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Thriving Life On Mars

YOWUSA.COM, 22-September-01
Steve Russell

Life on Mars may have been found.  NASA and their associate, Malin Space Science Systems (MSSS), is predictably laying low on the subject and denying the possibility that their own images indicate thriving forms of primitive life.  This new evidence may be linked to a phenomenon we reported earlier this year.  In this article, we will show plenty of examples demonstrating what appear to be thriving colonies of a cellular form of life.  We will show the various characteristics, movements, patterns, locations, and what happens when they die.  Finally, a Hungarian science team has just confirmed our suspicions that what we are looking at, truly is Martian life.

New Evidence

Martian Bio-cell Formation 1In a previous article titled "A Geo-Biological Mars?", we reported on a strange circular phenomenon at the South Pole of Mars.  We initially believed that based on the best available evidence we had uncovered; it appeared that these formations developed rapidly with intermediate circles being very rare. 

However, newly found evidence shows the many stages of the development cycle exhibited by these circles. 

Martian Bio-cell Formatio 2

Martian Bio-cell Formatio 3

In the remainder of this article, I will refer to these circles as macro cells, due to their diameters of more than half a kilometre.  Human CellPreviously, we could only liken these macro cells to a human ovum. 

However, while investigating Arthur C Clarke's "Bushes" on Mars, we found something quite amazing that could be related to our macro cells previously reported, and also define a whole new aspect of the natural world of Mars. 

This equally strange phenomenon also has attributes very similar to the macro cells but instead measure only several metres in diameter.  Given the fact that these two phenomenon are both circular in nature and only appear at the South Pole, it could indicate that they are somehow related.

These micro cells appear frequently and are therefore easier to study. 

Vegetation or Dusty Snow

Vegetation or Dusty Snow on MarsMany people initially speculated that images such as this one depicted something similar to trees or other vegetation.

Despite having little concrete evidence about the true nature of this phenomenon, MSSS was quick to state as fact, that it was not vegetation. 

Malin Space Science Systems, 12 June 2001
Not Vegetation! Defrosting Sand Dunes in Late Southern Winter

Despite the "sensation" one gets when looking at pictures of spotted, defrosting martian dunes (i.e., the sensation that these images show some sort of life, like vegetation, growing on Mars) these features are a normal, common manifestation of the springtime defrosting process on Mars.  The ices involved -- because of the low temperatures at these locations -- are probably both frozen water and carbon dioxide, though it is unclear as to whether one type of ice dominates over the other in controlling the appearance and coalescence of the dark spots.

Just because these micro cells are a "normal, common manifestation", it does not mean they cannot be something extraordinary like vegetation. 

In 1999, MSSS claimed that the dark spots were merely caused by dark sand under the ice.  In the 2001 press release above, MSSS is still referring to them as dark spots.  Hundreds of photos exist showing that they are more than just sand.  Perhaps this indicates that they still have no real idea what these micro cells actually are, or what causes them.

Looking further South on M0701909, we can see the final stages and relationship between these "trees" and another new form of cell that may be related to the macro cells we initially reported.  This image shows that they are actually the remains of dead micro cells. 

dead micro cells

In all the information that we have found on this matter, there is no factual process or description provided by NASA or MSSS that could sufficiently explain what these micro cells are.  This article will clearly show beyond reasonable doubt that there is a lot more to these cellular phenomena than just dust. 

Thriving Colonies

The image below, taken in early spring, shows a large thriving colony of dark micro cells at the bottom of a deep crater wall, void of any sand dunes.  They are being held together by what looks like an icy sludge pool that has started to evaporate.

Thriving Colonies

The image below, also taken during spring, again shows defrosting icy sludge covered with these dark micro cells.  A remarkable aspect of this image is the grouping of larger micro cells in the middle of the sludge. 

larger micro cells in the middle of the sludge

Enhancements clearly show the remarkable cellular nature of these things. 

icy sludge materia

Even further into spring, and we can still find plenty of examples of these dark cells and icy sludge material. 

dark cells

An enhancement shows the adjoining nature of the cells exactly like the other images of macro cells. 

macro cells

Below is a comparison between four micro cells and their possibly related macro cells. 

micro cell comparison

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