Signs 31 – 2018 Was The Worst Ever!

| January 13, 2019

Planet X Signs

In terms of observed fireballs and earthquakes of all magnitudes, 2018 was the worst year on record. In fact, the worst yet for recorded history.

In Signs 30 – Wait and See or Wait and Die, we stated: “2018 is in the last furlong, and unless December 2018 stumbles, we will be announcing in 2019, that 2018 was the worst year on record.”

So how did that work out for us? Not well, because what you will see in this installment of this series is that the data for December 2018 is about as welcome as a big bowl of itching powder in a hemorrhoid clinic.

Equally disturbing for us is the growing resistance to this reality.  It is simply becoming too darn real, and a lot of folks are squandering this precious window of opportunity for preparedness with distraction and conjecture.

December 2018 Fireballs

Fireballs are reported worldwide, and the American Meteor Society which is the primary source for North America, for this dataset.

AMS Multistate / Country Fireballs

Multistate/country fireballs cross the borders of multiple states and countries. For this reason, this is a critical category in the dataset because of the distance these fireballs must travel to receive reports from across large geographic areas.

In an interesting trend reversal, the AMS multistate and country fireballs for December 2018 is significantly lower than the same period for the previous two years.  Is this good news?  No, as you will soon understand.

The Kolbrin Bible: 21st Century Master Edition

The Kolbrin BibleNewly Revealed Egyptian-Celtic Wisdom Text Offers the Knowledge of Those Who Survived Past Global Catastrophes — So We Can Live!

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Several accounts describe an object in orbit around our sun called the “Destroyer,” which the Celtic authors call the “Frightener.” According to recently translated Sumerian texts, this object (also known as Nibiru or Planet X) is in a 3600-year orbit around our sun, andThe Kolbrin Bible warns us of its imminent return and of yet another Biblical tribulation.

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AMS Huge Event Fireballs

It is a commonplace occurrence for Multistate / Country Fireballs to be reported as huge events because a huge event occurs when 100 or more eyewitness observers report a huge fireball event.

AMS Huge Event Fireballs - Jan/2015 to Dec/2018

What does a huge event look like if you are an observer? A good example is a fireball that was reported passing over San Francisco, CA on December 19, 2018., December 20, 2018
Brilliant Fireball in California Leaves Twisted Trail Over San Francisco (Photos), December 20, 2018SAN FRANCISCO — A brilliant fireball lit up the sky over the San Francisco Bay Area shortly after sunset Wednesday (Dec. 19), leaving an odd, wind-twisted trail in its violent wake.

The meteor, which was visible across a wide swath of California, blazed up around 5:30 p.m. local time (8:30 p.m. EST; 0130 GMT on Dec. 20), first appearing as a bright-white point of light. As it streaked through the air on its high-speed death dive, the space rock sprouted a tail composed of tiny pieces of its own disintegrating body.

This very same fireball was observed and photographed by contributor Jeremiah Henslee of Camptonville, CA on December 19, 2018.

Jeremiah Henslee - Camptonville, CA (140 miles North by Northeast from San Francisco)

Camptonville, CA is approximately 140 miles from San Francisco as the crow flies and from Jeremiah’s perspective, the fireball was captured as it traveled Ssouth by Southwest towards San Francisco.

AMS Monthly Total Fireballs

The monthly total fireballs are the most critical category in this dataset. When we look at the monthly total of fireballs for December 2018, we see another trend reversal from December 2017 to December 2018.

AMS Montly Fireballs - Jan/2015 to Dec/2018

While a down tick is always a good thing, let’s not break out the champagne, because December 2018 is the second-highest month for January 2015 through December 2018.  Is this good news?  No, as you will soon understand.

AMS Total Yearly Fireballs

The total number of reported fireballs of all sizes is where the big picture moves from monthly to yearly, and here the news is simply bad because as of December 31, 2018, this is the worst year on record for yearly AMS fireball totals.

AMS Yearly Fireballs - 2011 to 2018

Aside from a bar chart, another way to look at this is with a line chart.  This format shows the same numbers but in a more dramatic way.

AMS Yearly Fireballs - 2011 to 2018

What this line chart illustrates is that we have an increase from 20111 to 2018 of well over 300%.  This, of course, is a concern, however, within this line chart, we see the greatest concern.  Specifically, the years 2013 and 2016.  Why? Because of a concern we first raised in 2017., June 28, 2017
Signs No. 15 – The Nemesis Cloud

Signs No. 15 - The Nemesis CloudThe most commonly known of the various belts in our solar system is the main asteroid belt. It is a circumstellar disc that occupies the wide gap between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. It is occupied by numerous irregularly shaped bodies we call asteroids or minor planets.

It is not unreasonable to assume that a simple asteroid belt occupies a similar gap between the major planets in orbit around Nemesis. But of more concern to Earth are far larger threats at the outer edge of the Planet X system.

But of greater concern to us is the possibility that Nemesis, like our own Sun, has its own versions of what we know as the Kuiper Belt and the Oort Cloud.

It has been a longheld concern of researcher J. P. Jones, that the Planet X system with the Nemesis brown dwarf star at its core, has it’s own asteroid fields.

Now that we have the final numbers for January 2011 through December 2018, that concern now appears real.  That in 2013 and 2016, we passed through two of the rings in what we call “The Nemesis Cloud.”

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Earthquakes Since 1997

At the outset of our Signs series, J. P. Jones created a dataset spreadsheet that tracks the total number of earthquakes each month beginning with 1997. The updated spreadsheet below has been updated with the December 2018 results.

GLobal Earthquakes - Jan/1997 to Dec/2018

The total number of earthquakes of all magnitudes for 2018 is 160,281.  As compared with 160,281 for 1997, this represents an overall increase from 1997 to 2018 of over 973%.  However, when we shorten the subset from 1997 to 2018, to 2015 to 2018, the trend is somewhat misleading.

Global Earthquakes of all Magnitudes 1/2015 to 12/2018

When we look at annual global earthquakes for the dataset for January 1 through December 2018, we see that December was much in line with May and August of that year.

GLobal Earthquakes - Jan/2015 to Dec/2018However, when we increase the duration to 1997 through  2018, using the spreadsheet from above and plot that with a line chart, the results are staggering.

GLobal Earthquakes - Jan/1997 to Dec/2018

This line chart shows a dramatic increase from December 21, 2012, to December 2018 of over 840%.  The same holds for January 1, 1997, to December 2018.

This brings us the very genesis of the Signs series.  In May 2015, J. P. Jones wrote a detailed analysis of the Mayan Calendar prophecy. The gist of it is, that December 21, 2012, was never a disaster date.  It was a harbinger date, that is, when the date calculations are properly done., May 15, 2015
Were the Mayans Using Anunnaki Knowledge?

Were the Mayans Using Anunnaki Knowledge?Remember, the Mayan Long Count Lunar calendar is 5125 years in length using a 360 day year. Therefore, using the common denominator of 24-hour days we can determine the number of days the Long Count calendar spans, where 360 24-hour days x 5125 lunar years = 1,845,000 24-hour days.

To covert this figure to a solar years, we divide 1,845,000 24-hour days by the Solar year of 365.25 24-hour days for a total of 5051.33 solar years.

With this figure, an interesting historical markers fall into place, because 2012 AD minus 5,051 solar years equals 3039 BC. The very date that was most likely the actual start of the Mayan culture from their perspective.

Likewise, this date also ties back to the existence of the Sumerians at that same time, which gives further credence to the proposition that Anunnaki knowledge influenced both cultures.

Ergo, the Mayan Long Count calendar marked the beginning of their culture and the end of the 13th Bactun 12/21/2012 likewise serves as a harbinger for the start of a new age of creation. What does this harbinger point to, the coming flyby of the Planet X system. Proof of this is how this more accurate orbit for the Planet X system of 3548 solar years falls into place.

What is obvious with this 31st installed of the Signs series is that J. P. Jones got it right the first time back in 2015. The question then becomes, what will you do about it?

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