Signs No. 13 – Meteor Warning for 1st Qtr 2017

| December 13, 2016

Planet X SignsWith this installment of our popular Signs series, we are now taking it to video, and in this 13th installment, the focus is solely on we see as a heightened level of meteor threats for the first quarter of 2017.

In this 33 minute program, you will learn that  December 21, 2012, was not a non-event as the media would have us believe.   Rather, we were misled to expect a catastrophic event. However, what the Mayans intended was that a future generation would perceive this day as a harbinger of a future catastrophic event and this is what the empirical data shows.


Also in this installment, you will learn a basic lexicon of terms that will help you sort through the many news reports and videos on the Internet today about meteors, asteroids, it’s, and so forth. Then you will see an analysis of hard data going back to 2009 and the statistical trends that clearly point to a heightened danger in the first quarter of 2017.   And finally, you will learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones if you happen to be in the proximity of a superbolide event.

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