Signs 48 – 2020 Worst Ever for Fireballs and Earthquakes

| January 10, 2021

Signs 48 - 2020 Worst Ever for Fireballs and EarthquakesThe Signs data for 2020 is that it was the highest year on record for earthquakes of all magnitudes and observed fireballs.  Not by a little but rather, by a lot! 

Worse yet, we’re all distracted by the current political crisis.  It’s like being at the bottom of a dogpile as the nation undergoes a collective near-death experience as the bad news piles on.  For me, this puts a fine point on the coming Planet X flyby. 

As reported in previous articles, on September 9, 2018, I and another observer made simultaneous naked eye observations of Planet X in Warden, WA, just before it slipped below the horizon.

Since then, what happened to the object we observed?   New observation videos posted on social media show it in the exact same place, but with a significant difference.  It’s now 2.5X larger than when I first saw it in 2018.

What does it show us?   Planet X is coming and many will not survive it.  What is being hidden from us is that the ancient Mayans got it right and Hollywood got it wrong.  Humanity has been programmed to fail when the flyby goes critical; billions of souls will be snuffed out never knowing why.

The point of this article is to help you see what is being covered up so that you and your loved ones can increase your chances of survival.  With that, let’s get into the numbers.

2020 Fireballs

Fireballs are reported worldwide, and the American Meteor Society which is the primary source for North America, for this dataset.

AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs

Multistate/country fireballs cross the borders of multiple states and countries. For this reason, this is a critical category in the dataset because of the distance these fireballs must travel to receive reports from across large geographic areas.

AMS Multistate Fireballs 2017-2020

November 2020 was an all-time record-breaking month and while it would be nice to see a similar high in a different year, the unfortunate fact is that second place goes to December 2020.   Worse yet, both months set all-time records for the study period of this sub-set.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs

It is a commonplace occurrence for Multistate / Country Fireballs to be reported as huge events because a huge event occurs when 100 or more eyewitness observers report a huge fireball even

AMS Huge Event Fireballs 2017-2020

Like AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs above, 2020 was another record-breaker.  It came in at 31 events for the entire year and 2017 was the second-highest year for this sub-set with 30 events.

November 2017 remains the single highest recorded month and while this is a close call, the distribution is more disturbing.  In 2017, only 10 months with huge events were reported, whereas, in 2020, there were huge events in all twelve months.

AMS Monthly Total Fireballs

The monthly total fireballs are the most critical category in this dataset. When we look at the monthly total of fireballs for 2020 we see a new record high for this year.

Monthly AMS Fireballs 2017-2020

Now we have a similar pattern for three sub-sets  AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs, AMS Huge Event Fireballs, and AMS Total Yearly Fireballs with record-breaking levels.  What is particularly disturbing is that in 2020, ten months of this year broke the previous records for 2017 through 2020.  We saw the same pattern in 2019, but with considerably lower overall numbers.

The one month in 2020 that was statistically skewed was March 2020.  Given the pattern in other months, March was unusually less, and the reason was the COVID lockdowns.  People were so busy isolating, they did not have the opportunity to view the sky as before.

Yearly AMS Fireball Totals

Assuming we are passing through the outer dust rings of the Planet X system, are we’re moving into a thicker ring where there is a higher likelihood of a catastrophic impact event?  This brings us to the annual totals.

Yearly AMS Fireballs 2011-2020

Imagine that each bar in the bar graph above beginning with 2013, represents an outer dust ring of the Planet X system.  Why not include 2011 and 2012?

AMS first began collecting observation data in 2005 and in 2010, they upgraded their reporting system.  This improvement made it possible for them to capture more fireball reports relative to the 2005 to 2009 period.  This is why we start the sub-set in 2011 because it established a tw0-year period before the dramatic uptick we see in 2013.

Earthquakes Since 1997

At the outset of our Signs series, J. P. Jones created a dataset spreadsheet that tracks the total number of earthquakes each month beginning with 1997.  The updated table below now includes all of 2020.

Total Yearly Earthquakes 1997-2020

To put the results for 2020 into perspective, let’s use the totals for the following four years:

  • 1997 – 16,469
  • 2018 – 160,281
  • 2019 – 153,545
  • 2020 – 164,676

Statistically, 2020 sets a whole new level of BIG.   When we compare 2020 to 1997, we see that 2020 is the first year in this sub-set that is a full order of magnitude (power of 10) higher than in 1997.

How does one explain all this away as cyclical variations when the total number of annual earthquakes of all magnitudes each increased ten times in just 23 years?   This is bad.

Monthly Earthquakes 1/2017 to 12/2020

When we look at annual global earthquakes for the dataset for January 2017 to December 2020 one could assume that the results are within a cyclic range.

Worldwide Monthly Earthquakes 2017-2020

However, when we compare the four years shown in the table above for record-setting months during this 4-year period where is the count:

  • 2017 – 0
  • 2018 – 1
  • 2019 – 4
  • 2020 – 7

Given the number of record-setting months for 2019 and 2020, the pattern is clear.  In the last 24 months, we’ve moved into a more dangerous time for an impact or bolide airburst event.

Mayan Prophecy is Not a Hoax

Those who still think the December 21, 2012 date for the Mayan Calander prophecy is a hoax.  This is a cover-up for greed because December 21, 2012, was not a prophetic event date.  It was a benign harbinger date based on a celestial alignment.

We raised this notion in our May 2015 article in which J.P. Jones provided a detailed analysis of the Mayan Calendar prophecy., May 15, 2015
Were the Mayans Using Anunnaki Knowledge?

Were the Mayans Using Anunnaki Knowledge?The Mayan civilization created the Long Count Calendar as a means to provide knowledge and a legacy to their future generations. Sadly they did not anticipate their decline and eventually being replaced by the Tolmec’s followed by the Aztec. Likewise, the Aztec never anticipated being conquered by the Spanish and the Holy Church.

Finally, we can reconcile the date of the Exodus as a marker of the last flyby of the Planet X system. We can fairly trust that most if not all the Anunnaki returned to Nibiru around 1446 BC and that they will be returning soon.

Therefore, the 12/21/12 date definitively did not mark a doomsday event as Hollywood sold it, but simply a harbinger date the Mayans used to inform their future generations to prepare and watch the signs of a catastrophic flyby of the Planet X system.

If this is so, then it stands to reason that we should see a continuous uptick in the numbers for fireballs and earthquakes of all magnitudes.

Yearly AMS Fireball Totals – 2011 to 2020

The vertical bar topped with a Mayan Calendar icon is set on December 21, 2012.   What we’ve seen in the subsequent 8 years is a steady and dramatic uptick in the number of reported fireballs for each year.

Yearly AMS Fireball Totals 2011-2020

Beginning in 2018, we see a dramatic increase in the trend line through to 2020.   Assuming we’re flying through the outer rings of the Planet X system, this suggests that we’re entering a ring of dense bands.

Now let’s use the same format to see what has been happening with earthquakes of all magnitudes for 2011

Yearly Earthquake Totals – 2011 to 2020

When we published our Mayan Calendar article in 2015, the range of reported earthquakes shown in the column to the left was 0 to 120,000.  In the chart below, you will see that we had to update the range to 180,000.

Total Yearly Earthquakes 2011-2020

While the trend line for earthquakes shows a somewhat flat range for the years 2014 to 2017, what we see in 2018 we hit a whole new statistical level and the indication is that 2021 is likely to push us even higher into the danger zone.


The first article in this Signs series was published on February 20, 2015, and since then, what we’ve seen over the last 5 years is that the harbinger warnings of the Mayan Prophecy were spot on, because all these massive increases began immediately after December 21, 2012.

All good prophecy has two components.  The harbinger and the event.  A harbinger is a prophetic observable benign event to tell us that we’re on the timeline of the event.

As of 2020, who can deny that this has not come to pass and that we’re on the threshold of a catastrophic flyby.  Plenty of people will, and they’ll do it all the way up to the end.

This brings me back to my naked eye observation of Planet X on September 9, 2018.  Like they say, “life is the funny little thing that gets in the way of all your plan,” and that proved to be a life-changing day for me.

Just prior to that 2018 observation, I had released my book Radio Free Earth: Community Preparedness and Two Way Radios.

Win-Win Survival Handbook by Marshall MastersIt was a big publishing project and at the time, I was planning to relax for a year before starting work on my next title, Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization

Please note, the first book was Win-Win Survival Communities and was published in March 2019.  That title has been de-listed because Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization is a substantial upgrade.

This re-released version has a slightly lower price, 123 illustrations (the first edition had none), plus the addition of impact baskets for an even stronger defense from impact events.

It represents 7 years of intense research, authoring, and publishing and it’s all about the numbers.  But which ones?

After my September 9, 2018, naked-eye observation of Planet X, I lost interest in trying to get as many people as possible to look at the numbers and to do the math for themselves.

The numbers that matter to me now are how many of those in awareness can I help in some measure to survive the coming Planet X flyby and the best way to do that will be in a Win-Win survival community.

If you’re tired of wringing your hands and being smeared by those in denial, it’s time to move beyond validation.

While I cannot help most, I hope I can help those who are resolved to join with others in awareness and to take action.  It is to them, I dedicate my newest work, Win-Win Survival Handbook: All-Hazards Safety and Future Space Colonization.

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