For Your July 4th Listening Pleasure

| July 3, 2022

Shepard AmbellasLast year was tough for host Shepard Ambellas and yours truly because we were both crushed by Big Tech.  Feather one Harry, we’re going in.

Well, you kind, freedom-loving people, we’re back because, as they say, you can’t keep a good man down.

This interview is fun because we take some hard-to-accept issues head-on, such as nature’s one rule for sentient species.  (No spoilers.)

If you’re feeling down about what “they” are doing to us, this interview offers a more constructive view of what we need to do for hope and victory.  Have a happy 4th and enjoy the show!

Shepard Ambellas Show, July 1, 2022
S2E9: The state of the nation, and the world w/Marshall Masters

Shepard Ambellas, Bethany Adoni, and co-producer Aaron Cole are joined by Marshall Masters to talk about literally everything under the sun.


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