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A Geo-Biological Mars?

YOWUSA.COM, 09-March-01
Steve Russell


Ideal Isolation

From what we have seen, these cells only form in a single isolated area at the South Pole of Mars. Image one, shows how the highly carbonated ice has formed completely random cracks over the surface.  In image two, it begins to spread out but still shows no sign of geometric patterns. In image three, the cells have formed and multiplied over the ground beneath.

cell formations on Mars surface

Just above the cells, there is the base of a huge mountain, which is not shown in the picture.  All the cells found so far have formed in the protection provided by this mountain.  One explanation for the gradual ability to form cells, could be temperature. Perhaps the temperature decreases as you approach the shadow of the mountain and the conditions for cell creation becomes ideal.

Hidden Information

In most images, the cells appear to have very flat and smooth surfaces.  After enhancements have been made to reveal the detail hidden within the smoothed out image, we can see a whole new side to the story.

martian gelogical cells 1

martian gelogical cells 2

Official Explanation

To the best of our knowledge, NASA has not addressed any issues relating to these cells. However, they have identified every other geological process in this region, some of which are shown below.

geological process on Mars

Arden Albee is a Professor of Geology and Planetary Science at Caltech and has been heavily involved with NASAs missions to Mars.  In a recent e-mail he stated that the "Swiss Cheese" (below left) patterns had not been worked on in detail and thus they do not have a good understanding of the formation processes involved. However, he does believe that they are relatively old and not a simple seasonal phenomenon.

Conflicting thoughts from a graduate student of Dr Arvidson who is [very important add details], says that they last approximately a mere week or two.  He believes that the temperature has risen above the sublimation point of the carbon dioxide in the ice, and has evaporated into gas causing a circular feature as the ice disappears into the atmosphere.

These two conflicting ideas highlight the need for further research in this area of Mars.  The only publicly identified feature that is vaguely similar to the cells (right) is shown below in more detail (left).

NASA's "Swiss Cheese" on Mars

Part of NASAs caption for the left image reads, "Looking like pieces of sliced and broken swiss cheese, the upper layer of the martian south polar residual cap has been eroded, leaving flat-topped mesas into which are set circular depressions such as those shown here. The circular features are depressions, not hills."

Some important differences observed in NASA "Swiss Cheese" are:

  1. There is a variety of sizes.
  2. There is a variety of shapes.
  3. They are in random formations.
  4. They are not isolated.
  5. They are sunken craters, not elevated mounds.

Although the above two images can play tricks on the eyes, making it difficult to determine which are mounds and which are depressions, NASA had assured us the image on the left depicts depressions.  Since we do not know what the sun angle is in the cell images, we must look closer at the ground.

martian cells are agove ground

The image on the left shows the typical cracked ground that separates the cells and can be found all over Mars.  After reversing the colours in the second image to simulate an opposite sun angle, the cells still appear to sitting on top of the ground, not sunken beneath it.

Serious Speculation

The fact that NASA does not know what causes the majority of phenomenon at the South Pole, and has kept relatively quite about the cell images; they leave nothing to offer as an explanation except speculation.

What could these images depict?

  • A strange coincidence of natural processes combining at just the right moment.
  • An icy mixture of water, carbon dioxide and another unknown chemical or microscopic life form.
  • Ancient ice covered landing pads or shelters.

Missions To Mars

As we continue to learn more about Mars, we are encountering increasing mysteries that beckon to us from afar.  We can continue to send robotic probes and explore small isolated regions of Mars, or we can take serious steps towards fulfilling a real manned scientific expedition to our future home.

Humanity needs good scientists like Arden Albee to walk the face of Mars to represent our eyes, ears and curiosity.  We know that we are more than capable of completing the mission.  All that we require is renewed public interest like that reached during the Apollo missions.  With a worldwide interest in this goal, we will reshape our vision of the universe and ourselves forever.

Perhaps; just perhaps; we could find knowlege on Mars about ourselves and our place in the universe that force us to evolve into less warlike creatures. This might be a fanciful thought, but if going to Mars could mean the end to all wars forever, think how wonderful a gift this would be to ourselves and our future generations. 

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