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Have We Entered a Cosmic Bowling Alley?

YOWUSA.COM, 01-May-01
Jacco van der Worp

Scientists have long been telling us that as the Earth moves around in and together with the Solar system, we revolve around the center of our Galaxy Have We Entered a Cosmic Bowling Alley?every 200-250 million years approximately. That will not only bring us in generally the same area once in such a period, it will also take us through regions where more debris might be waiting for us from time to time. Could we have entered into such an area of space right now? And what might be the consequence of that?

A chronology of unresolved mystery and strange happenings

As the turn of the Millennium approached a few years ago, the interest in all kinds of end-time prophecies grew considerably. Quite a few prophets, like Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, or Gordon Michael Scallion have predicted disastrous events for the times we are currently in. Many people have looked at them and smiled or even laughed and dismissed them as rubbish, as fantasies.

Now that the new Millennium is here, over the last two years a series of events has started to unfold in our Solar system raising a few eyebrows but largely going by silently. This silence mainly results from the going disinterest among the general public as far as cosmic disaster is concerned. It is a popular topic for documentaries but few realize the seriousness there is behind it. It is just too far out of their yard. This ‘detachment' still exists, even though the public awareness has been gradually picking up since over a decade by the wave of documentaries covering the subject.

But when some excitement was raised over the events of the last two years, the authorities didn't respond at all or were all too quick to discard them as the product of layman fantasy. Let's review the pieces of the puzzle, or at least a few of them once again and see what a prophecy or two might be worth still.

The August 1999 Eclipse

August 1999 EclipseThe first remarkable event was the sighting of three objects positioned around the black Lunar disk at the moment of total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. At first this was thought by many to be the ‘King of Terror' spoken about so much in connection with the Nostradamus prophecies. Two of them were quickly ‘discarded' because they matched known positions of satellites and were confirmed by close-up photographs taken from other satellites, the third object, then named Object B, remains a mystery until today.

The Millennium Group Cometary Theory
Analysis of NASA Video Feed

Solar Eclipse as Seen From Turkey -- There's a Surprise You won't Believe!

August 11, 1999
Updated August 17, 1999

By Marshall Masters
Former CNN Field Producer, Science and Technology Features

Closing Comments by gary d. goodwin
Email from professional videographer

The images shown on this page, were captured from QuickTime movie of a NASA feed. In this video clip, three unusual objects appear during the instant of the full eclipse. I have named them Objects A, B and C. These objects were captured by the camera, and not the result of a technical defect.

What caught my attention, were the camera movements. I could see that the cameraman was trying to acquire something that had appeared in the overscan area of his camera viewfinder, in the upper right hand corner of the image viewing area.

I first detected Objects A and B on a Real Networks G2 80K video clip taken from the CNN site on 11-Aug-99. I reviewed that clip several times and determined that the objects were not caused by a lens flare, a defective camera imaging chip, or a dropout on the recording tape stock.

At that point, I brought my findings to the attention of Earl Crockett and Gary Goodwin of the Millennium Group. What I wanted to know, is if these objects were something explainable, such as a reflection from a building or an airplane that had crossed the camera's point of view."

The 76P-Mars fly-by

Another strange event was the long expected, but then branded as ‘non-event', passing by Mars of the comet 76P on June 5, 2000. This also was thought to lead to the ‘King of Terror' by many, as Phobos means terror after all; it still might become true. NASA even ‘spent' a satellite going there to the rendezvous at that time, which mysteriously went off-line and online again right around the passage, so unfortunately no images were taken and sent to Earth. A lot was said and written about what could have taken place there and why it wasn't sighted again.

YOWUSA.COM, July 13, 2000
Phobos Impact Scenario

violent solar storms"On June 5, 2000 comet 76P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura had its closest encounter with the planet Mars. This event has generated a wide-reaching debate on the Internet as many feel that this event was prophesied, by Nostradamus, Scallion, Gilbert, and Mother Shipton 

While NASA had originally planned to observe the flyby with the DSSI space craft, their position is that nothing happened and that the 76P flyby is a nonevent.

Following NASA's statement that "nothing happened" the interest in 76P began to fade. However, 76P has not been sighted since the June flyby of Mars and NASA is still publishing 76P data based on pre-flyby sightings.

Since then, the Earth has been repeatedly buffeted by a outbreak of violent solar storms. Consequently, NASA's inability to sight 76P plus the current solar activity has refocused attention on the prophecies of Nostradamus, with specific regard to C10:Q72."

A lot of additional calculation was carried out on the possible trajectories of objects resulting from this. A few interesting scenarios came out, but again no backing evidence could be found for it anywhere, because the organizations able to provide evidence chose to remain tacit at that time and continue to do so.

YOWUSA.COM, July 24, 2000
Phobos Impact Scenario -- Update #1

"The original Phobos Impact Scenario by James van der Worp was published on July 13, 2000. Following the publication of that article, the YOWUSA_SPACE Special Interest Group (SIG) began open science-minded debate of the scenario.

A particularly interesting thread developed between James van der Worp and Glen Deen, MSEE. The bulk of the discussion is presented in this update in chronological order."

"I am intrigued by your hypothesis that Comet 76P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura during its close pass on June 5, 2000 may have perturbed Phobos enough to allow it to escape Mars's gravity and generate an Earth-crossing orbit. The fact that Phobos has a direct orbit instead of a retrograde orbit does not prevent the scenario. It just means that the comet needs to pass between Mars and Phobos when Phobos is at or near a new moon phase instead of passing between them when Phobos would have been at or near a full moon phase in the retrograde orbit case."

"The referenced calculations by Muraoka and Rocher indicate the closest distance to Mars by Comet 76P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura is on the order of 6.5 million km. I added my own calculations."

Comet 76P

The Phobos scenario was intended to investigate the possibility of a rendezvous of a Mars moon with Earth a few months later, in possible agreement with the writings of Nostradamus centuries before. The answer was a yes to the possibility of such a scenario, yet no definitive answer could be given due to lack of observations to support the premonitions.

Comet Linear C/1999 S4 breaking up

In July 2000, a second event shook up the astronomical community across the world. Nobody thought the mysterious events might be related at that time.

YOWUSA.COM, July 28, 2000
Comet S4 Linear Behaving Like Violent SL9 Impactor

Astronomer Mark Kidger is keeping a close vigil on Comet S4 LINEAR as it passes between the Earth and Venus, at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory on La Palma.

Hailed as the viewing event of the year by NASA, Comet LINEAR has begun to defy predictions and has broken apart in much the same manner as Comet Showmaker-Levy 9. What this comet is going to do next is anyone's guess.

Nonetheless, this comet is now behaving in a totally unexpected manner and this should concern us. Why? Because what we think we know about comets is obviously off the mark.  For this reason, YOWUSA.COM will continue to follow events as they unfold around S4 LINEAR.

In addition to that, the information was treated very secretively at first. It was withheld by governmental agencies for almost three weeks, until the event could not be concealed any longer. Even then the information was scarce at best. A game of disinformation was being played even then, played by those who probably couldn't place the event they witnessed into their framework or didn't want to adopt the idea they were confronted with by the facts. 

YOWUSA.COM, July 31, 2000
Comet LINEAR Erupts and La Palma Burns

"Last Friday, a wealth of knowledge about Comet LINEAR made its way to the web, just in time to be buried over the weekend before the Monday morning headlines. Yet, what came forth in this rapid spate of announcements is amazing.

Hubble Animation of LINEAR NASA and NASA-oriented news services have used dismissive language to describe Comet LINEAR's recent behavior as "lackluster" and "under-performing." "

"Will Comet LINEAR or one its fragments impact the Earth? Don't hold your breath. But it is making an impact on someone's vested interests.

Despite their wealth of resources and prestige, NASA uses condescending descriptions for what something that is really nothing more than an inanimate object crossing our sky, nor are they giving a full account of what is happening with Comet LINEAR. Perhaps the real impact event of Comet LINEAR is that it is robbing NASA of a pet theory or two. "

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