Hold Fast – The Fat Lady Ain’t Singing Yet

| January 24, 2021

QxDear Readers, I hear you.  More heartbreaking betrayals and corruption as the communists continue to win.

Many now believe our democratic nation is lost and it sure feels that way.  But this is long from over because it is one thing to seize power and quite another to hold onto it.

This is the second article in my new Hold Fast series, and as with Hold Fast – Good Will Prevail, I am only talking to those of you who have followed my work through the years.

Yes, we are experiencing a Great Awakening and the CCP takeover of America.  For many, it is begging to feel like losing a child.  It is that profound.

Consequently, we’re all grappling with the same existential dilemma; we’ll go batty if we let this crisis consume us.   Therefore, somehow, someway, we need to find some normalcy, a place of calm, centered within the eye of the storm.

How you find your eye in the storm is your story, and no two are alike.  When you do, you will enjoy the benefits of synchronicity, inspiration, and observation.

The question then becomes, we know what we want, but where do we find it?  With this in mind, I want to share with you how I found my eye in the storm with this article and why I am in no way pessimistic about current events.

Then, I’ll review a thirty-nine-minute interview of Simon Parkes on January 22, 2021, with the Right Side’s host Doug Billings.  This show is a must-see, and in this article, we’ll talk about that and the accusations of Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report, so let’s get started.

Eye of the Storm

Until everyone sees the first Emergency Broadcast, we’re all living in a suppressive fog of current events.  Hence, these are mostly dark and deeply troubling times for the Awoken because they, unlike their detractors, understand this crisis’s gravity.

At present, we see communist-style suppression by the tech giants and the mainstream media. For many Americans, this is relatively new, but as a Planet X researcher and author, I have been dealing with it long before Trump conservatives’ demonetization began.

I was demonetized on YT in 2017 in retaliation for my Planet X videos.  Given that my YT channels have over 18,000 million views to date, why is it I’m not posting new videos these days?

Even if I post an innocuous video such as: How to Grow Better Roses with Horse Manure, I know what will happen.  YT will terminate my channel for manure abuse. However, the relevant experience here is how I created Yowusa in 1999, with the help of an intelligence operative or what I referred to as spooks.

For me, it began with the Millennium Group, which had done an excellent job of embarrassing NASA, and the government wanted to shut it down.  They had achieved that and then I started writing for the site, and my first article received 5 million hits.

In those days, my government spook was John Maynard.  He was DIA (Retired) and worked with me.  He wanted what he wanted, but not by hurting people.

Later, he got involved with CSETI.  He connected with me through the admin, who warned me, “He’s a spook, and he’ll feed you some pearls, but then he’ll play you.  Know when to spit the hook.”  That proved to be good advice.

We connected, and I soon dubbed him Wookie.  He gave me a lot of inside information on Planet X that was very useful.  In the process, he knew my relationship with the Millennium Group site administrator was tenuous.  Like other authors on the site, I’d come to resent his controlling behavior and go my way.

How did he play me?  He encouraged me to start my blog, and that is how Yowusa first began.  That’s right.  A spook got me to do it, thinking I’d become bored with it after six months, and that would be the end of it.  Well, I’m still here, and that’s a story for another day.

The critical thing is that I’ve dealt with spooks since then and learned the hard way how to spot them and when to spit the hook.  This experience, plus my reputation for discretion, is why whistleblowers contact me.

Here is where you think less as a voter and more as a hunter.  It begins with stouthearted patience for learning how to read the signs and focus on what matters—proofs as we call them these days.

The bottom line is, stay frosty, keep your beady eyes peeled, and you’ll find your way to the center of the storm.

With this in mind, I now share valuable proof that arose out of the controversial public accusations made by Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report against Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward.

Credible Sources

Quick and easy would have been nice, but now, dang, it’s going to be a slow grind.  But the fat lady ain’t singing yet, so now we need to play the long game, which begins with what we believe to be credible sources.

For me, a credible source is a reporter or researcher who is as honest as they can be.  After all, we do live in an imperfect world.  This is why I see Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward as valuable sub-sources.

Therefore reliable sources I’m referring to are reporters and researchers like Robert David Steele of the Public Intelligence Blog, Doug Billings of The Right Side, and Scott Goulet of FrontPage.

All three are dedicated investigators, and I like their straightforward reporting.  To me, these men epitomize what I call a “reliable source.”  This is because when guests such as Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward appear on their shows, they trading on the hosts’ reputations.

Another issue is monetization.  Everyone needs financial support to continue their work, and reliable sources like these do not allow the need for self-promotion to dominate their shows.  Having been on both sides of the microphone for years, I respect and appreciate that.

Of the three mentioned above, two, Steele and Billings, have frequently featured two interesting Englishmen, Simon Parkes, and Charlie Ward.  This brings us to accusations of Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report and the subsequent interview of Simon Parkes on January 22, 2021, on The Right Side.

Cherche le Fantôme “Look for the Spook”

After Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward turned up on social media, I found them to be compelling and began following them on their platforms and elsewhere.

What I like about them is that they’re not selling anything; no wonder vitamins or flashlights.  They occasionally disagree, often defer, and both willing to publically correct themselves.  Their messaging is sincere and useful, but there is a nagging issue.  Are they operatives?

I decided to Cherche le Fantôme “Look for the Spook” and couldn’t find even a suggestion of that throughout several interviews, which only proves one of two outcomes. They both are honest men or very talented operatives.

I needed a pathway to proof, which began with a text message from Yowusa supporter Gloria T. about a recent show by Mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report.  She follows Mike along with many others, and it was a good tip.

At the beginning of the show, Mike floats a trial balloon with his audience.  He says that while he has not thoroughly read the Holy Bible, yet believes he can offer insightful interpretations of scripture and closes by asking his audience to comment.

I do a lot of radio, and doing something like raised an immediate red flag with me.  The concern is that a spook is playing him and that this is his first rodeo.   I like Mike and feel that he is a good soldier, so all I could think was, “Oh Mike, spit the hook.  Spit it now.”

Here is how this plays.  If this is your first rodeo, the smarter you are, the easier it is for an accomplished handler to play you.  Nothing these predators ever do can inspire the soul, but they are the masters of fear, greed, and ego.

In this case, a deft handler could play to ego with something like, “I’ve studied the Bible all my life, and you explain it in ways that amaze me.  You do have a special gift.”

At this point, I was only seeing a one-off event, but that soon changed.

Not long after, I received several messages about how Mike accusing Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and others of being disinformation operatives.  People were on fire and angry.

When I played this podcast by Mike, it made me sad.  What I heard leads me to believe that this is evidence of compromise.  Specifically, two propaganda techniques I call “attack and disavow” and “claim and delay.”

Attack and Disavow

In this podcast, Mike immediately goes on the attack against Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and others with a one-two punch pattern.  He repeatedly smeared his targets and then immediately added, “But I don’t know.”   At first, I counted the number of times he did this, but there was so much of it I finally gave up.

Here is how it works.  A deft handler’s goal is to discredit and hopefully destroy the intended targets, namely Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward, and those who air them.  The handler will gain the confidence of the mark and then offer advice.

For example, to justify using a one-two punch attack and disavow pattern to smear the targets, the handler will say something like, “Always remember, you’re an entertainer, and this is how you protect yourself.”

Attack and disavow was Mike’s left jab, but his deadly right hook was claim and delay.

Claim and Delay

Handlers understand social media on several levels, but the one metric that catches their attention is viewing duration.  If people start a video and move on quickly, the title works, but the video doesn’t.  Move off target.

However, when many people view channel videos beyond the halfway point, this channel becomes the ideal vehicle for launching smear campaigns.   Such is the case here.

At the beginning of his show, Mike attacks his targets and then claims that he has proof.   This claim builds expectation, and the promise of disclosure holds their attention.

With attack and disavow, it was a rapid one-two punch.  However, this is about slow poisoning the target.

That Mike may or may not have disclosed proof late in the second half of the show is moot.  What happened was that many left the podcast before he disclosed what he claims to be “the proof.”

Here we go back to the concept of what a credible source is.

Many, who reached out to me about this podcast, were angry and concerned because they like Mike and see him as a credible source.  Ergo, if Mike says these people are frauds, they must be frauds.

Here is how it works.   The handler wants the members of Mike’s audience to leave the podcast before the said proof is disclosed and begin sending messages to everyone that there is proof even they never heard it.  Ergo, they become viral disinformation sources, and here is why.

Ordinary people are typically not accomplished public presenters, so they tend to deliver long-winded explanations before pitching the ball.   It is called “couching,” and it is an amateur defense mechanism for mitigating rejection.  However, this is NOT how it is explained to the mark because the handler has other goals.

The first goal is to grab the audience’s attention and maintain it to at least the halfway point before leaving.  This way, viewers are peppered with numerous attacks.  The second goal is to promote post-viewing viral propagation.

Here is how it works.  Knowing human nature and how social media operates, the handler tells the mark something such as, “We’re giving you proof that these fellows are disinformation operatives.”

Then comes the BIG hook.  “If you present our proof before making the case, people will not understand the subtleties of the situation.  All we’re sharing with you will be for naught, and you’ll never hear from me again, so here is what you do.  Boldly claim proof right from the start, so the audience expects it.   Then build the case so you can disclose the proof late in the second half of the program.  Do this, and your audience will trust you and thank you for it.  Then, we’ll know you’re reliable, and we can share more with you – lots more!  You’ll become famous.”

From what I have observed, I believe there is clear evidence that a disinformation operative compromised mike Adams of the Health Ranger Report, which is crucial.

If Simone Parkes and Charlie Ward are disinformation operatives, Mike would be singing their praises, not attacking them.  Ergo, the evidence I’ve presented above leads me to believe that Steele and Billings have vetted them as reliable sub-sources, and that is the best we can get right now.

Admittedly, that and a buck will buy you a cup of coffee because, after four years of evidence, the only proof we see is that CCP communists now control all three branches of our civilian government.

So before we delve into my review of the January 22, 2021, thirty-nine-minute interview of Simon Parkes on The Right Side, let’s distinguish the difference between evidence and proof.

Write at Home, May 17, 2018
Proof vs. Evidence

Proof is a fact that demonstrates something to be real or true. Evidence is information that might lead one to believe something to be real or true. Proof is final and conclusive. Evidence is tentative.

That’s why writers of literary essays should just about always substitute the word evidence for proof.

The first march to D.C. was to the Supreme Court’s steps, where noble hopes were ignored by Justices, more intimidated by Beijing that mindful of honor.   Now we have proof they are cowards and traitors.

Likewise, except a few (and I mean few) honest conservatives, both the Democrat and Republican parties and the elites who control them have conspired together to surrender America to the Chinese Communist Party peacefully.  Again we have proof that they too are cowards and traitors.

Now it comes down to the military, and here is where the rubber meets the road in this interview with Simone Parkes.

Simon Parkes – January 22, 2021

Below is the interview with Simon Parkes and Doug Billings.  Dear Reader, I’m asking you to stop for a moment so you can get a pen and writing pad handy.  When you’re ready, start the video and pause as necessary to take notes.

Doug Billings,  January 22, 2021
Latest Interview with Simon Parkes

Hopefully, you have watched the full video above and that you have your notes handy because now I’m going to share my notes and what caught my attention.

What I find is that Simon and Charlie and their hosts are genuine seekers of truth.  An excellent alternative to media self-promoters searching for new crisis monetization opportunities.

Simon says not once but twice at the outset of the interview, and I quote, “The audience needs evidence.”  For me, this is evidence that Simon, may not entirely understand what makes Americans tick.

They do not seem to understand that suffering from unlimited patience is NOT an American virtue.

Nonetheless, I see Simon and Charlie as well-intentioned outsiders with useful information from a global perspective and will continue to follow them because, after four years of evidence, disenfranchised Americans are disgusted with everything.

Simply stated, the only proof many see at this time, is that this has not been our country for several decades and that the concept of law and order is now a myth.

Usually, that would be enough to trigger a hot civil war were it not for one last hope.  That our military will defend our Constitution.

As long as Americans cling to that possibility, they will Biden their time, so to speak.  Sadly, this hope now rests upon one thin bit of evidence.  That the Air Force refused to fly Biden into D.C. for the inauguration.

In the interview, Simon says that “Trump is still signing executive orders for the military and that he is still the commander in chief, which is why we have two governments.”  He also states that “Biden is not allowing into the Pentagon because he is not recognized as President.”

What with that?  Just more pieces of evidence piled atop four years of useless evidence, which is not to say it is not valid. Instead, what is the point of having evidence when the rule of law is subject to the whims of lawless tyrants who now rule the country?

However, one point of proof Simon provided does ring true with what I’ve been saying all along.  Simon put it this way.  “Trump is a figurehead for a much bigger organization behind him.  If Trump starts a third party, the GOP is dead.”  I agree 100% with that.

Then, Simone tells us that this crisis will drag through to April.  Ugh… So what do a growing number of disenfranchised Americans hear?

Suffer in silence; more useless evidence is coming.  Or, to paraphrase an old axiom, when the going gets tough, the tough go golfing.

If I could speak directly to Simon, I would use the time to explain what proof is.  Not to an Englishman per se, but rather, to an American Patriot.

Symbolism is important to Americans just as to the citizens of other nations, and a key symbol of power for Americans is Air Force One.

Think back to Trump’s stump speeches before the stolen election and how often he had that old 747 behind him when people were chanting “we love you.”  Likewise, think of all the YT videos that only showed Air Force One departures and arrivals.  They all got huge numbers of views, while Biden is still competing with cat videos on YouTube.

Nonetheless, when Impostor in Chief Joe Biden begins flying around the country and the world in Air Force One, the proof will be in our face.

After push came to shove, our military leaders and the military-industrial complex collectively decided to bend a knee and take their orders from Xi Jinping and the CCP.  At that point, ALL is truly lost.  How will that play out?

“Hell No, I Won’t Go!” was a famous slogan for Vietnam antiwar protestors, but that was then.

Now, there will be a new reality after our military betrays the Constitution as many fear it will.

In that new reality, should you see our Traitor in Chief of the Supreme Court eating in a public restaurant, for God’s sake, do not stand up, point at him and call out “traitor!”   If you do, you’ll be arrested and sent to a FEMA camp for re-education and organ harvesting.

This point brings us to another interview Simon gave to Robert David Steele of the Public Intelligence Blog.

Q and the QAnon Movement

In a recent interview with Robert David Steele of the Public Intelligence Blog, Steele raised a point about Q and the QAnon movement and the current scuttlebutt on the Internet that Q is a disinformation ploy to keep Americans from starting the next second civil war.

The argument is that Q is a violence suppression tool of the left, which runs counter to all the suppression now occurring, but it does raise a good point.  Is Q a clever ploy to keep Americans from going kinetic?  Let’s assume it is for a moment.

If Q is a ploy, then Q is, as Q maintains – an international peace movement.   The absence of Q-driven violence is not evidence of that. Instead, it is clear and unmistakable PROOF that Q is, in fact, a peace movement, which brings us back to Air Force One.

When Americans watch Biden boarding Air Force One, it will be PROOF that our military has bent a knee to the CCP.  That’s the question now.  Have they and we must ask because, for most disenfranchised Americans, and this year will be yet another with more heart-wrenching betrayals.

Most will hunker down and try to do the best they can to deal with this new world of evil, and on Sunday ask God, “so where were you?”

In this reality, all these years of “evidence” will be washed away like tears in the rain, as the proof of the new political reality for the disenfranchised enslaves them.

Here is what Simon Parkes missed. We like to say, “If you want a job done right, do it yourself.”  Betrayed by our military, the people will rise up and so will the eighteen-year-old privates serving on the front lines.

This is why all it takes is enough to make a difference, and it is triggered by proof.

The day we see Biden climbing the stairs into Air Force One with a cocky smile is the day Trump and the Patriots begin struggling to remain relevant.

Enough disenfranchised Americans will say, “You had your shot.  Now we’re stepping up because if you want a job done right, do it yourself.”  This will be the moment Trump and the Patriots begin losing control of the very freedom movement they’ve created.

How could this play out?

First, let’s see who to expect as the principal combatants.  On the left, we have criminals, useful idiots, and snowflakes.  On the right, good Americans who, through our nation’s loss of lives and treasure in endless wars, have mastered the art of asymmetric warfare.

If these Patriots are compelled to act, it will not be the showy, bully tactics of the Antifa and BLM thugs.  Instead, when they strike in a manner similar to the 1968 Tet Offensive in Vietnam.

Militarily, that offensive was a complete failure for the communists, and their leadership lamented this.

Politically speaking, it actually turned out to be a path to eventual victory for North Vietnam after news reporter Walter Cronkite incorrectly told Americans that the 1968 Tet offensive was a “defeat” for the U.S.

Unlike Tet, a national military strike is not what these disenfranchised Americans are likely to employ.  Rather, they’ll follow what works.  The Democrat, election fraud model.

They’ll focus their efforts on heavily populated key battleground communist enclaves (Blue States) such as San Francisco, New York, and Chicago.

Consumers, predators, and parasites mostly populate these communist enclaves. Short of lattes and expresso, they seldom produce anything of tangible value for America’s substance of life, but rather, get rich off those who do.

In short, they are not the people who go to work each day to make America work; they are the people who view such Americans as “deplorables” in need of re-education camps.  Then, distracted by the political outcries of non-violent protestors, it happens.

When it happens, power grids go down in a short span of hours, and dynamited bridges, water systems, and waste systems will fail.  After that, it’s hard to be the moral communist thought leaders of the world when you have to climb twenty flights of stairs with your emergency rations and bottled water.

Folks, we’re talking about old fashioned Roman siege strategy here, so what will be the outcome of this?

The one thing Q and the QAnon community worry about most.

America is Balkanized.

This is the outcome the CCP desires, and right now, they are doing everything they can to provoke it.

If we stampede and forget “United we stand, divided we fall, ” the Democrats will invite China to save America from the fascists.

Then, China and friends will put on their blue helmets and invade without the slightest hint of reluctance.  Not hard when you have 75,000 PLA troops in Canada and another 200,000 in Mexico.

So to Simon and Charlie, I say, guys, love the evidence but is it for us, or for feckless “Peace in our time,” Europeans.  Fellas, we need proof to stop this coming American civil war, not more useless evidence.

How do I know this?

In September 2020, I spent two weeks traveling the country from coast to coast for two weeks.  It took that long because I wanted to see America.  Not through a YouTube channel video, but face-to-face, eye-to-eye, which is why I am in no way pessimistic about current events.

I saw in the eyes of many and heard in their voices their weariness with years of seeing mountains of evidence flushed down a communist toilet. It is out there like a kettle that is about to boil over.  If it does, it will turn into a mess for everyone, including those who betrayed their country.

These defiant Americans are waiting and watching, and Trump knows it because he’s reading the note they left on his golf cart scorecard.

The days of evidence and law and order are no longer relevant, but slavery is.   It is time to lead with proof or to get out of the way.


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