Coast to Coast AM, Leak Project and Survival Wellness Advocacy

| January 20, 2017

Coast to Coast AM, Leak Project and Survival Wellness AdvocacyThere comes a time when you know you need to break from the pack and to follow a new direction. For me, this happened last year as I began working on my latest video, Signs No. 13 – Meteor Warning for 1st Qtr 2017, at the end of November.  After that, I decided that the time has come to focus on surviving what will be a decade-long tribulation.

There are a lot of new voice out there doing validation reporting and it is helpful for the newly aware.  And yes, these new voices have freed me to follow a new path.

Yet, I’m troubled for many who have been in awareness for quite some time because I see a disturbing trend.  I call it tribulation toking because YouTube has become a new kind of catastrophe bong.  Folks are searching like crazy for the latest validation video with catchy titles, like cataclysm couch potatoes taking one thrill toke after another.

I suppose for them; it is a bit like watching a slow-motion train wreck.  They watch in fascination thinking they’re standing at a safe distance on a nearby hilltop or overpass. It is like some insane old Cheech and Chong movie.  “Oh wow man, check that out, man.  Glad I’m not on that train man.”  Distracted and entertained, they fail to realize that they’re actually riding in the caboose and that it is only a matter of time before they’ll find themselves in a nightmarish tangle of twisted steel, iron, and blood.

Right there and then, I knew it was time to change direction and the launch point is my latest book, Survival Wellness Advocacy and the BIG WIN: A Supplemental Guide for Surviving the Planet X Tribulation. You can download the free eBook from  Oddly enough, giving the eBook version away for free didn’t seem to stop folks from pissing and moaning about paying for a print book.

Nonetheless, writing this book was an intense time for me and with the help of a few good friends I was able to release the book on January 9, 2017, just in time to announce it and my new focus during my interview with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM the following day. Then on the 15th, I was on Leak Project with Rex Bear, and good ol’ Rex let me run with it.  Both interviews are posted on this page.

You want to light a bong and listen in, that’s your business.  As for me, that line from Shawshank Redemption says it all.  “I guess it comes down to a simple choice, really. Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Marshall Masters – Planet X Latest 2017 – Surviving Orchestrated

Leak Project
Rex Bear
Jan 15, 2017


Planet X Effects/ ‘Pure Evil’ Open Lines

Date Tuesday – January 10, 2017
Host George Noory
Guests Marshall Masters,  Open Lines

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In the first half, author, publisher, and producer Marshall Masters updated his Planet X research, detailing evidence which he believes points to a constellation of objects behind the sun, in the southern sky, between Mars and Jupiter. The object can occasionally be seen around sunrise or sunset, when the sun is less visible, he suggested. Further, he’s concluded there will be visibility to the naked eye in November 2017, with the object appearing as large as the moon. When the mainstream media starts reporting on Nibiru (Planet X), they will suggest it’s harmless, but that will be the time to seek safer ground, as the effects of its passage will be catastrophic to the Earth, he declared.

Being in an underground shelter is not necessarily the safest option, he stated, as there could be sinkholes and earthquakes that could doom such enclosures. Instead, he recommended building a kind of “layered sandwich” shelter on the surface combining about 12 ft. of dirt and and 2 ft. of basalt, which can shield from radiation and EMP. He also advises being 150 miles away from a large body of water, and 100 miles downwind of a nuclear plant. He is offering a free download (PDF file) of his new book, “Survival Wellness Advocacy,” which outlines more of his tips.

Masters is convinced we’re already seeing the effects of Nibiru’s passage, with increased meteors and superbolides coming close to Earth, such as the damaging 2013 incident in Chelyabinsk, Russia, when an object hit the atmosphere with the strength of around 30 Hiroshima bombs. He believes there is a high probability for another such incident this February. What do you believe about Planet X?

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