The Future of Social Media – Behavior Control vs. Free Speech

| March 18, 2022

THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL MEDIA: Behavior Control vs. Free SpeechWith all the life-sucking bad news these days, is there anything that offers freedom-loving people real hope for the future?

Take heart because there is at least one bit of good news for freedom-loving people of the world – the other 99%.

It’s real, and it’s happening right now.  The behavior control business model of the DS social media is about to take a free speech bath.

In the next few years, we could see that Silicon Valley tech brands that are now seen as too big to fail to do that in the near future.  What is driving this is the universal hunger for free speech and privacy, so let’s start with the big picture.

Strategic View

Right now, Truth.Social is the up and comer, and of course, vacuous talking heads on the left have predicted that it will fail.  While they’re holding their breath, those on the right await a new free speech truth wave to transform the world for good.

Don’t you love it when we wait for something to happen?  It feels like a Groundhog Day version of ‘trust me, the check is in the mail.’

Forget that, at least for this bit of good news because the waiting is over, folks; we’re already seeing it.  That is, those who know what to look for.

Imagine what is happening right now is like a powerful meta-tsunami headed straight for the California Bay Area, home of the Silicon Valley.  Today, this meta-tsunami is still far out at sea and traversing deep water.

Seasoned mariners know to spot tsunamis and how to sail through them safely.   However, once these powerful waves reach a continental shelf, they rise up and fiercely devastate coastlines like hydraulic sandpaper.

Tsunamis can result from many events, such as impacts, earthquakes, eruptions, and atomic bombs.  With this in mind, what happened to trigger this social media meta-tsunami?

Was it the announcement about Truth.Social?  No, because the trigger event happened much earlier.

It was January 8, 2021, the day Twitter permanently banned President Trump.

For freedom-loving people, this was the shot heard around the Internet, and this backhanded insult is what triggered this meta-tsunami,  and it started in China.  Keep in mind, the Pacific Ocean is a lot of open water to cross.

Situation Report

What is happening now is already an ongoing process.  Building upon our meta-tsunami analogy, natural tsunamis typically come in a set of seven waves, and the third one usually inflicts the worst damage.

Using this as the basis for an analogy, let’s think back to January 8, 2021.

Those were dark days as a handful of conservative platforms such as War Room and X22 soldiered on to keep the message alive.  For the sake of argument, they were and continue to be the first wave.

As to the second wave, it began with the eternal failing of evil.  It’s a repetitious and self-defeating lust for overreach.  A new artistic exodus is what triggered the second wave, and it was fueled by the egregious censorship that destroyed livelihoods.

Before January 8, 2021, Big Tech’s censorship was terrible, but it became Orwellian and frightening after that day.  The result was that behavior control social media platforms like YouTube tortured and chased away thousands of talented and highly profitable content producers.

Ergo, YouTube went from being a town square to a town landfill.  It still has gems, but now you have to sort through a lot of clickbait and amateur rubbish to find it.

Of course, you can subscribe to YouTube Premium as an alternative to YouTube free, which now offers a battered wife syndrome user experience.  Then again, why spend $120 each year to enjoy the world’s most incredible collection of cat videos ad-free?

How is this exodus and annoy strategy working out for YouTube?

They’re feeling the pinch at the bottom line, and they are playing squeeze the tomato with their remaining content to hide the news.

As they say, “go woke, go broke” and not only has YouTube cast thousands of conservative bread-winners out of meta paradise, those who remain are worried.  They can see a new sheriff in town and that he’s a very mean drunk.

Ergo, the second wave has two components, money and content.

The Meta gods of Silicon Valley have ruthlessly divorced themselves of famous and accomplished content products audiences and their audiences.  Hence, they have created a vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum.

On the money side, business-minded innovators see the opportunity, and they’re pouncing, and this, in part, is what triggered the second wave.

The other part is content, and now new free speech startups are riding the wave and hanging ten, as free speech platforms evolve with better service levels, and as a result, we see a growing number of fabulous information choices coming our way.

For example:

  • Social is showing that it will soon be available to Android users in Google Play.
  • Telegram just announced a new upload feature. Users can now upload files as large as 2 GB for free storage.
  • GETTR just released its TWITTER CROSS-POSTING feature.  It lets you link your GETTR, and TWITTER accounts for convenient cross-posting.

And this brings us to the trigger for the third wave.  It will be when Truth.Social goes live, and we see free speech platforms offering cross-posting support.


Cross-posting will be a game-changer.  Why does that matter?

Consider this, we send and receive email messages and texts from people each day, each with their own devices, apps, and Internet services.  It all works beautifully, so why is it not available with platforms such as TWITTER?  It is because of their behavior control business model.

Herein is the key to understanding why the third wave of this meta-tsunami will be more devastating than the others.

Behavior Control

To understand the true significance of what is coming, we need to think about platforms instead of applications.  Why?  The Big Tech behavior control business model is about to take a free speech bath.

People are naturally curious, and many want to explore these new free speech social media platforms.  Usually, it is to follow friends, famous personalities, special interest groups, etc.

They’ll find free speech app competitors for every behavior control platform, such as Facebook and YouTube.  The features are better with a free speech platform, and user privacy is respected.

Most importantly, free speech platforms will not attempt to control your behavior or divide you from others.  This control is less subtle today and easy to spot.

To demonstrate the concept, let’s use two search strings:

  • “my wife is yelling at me… advice”
  • “my husband is yelling at me… advice”

Then, let’s see what Duck Duck Go, Bing, and Google search return as the first result.

my wife is yelling at me… advice

DUCK DUCK GO: First Result,

Yes, Marriages Take Hard Work, But If Your Always Angry Husband Or Wife Is Constantly Yelling Or Screaming At You, You Might Be Missing Major Warning Signs Of Emotional Abuse.

BING: First Result,

First of all let me tell you that there is likely a huge amount of disrespect in your marriage.  Your wife yells all the time because she feels like she’s in control of the marriage and that every time she yells, you’re going to fall in line and do what she wants.

GOOGLE: First Result,

First off, try talking with her about her yelling and how it makes you feel.  Be sure to listen to her part of the story too.  If that doesn’t have much effect, but your spouse is more or less cooperative, try marriage counseling.  Perhaps a professional might be able to help to fix the situation.

All three search engines respond directly to the text of the query and return objective results.

my husband is yelling at me… advice

DUCK DUCK GO: First Result,

Reject the attitude from the onset.  1.2 2.  Accept that you don’t deserve to be yelled at.  1.3 3.  Ask yourself some questions.  1.4 4.  Let him know what he’s yelling is doing to the marriage.  1.5 5.  Do your best to calm him in the heat of his anger.

BING: First Result,

One of the ways to let your husband stop yelling at you is to reject the attitude from the moment you discover it.  You have an argument and before you can say, “Jill,” he’s already raising his voice so he will be heard above you.  This should be a no-no because you are in a partnership and both of you should listen to each other.

GOOGLE: First Result, The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Everyone deserves relationships free from domestic violence.  When you’re ready, we’re here to listen with confidential support 24/7/365.

As with the wife variant, Duck Duck Go, and BING returned objective results for the query, “my husband is yelling at me… advice.”  Their results demonstrate that there was no warrant for a crisis escalation.

However, instead of an objective result with Google, their clear and unfounded escalation presumes violence even though there are no words or phrases to support it.  Ergo, this escalation is solely due to rules-driven, behavioral programming.

Many studies tell us that heavy use of social media leads to depression and alienation.  On the conscious level, we’re trying to access something of interest.

We sense the behavior control manipulation on the subconscious level, which creates dissonance.  Many folks tolerate this, but it’s that itch you can’t scratch for critical thinkers.

Worse yet, the dissonance increases as it becomes progressively more challenging to find information of interest while being herded along by A.I. algorithms.

For those sensitive to behavior control dissonance, understanding why they feel mentally and spiritually stronger on free speech platforms may take them a while.  But in time, they’ll all get it.

After that, they’ll dabble with behavior control platforms for exceptional circumstances, and then, as infrequently as possible.

And this brings us to this third wave in our meta-tsunami analogy.

When the Truth.Social wave hits, many content producers will be hanging ten and enjoying the ride of their professional lives.

Artistic Freedom

People who use social media platforms interact with the “front-facing side of the system.”

Behind that is where the rubber meets the road for any platform and the business model that drives the resources needed to run it.

With behavior control platforms, the front-facing side of their system requires a fourth or less of overall resources.  The remainder of the resources supports advertising, behavior control roles, etc.

Because free speech platforms respect privacy and the dignity of the human soul, they can serve the same volume of traffic as a behavior control platform with half the resources or less.

Yes, there will always be people who stay with behavior control platforms.  That’s a given.   But, as people migrate from the dissonance of clickbait and surveillance they experience with behavior control platforms to a sense of empowerment with free speech platforms, Big Tech will go into big debt.

Ergo, it comes down to money.  The kind of money that can attract talented independent content producers to build a platform audience, and there must be respect for artistic expression and intellectual properties.

The goal is not to create content that makes people want to click on an advertising link; it is about creating works of integrity that inform and empower the audience.  This is why content producers are dumping the clickbait formula and paying the price to go behind a paywall.

Is this a newfangled idea?   No.

Before the Internet, Americans subscribed to daily newspapers weekly news magazines, and often on Sunday, they’d drop by the local newsstand and pick up a Sunday edition of a major newspaper such as The New York Times.

It was a time of competition, high standards, and getting the story right.  This was how you got the traffic in those days.   Adjusted in current dollars, we pay a pittance for information today, and much of it is worth what we pay for it.

What is happening now is that thanks to free speech platforms, critical thinkers now see a new world of beauty and knowledge taking root on the Internet, and it is magnificent.

If you have some time, look into Epoch TV. Outstanding programming that informs and uplifts with an optimistic worldview.  Then for rallies, RSBN has impressive coverage and streaming quality that sets the bar.

What is happening is that talented content producers are the poets of the Internet.  Their poetry is about our faith, our freedom, and our future.   Over time, this devotion to programming excellence will be a mighty draw for those weary of the newbies and clickbait hounds on YouTube.

Yes, the good news is that now, today, tomorrow, and after that, we will continue to see a renaissance of artistic integrity and journalistic professionalism on the Internet, growing stronger and broader each day.

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