The Chi of Q

| April 26, 2019

The Great Awakening and Planet X or How I Found the Peace of QFor the last two years, we’ve seen the Globalists pursuing an impeachment battle against POTUS and with the release of the long-awaited Mueller report, the outcome was a nothing burger.

Despite that, the current strategy of multiple fishing investigations in the House is a rearguard action that may be effective in slowing the Alliance counter-attack if the White House cannot block their subpoenas, but in the end, nothing can stop what is coming  So what comes next?

At this point, knowing what comes next is more about reading the tea leaves than anything else because both sides are sending mixed signals.  The result is that Q Anons can offer a continuous analysis of what is happening in current events but they can only grope with drop-driven explanations of what is happening behind the scenes and what is to come.

However, one can use a more subtle measure to pierce the veil of disinformation that masks what is happening behind the scenes.  I call it the Chi of Q and in this article, I will explain how it can be used to pierce this veil of disinformation. To understand how it works, let’s begin with the principal advantages of both sides.

Principal Advantages

While many are caught up in a swamp of political outrage and other orchestrations, the current struggle of the Alliance is to “drain the swamp” so the Patriots can end the control-through-despair rule of the Globalists and thereby usher in peace and prosperity for the country.

In a classic sense, this is a struggle of good vs. evil, though there is nothing classic about what is at stake, that being, the subjugation of our species by self-serving elites for countless generations to come.  With this in mind, let’s look at the primary advantages both sides enjoy.  The principal advantages are:

  • Q Alliance: The unlimited power of Chi.
  • Globalists: The limited power of despair.

When one uses the Chi of Q as I call it to evaluate these principal advantages in light of current events, a more useful understanding of what is happening behind the scenes becomes possible.

The Unlimited Power of Chi

The predicate for explaining why the Alliance has the unlimited of Chi is the source of Chi itself.

In traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy, Chi (a.k.a. Ki, Prana) is described as a vital life force that flows through the body.  This widely held view is the conceptual tent post of many energetic healing arts such as acupuncture and evidence of their efficacy is the continuous practice of these arts for centuries. Chi is real and it works.

On a personal level, in 2012, the validity of Chi went from the “gee that’s interesting column” for me to the “hot damn it’s the real deal” column after I developed Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

At that time, the best modern medicine could offer for IBS was insurance billing codes, so I opted for the Chinese herbal route. These remedies were effective to a point but did not fully resolve the problem, so I expanded the scope of my search with a more Eastern approach.

This early success led me to an ancient Korean energetic healing art called Danjeon Breathing.  It is based on acupuncture and has been in continuous use for centuries and is widely practiced in South Korea today.  It is a pleasant, effective, low-impact, non-invasive, self-healing energy art.

Within two weeks of performing Danjeon Breathing 20 minutes each day, my IBS symptoms were gone, and after two months, I can eat small portions of whole nuts, though seeds are still a taboo. Ask anyone who has had IBS what that means and they’ll tell you it means a lot.

There are millions of energy art success stories like mine, and no doubt many of you reading this article have already been there and done that.  Nonetheless, while self-healing energy arts are effective, the fact remains that modern science cannot stick a probe into something as subtle and as powerful as Chi.  Pavlov, forgive us.

Nonetheless, the positive effects created by directing Chi are indisputable, and this focused my attention on one question. Where does the Chi, vital life force, come from and what is the source of this healing power?  The answer I found was that Chi, Ki or Prana as they are known in the East is what some call the Divine Light of God’s Love in the West, or more simply, Divine Light.

Divine Light

It is a common practice in the West to tell those who are facing their last moment, to “go to the light.”  The meaning is that the light is the Divine Light of God’s love.  Be mindful of going to it when crossing the vail; you will get there without becoming a lost soul.

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This is an elemental concept, and we will revisit it.  However, for now, we’ll use the term Chi, because it better describes the flow of Divine Light as a vital life force that can be directed to a specific purpose or place.

For example, when doing a Danjeon Breathing exercise routine, a significant number of poses are first performed to open energy channels in the body and thereby maximize the flow of Chi through the body.  Then, a key handful of core energy poses are preformed to obtain the optimal Chi effect.

Danjeon Breathing - Chi In

The focus point of these exercise routines is a place Koreans’ call the danjeon.  A Chi energy storage region inside the lower body, just above the pelvic girdle in an area women refer to as the womb.  The ability to direct Chi (Divine Light) to the danjeon body region is the principal reason many studies and use Danjeon Breathing to help them deal with low back pain.  Bottom line, this is real, and it works.

The Chi of Q tactical takeaway points for Divine Light are:

  • The Divine Light of God’s love is fixed, ever-present and inexhaustible.
  • Eastern energy arts that recognize the Western Divine Light as Chi, Ki or Prana, view it pragmatically as a vital life force (Divine Light) that can be gathered and directed to a given purpose or place.
  • The unlimited power of Chi is the principal advantage of the Q Alliance.

Assuming all of this is true, how does all this translate into a principal advantage for the Q Alliance? Here is where we dive into the Chi of Q.

The Chi of Q

The key to understanding the Chi of Q is to never use subjective measures.  In other words, never seek to judge whether something is good or bad, evil or good, helpful or unhelpful, and so forth.  These are adult diversions.  Rather, you must see the flow of Chi through the eyes of a child, which means you see it as it is.  Or as archeologists say, “in situ,” that being in its original position or place.  In othe words, if you see rust you see rust.  Do not paint over it.

Regardless of whether it is called the Divine Light of God’s Love, Chi, Ki, Prana or life force energy, what makes us different from cadavers is that you dear reader have it.  A cadaver does not.

Therefore, there are only two types of souls, that which can receive it and those who must steal it, the parasites.

  • Receivers: Souls that take the high road. They generally seek honest lives and often give of themselves through service-to-others.  They receive the Light of God’s Love by who they are and what they do.
  • Parasites: Souls that take the low road of abuse, reckless self-interest, and materialism are parasites. As such, they cannot receive the Light of God’s Love because they have turned their backs upon Creator, and yet, they cannot exist without it.  Consequently, they must take it from receivers or in extreme situations, from lesser parasites.

This brings us to an essential question.  Where is the dividing line between receiver and parasite?  The short answer is a soul’s dominant emotional state, that being positive or negative.

Imagine you are standing in a paint store looking at the sample paint chips on the wall.  Far to one side is an absolute black chip and to the opposite side, an absolute white chip.  Between the two are every color you can image, but somewhere in the middle will be a neutral color chip and it is precisely located between the black and white chips. That very chip is the dividing line between receivers and parasites.

All the other chips to one side or another of this neutral color chip will be some variant of absolute black or absolute white.   With this in mind, let’s exchange the term ‘color’ for ‘emotion’ where absolute black is absolute fear, and absolute white is absolute love.

By nature, most humans are receivers.  They naturally wish to live in a positive state of love.  Some call it looking on the bright side and the stronger the emotion of love we experience the more Chi we can receive.  Hence we smile at our neighbors and donate our time to charity.

But what happens when your neighbor smiles back wondering what he and his crew can steal from your house while you’re serving turkey dinners to homeless people.  This is how Globalists think, and they are the most successful parasites on the planet.  Only fools dare to underestimate them because they have an existential need that drives them.

All souls need the Light of God’s Love to exist, but parasites cannot receive it.  They must steal it, which is why parasites will see receivers as food sources.  This raises a practical question.  How is it harvested?

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Let’s go back to our paint store.  This time we’re facing the side of the store with the neutral and absolute black paint chips.  This dark end of the emotional spectrum is the realm of the parasites, and when receivers experience negative, fear-based emotional responses in this part of the emotional spectrum, they lose Chi. Or more to the point, they hemorrhage it, and the darker the emotional response, the darker a receiver’s experience will be, and this can trigger a feeding frenzy.

Remember this; parasites are button pushers.  They only look for victim buttons to push that will achieve a greater feeding response, because the only thing they care about is how to milk their victims of life force energy.  All other issues are subordinate.

The Chi of Q tactical takeaway here is this.  Forget philosophy, religion, yadda, and even more yadda.  You’ll know the parasites by the buttons they push, with whom, when, and to what purpose.

The Globalist Power of Despair

At this point, we know that Globalists are button pushing parasites.  This modus operandi is locked and loaded.  Does this mean that all these buttons work all the time?  No, and if you’re with the Q Alliance, making these buttons inoperable is your thing. Oorah!

However, creating a more peaceful and prosperous world also means having to push many different positive buttons, and sadly, destroying all that only takes a few negative ones.

This is the devastating power of despair is the Globalist advantage.  We know the story.  Despair is engineered with false flags, media manipulation, economic downturns, terror attacks and more.  What do all these engineered events have in common?  The need of all parasites are to control their food sources freely and to feed unfettered.

The Chi of Q tactical takeaway here is this.  Scan for early signs of parasitic feeding and disable as many buttons as you can.  What does that look like?  Assume you’re young Luke Qwalker and skimming the surface of a Globalist death star.  Where do you drop your ordinance?

Using the Chi of Q

A dauntless young Luke Qwalker, might want to research the most recent major offensive events o look for clues.  Such an event was the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings last September.

The Globalists through their supports expended a tremendous amount of Chi in the form of baseless rage propaganda and lost.  Conversely, the Globalists expended virtually no Chi during the subsequent government shutdown and won against Trump.  Therefore, as we get down to cases, let’s nix the shutdown idea and focus on how the Globalists came at Kavanaugh.  They used perversion.

For a dauntless young Luke Qwalker, perversion is where X marks the spot. Drop all you have on perversion and enjoy the secondaries.  Here is what a direct hit can set off.

Globalists have a huge Achilles heel.  Organized perversion and unspeakable horrors committed against innocent women and children.  The Globalists profit from these crimes in two ways.  First there are the financial benefits, but in the end, their perverse need for horrific feeding is what you’ll see in the center ring of the circus tent.

What happens if young Luke Qwalker, bullseye’s the center ring?

The show stops because the corporate media will be tarred with this weighty brush as well.  Several media outlets may fall as a result, and the remainder will struggle for survival.  A diminished fake news media will undermine the Globalist hammerlock on the public narrative.

Another benefit to consider is that the most powerful Globalists are the oldest in terms of age and they need to feed, more so than their younger counterparts.  Therefore, disrupting their ability to feed, can significantly impair their overall effectiveness.

Be mindful though; there is a universal downside with winning.  The more the Globalists are hurt, the more others will be made to hurt, but this advantage of despair is limited because there is only so much they can do.

The Chi of Q tactical bottom line is this.  Fight the parasites by first taking their Chi from them.  Then wait for the right moment to cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war.

Where We Go One We Go All

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