Skywatch Media: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017

| June 15, 2017

On May 13, 2017, Skywatch Media posted a video on Facebook titled Skywatch Media: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017.  The original video was captured by a contributor  in Slovakia the day before.

The imagery in the video is stunning and quite compelling, and in this article, we will present  our analysis of it.  This article offers 19 capture and analysis images detailing what we believe to be the significant elements of this video.

Before giving our review, I wish to take a moment to personally congratulate Skywatch Media on what I believe is a very professional effort on their part.  Especially when you read through the comments sections on their Facebook page which are considerably more elevated than the typical poison pen trash talk you see on YouTube pages.  Hats off to Skywatch Media for handling these comments in a professional and succinct manner.

I also appreciate the straightforward way in which Skywatch Media posted this video, without a salacious headline we so often see on YouTube these days.  You know, the ones that use the word “best” as though these channels are selling Planet X like laundry soap. With that, let’s begin the review of our analysis and findings.

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The Slovakia Video

For the purpose of our analysis, we downloaded a 720 HD copy of the video from the Skywatch Media page on Facebook and re-posted a copy on our YouTube Yowusa channel for the benefit of our readers. Please watch this video before reviewing our findings.

Skywatch Media: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017

Original Observation: Friday, May 12, 2017 at 16:00 Local Time
Region: Bratislava, Slovakia; 48°09’N 17°07’E? / ?48.150°N 17.117°E


Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017
Note: Object appears behind the clouds. A lens flare cannot appear behind an object, it will always appear in front of the edifice. It does not fluctuate which gives credibility to the capture. The binary twin and planetary bodies which orbit in a counterclockwise movement to our sun, are presently 2-3 A.U. from the Earth as it begins to move to perihelion (closest approach to the sun) and thus above the ecliptic plane where its visibility will increase.

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Skywatch Media: Second Sun-Slovakia-May 13, 2017

Slovakia is a central European country near the Austrian border.  We based the location of the observation in the capital city of Bratislava.

Field of View Analysis for May 12, 2017

In this video we see our object of interest at the 4 o’clock positon relative to the sun and according to the contributor this image was captured at 4 o’clock in the afternoon local time.

The official time for sunset in Bratislava, Slovakia on May 12, 2017, was 20:20 local time (GMT+2). Therefore this video was captured during an unusual time of day given that most observations to date have been near sunrise or sunset.

Here we see the position of the object of interest in the sky relative to the horizon as seen by the observer and in the video, and relative to the ecliptic. The plane of our solar system. Please keep in mind that the Earth’s axis is tilted 23.5 degrees from the plane of its orbit around the sun.

Here we see our object of interest relative to known objects on the ecliptic. As can be seen here, Venus and Mercury are well below the sun and our object of interest and therefore not in the field of view.

While the object of interest appears at the 4 o’clock position relative to the sun from the observer’s point of view and that of the viewer, the actual location in space relative to the ecliptic. This location places our object of interest above the ecliptic and at the 2 o’clock position relative to the sun.

Furthermore, this location is consistent with the Planet X system orbital projections presented in my book Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide.

What I find most interesting about this field of view analysis is the observation time, because our object of interest has been up to now, behind the sun. Therefore observations could only be made around sunrise or sunset. However, this observation was made four hours before sunset which raises a new possibility. That our object of interest is nearing its point of perihelion; the closest distance to the sun.

Object of Interest Gamma Analysis

The first time I used gamma analysis was when I discovered the Nostradamus, King of Terror comet during an August 11, 1999, eclipse over Turkey, using a NASA video feed. It was one of three objects observed in the video.

When I published my findings on the Millennium Website, Mars Cydonia Face researcher Richard Hoagland attempted to debunk my findings saying that I had been confused by a “camera flash.”

Thanks to an image provided me by a French cosmonaut of the Mir Space Station I was able to refute his debunking and presented my response in an article titled Is Mr. Hoagland Grabbing at Straws?

Since then, I’ve always found gamma testing to be a reliable analysis tool with digital images. It is important to note that this method is only for digital images as there is no gamma testing for photographic film.

A simple explanation of it is that this is a way to test the luminescence of all of the elements in a digital image or video frame capture. It is much like the volume knob on your stereo. Imagine that you’re playing rock ‘n’ roll music and you turn the volume down. As you do elements of the music began to fade out until finally, all that you’re left with is perhaps a bass drum or bass guitar.

When analyzing observation images or video frame captures such as those presented in this article what were looking to do is to separate the hot objects from the cold objects. A hot object is either creating light or reflecting it from another object at the camera. A cold object will be a lens aberration or lens flare. These are typically created just in front of the camera lens or inside the body of the lens itself and therefore

A cold object will be a lens aberration or lens flare. These are typically created just in front of the camera lens or inside the body of the lens itself and therefore are misdirection’s of natural light and cool by nature. Ergo, as we crank down the gamma like we do the volume control on our stereo, the cold objects will fade out, eventually leaving us with the hot objects. With this in mind let’s see what the gamma analysis of this observation video shows us.

What we see here is the actual default values of the observer’s smartphone, with a gamma value of 1.0. Please note the light blue object in the lower third of the image near the center. This blue object is a cold object as you will see.

When we reduce the gamma by 25%, we see that the hot and cold objects are persistent.

However, once we reduce the gamma by half, we begin to see the cold object at the bottom center of the screen beginning to fade from view.

And finally, when we reduce the gamma by 75%, the sun and our object of interest are bright, where as the blue object or lens flare that was previously seen in the bottom of the picture at the center has now faded from view. Also, our sun and the object of interest are beginning to dim as well.

Here we have reduced the gamma by 85% and most of the elements in the image have faded to black. What we see now are the sun and the object of interest, and a limited amount of cloud reflection around them.

And finally, when we reduce the gamma by 90%, we are mostly left with two hot objects. Our sun and our object of interest next to it.

The final test is to reduce the gamut to the lowest setting, which is 1% and to aid  our ability to see our hot objects, we’ve increased brightness and contrast by 15%.

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This analysis clearly indicates that the object of interest is what we call a hot object, and therefore a natural  body in space.  It is not a lens flare or aberration.  It is also important to note that gamma analysis is not an absolute test.

Since generation five smart phones became available, we have seen problems with false positives occurring  in still images.  However when analyzing smart phone videos caputres such as the one we are analyzing in this article, are not subject to this false positive issue.  It is for this reason that we routinely reject smart phone still image submissions.

Smartphone Exposure Analysis

It is only on rare occasion that the findings of a gamma analysis can be corroborated in some fashion. Such is the case with this Slovakia observation video, thanks to a bird who just happened to fly through the field of view on a fascinating arc.

At about eight seconds into the video, you can see a bird flying up from the treeline, as shown in frame 223.

At frame 236, the bird is fully visible as it flies towards the object of interest.

Then by frame 248, the bird begins to fade from view.

By frame 259, the bird fades completely from view as it crosses in front of the object of interest.

Only after the bird has flown past both the object of interest and the sun does it begin to reappear in frame 284.

By the time the bird is seen in frame 289, it has now fully reappeared, since it faded completely from view in frame 259.

Here in frame 326, we see the bird just before if flies out of the frame of view to the left of the sun. So what do the temporary disappearances of the bird as it flew in front of the sun and our object of interest mean?

The disappearance of the bird as it flies in front of our object of interest in the sun is caused by the manner in which smartphone cameras capture still and moving images. Unlike larger cameras that can be manually or automatically controlled for exposure, smartphone cameras always capture at the maximum exposure possible.

Likewise these cameras unlike the optical zooms of larger cameras, give us a zoom perspective as a cropped image of the widest angle available. this wide-angle view is why we can hold a smartphone in front of our face and take a selfie with everything in the background being in focus.

With respect to the bird flying through the field of view early in this video, the relevant technical aspect is that of exposure. The light coming from the sun and the object of interest is so bright at the maximum exposure capability of the camera, that the bird is completely washed out.

Tthe fact that the bird was washed out both in front of the object of interest as well as the sun corroborates the gamma analysis which clearly indicates that the object of interest is a natural object.

Is Our Time At Hand?

Long before the warning now interpreted in Revelation 12 was penned, the ancient Egyptians gave us a warning that our time is at hand. One that was penned just after the Hebrews left during the Exodus and were wondering in the Sinai. It is contained in The Kolbrin Bible:

The Kolbrin BibleMAN:5:2 Its movements on high were slow; below it swirled in the manner of smoke and it remained close to the sun, whose face it hid.

MAN:26:9 The day of the Destroyer will come again and the land shall be laid waste. It will strike out of Heaven at a time when there is prosperity and peace, though the minds of men shall be perplexed. It will be a time when men worship the works of men and say, “There is nothing greater than these.” When women are as men and men as women. When the hearts of men are in turmoil and all men seek pleasure and gain. When craftsmen are inefficient and workmen are idle and all men seek ease and comfort.

One day and it may be soon; we will all be standing out in the street with our neighbors, families, and friends and pointing up at the sky. For many, fear will clutch at their throats. Not because of what they see but because they know they are completely unprepared for what they see.

In my recent audiobook series Two Suns in the Sky: Who Lives, Who Dies, I state the three leading causes of tribulation death: denial, procrastination, and location. The next time you squander your time with procrastination by watching a YouTube video that uses the word best in its salacious title, keep this in mind. This is because any video that uses the word “best” in its title is nothing more than the best way to procrastinate in my opinon.

With this in mind, I again wish to say that Skywatch Media did a great job with this video. Such quality in reporting is anything but a “best” waste of time.

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