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2002 NT7 Flyby Offers Clear
Evidence of NASA's Warped
NEO Suppression Policy

YOWUSA.COM, 26-August-02
Jacco van der Worp


Science vs. News

Three reasons come to mind when looking at the way the story around 2002NT7 hit the news:

  • It was a PR stunt
  • Someone leaked to the press
  • It is a test case, a deliberate leak of information 

In the first case, if it was a PR stunt, someone wanted to draw a lot of attention to this flyby event, most likely for reasons of need of funding for (an expansion of) a detection program. We support that. There is nowhere near enough observation going on currently if a rock the size of a football field can miss us by a little over an hour.

If someone leaked to the press, then either there is a rivalry for attention going, which boils down to the first point in the end: a fight for cash funding. If an independent astronomer gets pushed away from his observation time by the big organized boys, he may resort to desperate tactics to get it back. Understandable, but hardly what we need. There's too much at stake in this.

If this was a test case of some sort, so help us God. If we assume that someone brought this into the press with an intention to see how quickly it would spread out and what the effect might be in terms of panic. Then a few days later it gets retracted/refuted by simply stating that further observation took away the risk of any impact and that was that. Then that still leaves a reason for such a test case.

But is this tactic something new for NASA?

An April 2001 article written by Marshall Masters of YOWUSA.COM, echoed the alarms of many indepentdent astronmers about NASA's suppression policy used to throttle the annoucements of new NEO detection reports regardings new objects in the Solar System.

YOWUSA.COM, April 21, 2001
NASA's NEO Suppression Policy is Bad Science

NASA's 72-hour suppression policy has finally forced astronomers to think in terms of public relations.   Consequently, it has pushed them down the slippery slope of political correctness, towards the abyss of bad science. 

This is why famous astronomers like Dr. Brian Marsden, Associate Director of the Smithsonian Astrophysics Observatories, was recently quoted on a PAX TV program as saying, "Quite frankly, I think NASA's (72-hour suppression) policy is dangerous" in a PAX TV interview.

The obvious reasons for this suppression policy are:

1. Ensure accurate findings

2. Prevent misleading press reports

3. Prevent unnecessary NEO panics

At face value, these reasons seem logical, necessary and well intentioned.  But are they -- really?

Since 1998, astronomers have been led down a path between the gaping jaws of a controlling vice.  To the right is the controlling nature of governments and to the left is the self-serving irresponsibility of the media. 

In order for astronomers to continue their work, they have no choice but to pass though the center of this vice with the hope that they can master the art of public relations in time to prevent the opposing jaws of the vice from ratcheting inward, until the NEO reporting process is so badly throttled that is fails.

Bitterly little seems to have changed since then, given recent developments that were played out in the media. Either NASA has no control over their own, or a bitter war is going on out there.  Case in point, 2002NT7.  


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Informing the Public Without Causing a Panic

The media took the 2002NT7 news and made a run with it, half of the conclusions was indeed premature. It nearly caused a panic in some circles. But to blindly start accusing around, dragging conspiracy nuts in by the hairs and make everybody else look silly in contrast to themselves is a lame shoot-from-the-hip kind of response you'd expect from a fifteen-year-old, not a renowned NASA researcher.

As far as publication of asteroid observations is concerned, one thing must have become clear from this incident: while crying wolf on one hand is bad publicity, suppression on the other is bad science. In between lies the realm of information-without-causing-a-panic as opposed to feeding wild speculations. This only leads to greater reluctance from the side of the media to help if push comes to shove, something is bound to be up for real one day; we all know what happened to the boy who cried wolf.

Perhaps the media and NASA should sit down and look at a way to work together more openly without the sensationalism we've seen here. It may one day be our last line of defense!

In the mean time NASA should allow itself to ask for help from the outside from time to time instead of trying to do it all by themselves without anyone knowing what goes on. They need the help without a doubt, they just won't ask it straight up.  But admitedley, this presumes that NASA has a completely free hand to decide the matter.

In the meantime, we continue racing towards the inevitable conclusion that our most dearest loss of life and treasure some fine future day will be primarily be the result of failed public paranoia politics combined with a heavy handed muffling of the NEO research community.

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