WSO Interviews Marshall Masters April 22, 2016

| April 23, 2016

Wormwood System ObservationsA common Planet X denial and dismissal is, “If something this big were about to happen, the government would have to be honest with us.”  For those in awareness the first thing that comes to mind upon hearing this is, “Where is it written that our government has to be honest?” Clearly, history proves otherwise.

The point is that people know they’re being lied to, but they have absolutely no idea of exactly how they’re being lied to. And that “fluoride stare,” the complete lack of education in the areas of critical thinking and logic, along with the mind-numbing effects of mass media ensure that most people don’t have any real interest in knowing the particulars.

Herein is the beauty of the present day disinformation strategy. Instead of denying government lies, propaganda, and disinformation they simply address it as a given.  Then they use neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to reinforce an irrational, ego-driven belief most people have — namely that they are immune to techniques like NLP, subliminals, slanted search engine results, and programming in mass media and music because they are too clever to be manipulated in these ways.

For those of you in awareness who are clever enough to know that you need to override this NLP, you’ll really appreciate this interview with host Steve Ols0n and guest Marshall Masters.

WSO Interviews Marshall Masters April 22, 2016

Join us while we spend some time with Marshall Masters, long time Nibiru researcher, author and reporter talking about NASA, the [Planet X System flyby] and how the Elites plan to re-shackle us after the event. We talk about the elites harassment and orders from the Vatican that have derailed Marshall in the past…


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