Survival Health System for Preppers and Survivalists

| November 6, 2013
For those in preparation and planning, healthcare is a problematic area, because it is focused on the pills, potions and supplements preppers set aside to help get themselves through a cataclysm.
  But all things physical eventually play out and once your medical kit is empty, what will you have?  You’ll have Danjeon Breathing for a better chance at survival. Danjeon Breathing dates back to the early days of acupuncture and has been practiced by Korean women for over 2,000 years.  It was used exclusively by ruling elites until the Korean War (1950-1953) after which it went mainstream throughout South Korea. It is also becoming popular in America, especially with those practicing Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi and other related energy arts.  They study Danjeon Breathing to add key concepts and poses to their own personal health plan.

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