding this is that none of the mRNA vaccines underwent safety trials prior to President Biden’s Covid vaccine mandates. Human safety trials were avoided because, during decades of controlled laboratory experiments, fifty to one hundred percent of the test animals always died.

For those who take action today, the consequences of what happens to them will differ significantly from those who choose to wait things out. For those who care to make a global difference for the species, Marshall offers a hopeful proposition rooted in science, which he calls a vaccine intention vortex event. It is based on what he experienced while taping a story for CNN at the Braken Bat Cave in Texas for CNN during the 1980s.

No. 6 – A Few Good Seeds

In this sixth and final episode, Marshall Masters, a former CNN Science Feature Field Producer, explains that humanity is facing a Covid vaccine genetic extinction level event and what we need to do to ensure the survival of our species as God made us.


Marshall proposes intentional, off-grid, all-hazards communities he calls Win-Wins, primarily for healthy, unvaccinated Alpha generation families.

He also presents a clear proposition for what he calls “Bambi Phones.” The plan is simple. Use readily available technology to send messages to the future, much like a note in a bottle. The goal is to warn future generations of the evil done to us today, so they will know how to prevent it from happening again.

The Jab with Marshall Masters

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