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An Open Letter To Our Readers

YOWUSA.COM, 7-Nov-2009
Marshall Masters
Jacco van der Worp, MSc
Janice Manning

In recent months we have seen a dramatic shift in interest in topics dealing with 2012, Pole Shifts, Planet X and other issues of concern. It is clearly towards the mainstream, and those now coming into awareness are finding their way to our site in growing numbers. They now join those who have been following our work with keen interest, since we started this site in December 1999.

Consequently, as the founders of this site, we now find ourselves torn between the needs of two very different audiences. The first is what we call our patrons, and we have known them for quite some time. Each in their own way, patrons view the future within a framework of actionable threats. While others concerned themselves with the mundane, they utilized this last decade and more, to study and contemplate the topic. Consequently, they 'get it' and want to get through it, so they continue to seek out useful information they can anneal to their own body of personal research.

The other audience is more recent. It is the newly aware. We call them the newbies, and unlike patrons, they usually happen upon this site and others like it in a rushed search for validation and certainty. They seek simple answers that may in part, or whole, help them reclaim what they suspect has been loss of control over the destiny of their own lives.

Over the last decade, we come to understand the needs of both audiences as citizen researchers and authors. At a human level, each of us began our journey down this bumpy road and all of its heart rending twists with the misguided newbie notion that proof precedes knowledge. It does not. However, this insight does not make sense to newbies until they finally take a rest beside the road to remove the pebbles of expediency from their shoes.

These pebbles are the discomfort one inevitably experiences after a sudden and unexpected absence of societal blinders. At that point, newbies either retreat to their blinders, even though they can never again provide the same comfort, or they accept the personal responsibility needed to proceed in earnest. This point of decision, regardless where it may lead, is a very personal one and must therefore be respected by all without judgement or belittlement.

This is why these two audiences are as divergent as night is to day. Those who we call patrons have long since removed the pebbles from their shoes, and since then, they have continued their journey with a somewhat plodding and sober concern.

For those of you who are newly aware and now coming to these topics in what can only be viewed as troubled times, we feel your uncertainty. Those nagging pebbles in the shoes so to speak. Our hearts go out to you, for we too know what it is like to be awake in a room filled with those who prefer to sleep. Dare to wake them from their slumber, and their anger will be mighty. Ergo, before shaking them from their slumber, you crave the protection of certain proof. It is the logical need of the rational Western mind. 

However, our mission here at yowusa.com is not to help you to validate, or to prove anything, to those still slumbering. Rather, our mission is simply to observe, study and then share what we have found. This is because the only truth that matters to each and every one of us as individuals is that unique truth, which resonates within each of us.

To find such a truth, you must first accept that there are no omnipotent voices or theories. Rather, you must commit yourself to search for the truth, fashioned in your own design and conducted at your own pace. Only in this way can you find that unique truth, which resonates within you. It is a difficult process, but once you have found it, those who would dissuade you with false entreaties, mockery or the threat of humiliation will become irrelevant to you. 

Since we began our work in 1999, there has been a long stretch of time, wherein existed the unfettered opportunity to conduct personal searches for truth without the depredations of these false entreaties. Regrettably, this time has passed.

Early 2008, we witnessed a phenomenal increase in the amount of ongoing disinformation being generated into this topic. Granted, as with all human endeavors, there is the inevitable gossip; the grapevines, as it were, and as the old saying goes, “snakes live under rocks, but it foolish to presume that there is one living under every rock.”

Nonetheless much of this disinformation is artificially created by those who seek to profit from the ignorance of the many, and the pace of their toxic injections now grows at an exponential rate. However, it is not without an end. As with all chapters in a book, there comes an end. This chapter is theirs, but it is coming to an end, and the next chapter offers a free opportunity for humankind.

That being said, these disinformationalists do possess great force. Their resources are without limit, and their compassion is reserved only unto themselves. The target of these disinformationalists is the newly aware, as it always has been. Extend to them any expectation of humanity and you will only short change yourself in their favor, for they do not view us as humans. Rather, they see us as commodities, no different from the fish grown in aqua farms for the benefit of ravenous consumption. 

Wherever you think to find certain proof through conventional means to put your concerns and fears to rest, they will be there, waiting for you. The bait will be the comfort of a simple answer, but ensconced within it, will be an unseen hook that drags you down calculated blind alleys, filled with humiliation and needless personal pain.

Are these disinformationalists supermen with genius-like powers? No. Their mentality and modalities are similar to those of petty retail clerks. They can only succeed as long people want to them to. Know this, and guard yourself accordingly. Those who have studied this topic for some time already know this, and more importantly, they have gone beyond it. Like us, they have seen the trends and have learned how to discern between the relevancy of those who serve others and the irrelevancy of those who serve themselves. 

To those seeking the certainty of simple answers and smoking guns, we want to help you, because we understand your anguish all too well. If what we publish on this site can be of any help to you, please use it as you see fit in your own search for that unique truth. The one which resonates within you. 

All this being said, time is shortening at a rapid pace, and world events seem to follow just as quickly. Consequently, as the founders of this site, our journey along this path has brought us to point where where we found the need to grapple with a new and difficult decision. Do we invest what little time and resources we have as a small group to focus our efforts on newbies? Or, do we focus what time we have and what limited resources at hand in favor of our patrons? Those who have journeyed far beyond the insecure need for simple answers.

It pains us to choose, but choose we must. Otherwise we will be paddling upstream with our feet in two canoes. Therefore, we choose those who already get it, want to get through it. The patrons. 

The time for this decision is born by what we see in the coming years. A broad range of threats to life as we know it and the emergence of a more enlightened humanity. Hence we often use the phrase “catch you on the backside.” What we mean by this is that we have never seen or spoken of a permanent end, nor do we advocate the wrath of a deity who punishes one and rewards the other.

Rather, we see humanity in a great passing labor pain. The evolution of our species. Once those pains have subsided, those who’ve endured will see the backside of this evolutionary event. Hence we say catch you on the backside, in the hope that those who get it, do get through it, as do we. There are no guarantees.

In closing, for those of you now coming into awareness, we wish you the peace that comes from finding that unique truth, which resonates within you, and you alone. Find it, and you will understand that all this is not happening to you; nor that you are happening to it; but rather, that you are a part of it. The knowing of this can significantly enhance your chances of celebrating the backside. 

Nonetheless, you are regrettably disadvantaged by your late arrival, so think of this endeavor as a candle. Use the remaining time wisely by lighting it at both ends. Do this now, and it will burn twice as fast and twice as bright. If, though, through prolonged indecision you withhold the match, or even perhaps only light one end of the candle, the constructive rewards of such temerity shall be of dubious value. 

In closing for those of you who have been awareness for some time; like you, we understand that the luxury of time for simple answers and validation has come and gone. That now is the time to view the uncertainties within the perspective of actionable thresholds, so as not to squander what precious little remains.

You are now planning and contemplating your pathways through the difficult years ahead with the same deliberative calms as a wise captain who plots the course of his noble ship through treacherous waters. It is to you to we must devote our principal interest and efforts, but to all of you, we say “catch you on the backside.”

The Founders
Marshall Masters
Jacco van der Worp, MSc
Janice Manning


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