Signs 35 – Those Darn Rocks

| May 7, 2019

Planet X SignsOnce is a one-off, twice is a coincidence, three times is a trend and so what is the fourth time in a row?  Not good, when we’re talking about those darn rocks.

In Signs 34 – Watch For Falling Rocks we stated: “We need to begin looking for meteor events where large herds of domestic farm and ranch animals are destroyed by airburst shockwaves.   Hopefully, we see these first, before humans become the future victims.

Hopefully is the operative term now, because the numbers are in for April 2019 and all we can say is, yup, it’s those darn rocks again. As you’ll see below, what’s coming at us from above is the more worrisome of the two datasets, fireballs and earthquakes of all magnitude.

Worse yet, there is a new trend forming in the data that indicates that we could be passing through a dense outer ring of the Nemesis system.

With this in mind, let’s get into the numbers.

April 2019 Fireballs

Fireballs are reported worldwide, and the American Meteor Society which is the primary source for North America, for this dataset.

AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs

Multistate/country fireballs cross the borders of multiple states and countries. For this reason, this is a critical category in the dataset because of the distance these fireballs must travel to receive reports from across large geographic areas.

AMS Multistate Fireballs 1/2015 to 4/2019

In the previous quarter, the overall statistical spread was within range.  However,  April 2019 shows a definite uptick that is statistically significant for this subset as last April dwarfs the numbers for the previous years of 2015 to 2018.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs

It is a commonplace occurrence for Multistate / Country Fireballs to be reported as huge events because a huge event occurs when 100 or more eyewitness observers report a huge fireball event.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs 1/2015 to 4/2019

The highest number of huge event fireballs for March 2015 to 2018 was between one and two events per month.  Then in March 2019, it jumped to 5.  In April 2019, we see three events, which puts 2019 on par with 2017.   As with the multistate/country fireballs we’re seeing a clear uptick.

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Once again, we go back to Signs 33 – Pain is Coming in which we stated: “J. P. Jones, the analyst who is the research lead for this series, has expressed the opinion that these subsets suggest that Earth is passing between the outer bands of the Nemesis Cloud. The reason for this is found in the next subset, AMS Monthly Total Fireballs.”  This still stands.

AMS Monthly Total Fireballs

The monthly total fireballs are the most critical category in this dataset. When we look at the monthly total of fireballs for March 2019, we see the single most significant increase from one year to the next, going back to 2015.

AMS Monthly Total Fireballs 1/2015 to 4/2019

The AMS Monthly Total Fireballs for April 2019 is the highest for this subset period, for the years, 2015 through 2019, which means that for the first four months of this year, we see all-time highs.   Now we must ask, is J. P. Jones seeing proof that Earth is between bands in the Nemesis Cloud? Let’s look at the yearly totals.

AMS Total Yearly Fireballs

The total number of reported fireballs of all sizes is where the big picture moves from monthly to yearly, and here the news is (imagine the worst if you will).

AMS Yearly Fireballs 1/2015 to 4/2019

With April 2019  we see that the yearly fireball totals for the first four months of this year offering a stunning result.  That the first four months of this 2019 well exceed the total number for all of 2011 and 2012 is within easy reach.

the overall trend is more disturbing than before.

Earthquakes Since 1997

At the outset of our Signs series, J. P. Jones created a dataset spreadsheet that tracks the total number of earthquakes each month beginning with 1997. The updated spreadsheet below has been updated with the April 2019 results.

Monthly Earthquakes 1/1997 to 4/2019

The total number of earthquakes of all magnitudes for April 2019 is 9,069.  This means that April 2019 is the fourth highest year for earthquakes of all magnitudes since 1997.  The same held true for March 2019 which was also the fourth highest year for that month.

To put this in perspective, the total number of earthquakes of all magnitudes for April 1997 was 1,576.   What we’re seeing is that April 2019 is over 575% higher than April 1997. Statistically, these numbers boggle the mind, but for many, April 2019 is the “new normal.” Time will tell.

Monthly Earthquakes 1/2015 to 3/2019

When we look at annual global earthquakes for the dataset for April 2019 we see the statistical values hovering within a statistically narrow range for this month dating back to 2015.

Monthly Earthquakes 1/2015 to 4/2019Now that we’re in the 2nd quarter of the year, will we see the same dramatic increases for this quarter given what we saw back in 2018 for May, June and July?

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In the meantime, we have more serious concern.  Those darn rocks.

Those Darn Rocks

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, and in terms of nation states, Russia offers the most massive ground target on the planet.  This is why we need to keep an eye on what is happening there.

On April 6, 2019, the residents of Siberia near where the Tunguska Meteorite detonated in 1911, observed a bolide explode in the skies above them.  The detonation was captured on several dash cams.

Siberian Times, 07 April 2019
Large meteor explodes in sky over Siberia in third major space fireball incursion in four months

Bright and noisy with a long, sparkling green and yellow tail, it was filmed by multiple observers in Krasnoyarsk region.

The phenomenon caused fear on the ground.

It is the third major meteor or meteorite event in four months.

On 18 December a meteor exploded close to Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula with a force ten times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb, according to NASA.

On 15 March a meteorite slammed into Krasnoyarsk region with local reports saying it ‘warmed the air’ and ‘shook the ground’ after streaking across the sky in a green, yellow and orange fireball.

This came down close to the site of the Tunguska Event in 1911 when a meteor exploded in the atmosphere wiping out 80 million trees, and with the estimated force of 185 Hiroshima bombs.

Expert Viktor Grokhovsky from Ural Federal University, studied the videos of the 6 April event and concluded that the recent space guest was a bolide.

Was this reported in the American mainstream media? No.  This is an important fact because the media is now playing a game of chance with their audiences that statistically speaking the odds are good that the next rock will detonate somewhere else.  In the meantime, work, shop and pay your taxes like good targets.


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